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The Vikings of Walheim built wild things in the afterlife

First, Walheim offers the player a few simple tools to build shelter for their Vikings. You can start with a small shed to house your desk, then a cozy villa and maybe an observation tower or dock. Walheim fans prove that once you master the basic tools of the game, you can go beyond these early structures. From the eye of Sauron to classic buildings from World of Warcraft, Iron Gate Studios’ Viking game has built a loyal base of people who are less interested in killing bosses like Bonemass and are more interested in building the perfect village.

Remember Goldshire in the Elwynn Forest? This inn from World of Warcraft causes tons of nostalgia, and Reddit user ToddGeorgeKelly copied it to Walheim according to his abilities. It looks incredibly comfortable ̵

1; after spending some time here, I think I’d rather lift my legs and enjoy mead instead of going back to kill the Gray Dwarves and the Vessels.

An amazing project is The Eye of Sauron, built by Ralado Gamer and his wife. You can download it for your own world via NexusMods if you want to feel the threat of an ancient evil watching you hunt wild boars and sailboats.

Other builders are inspired by real life, creating in-game constructions that mimic landmarks from around the world. From Walheim currently allows the Vikings to do things only with wood, metal and masonry, it is not easy to imitate modern steel and glass structures. This gives the architects a chance to return to the basics.

Walheim allows players to assemble pieces of buildings so that the walls connect automatically or builders can place objects freely to create their own drawings. This, combined with a wide range of foundations, structural columns and materials, means that it is easy to build wide, complex structures with many details.

One builder, MissBeazus, shared photos of her complex work Walheim village on Twitter. “I like the challenge [of building]”She wrote to Polygon. “Ground maintenance issues, job placement issues. You can’t just build skyscrapers without consequences. “

These bases contribute to the rest of Walheimis gameplay that makes them useful for whole groups of friends on a server, even if only one of them is a special constructor. The MissBeazus base has a main hut that maximizes its comfort, as well as a special portal center, a high-level workbench workshop, a storage shed, a two-story house for up to eight players, a two-story garden, a security tower, and four gates.

Walheim - interior frame of the main hall, decorated with trophies and colorful flags.

Image: Iron Gate Studios / Publishing for coffee stains through MissBeezus

Of course, Walheim that the game with early access means that proud builders will eventually have to start over. In an interview with Polygon, Henrik Turnquist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, explained what the future of the building might look like. Walheim.

“The road map is very recent, so I don’t think we will change too much,” he said. “But all these players have problems that keep popping up. The biggest thing that has changed since the launch is that we have to spend a lot more hours debugging. “

The first update of the content – after eliminating the main mistakes – is called Hearth and Home, which is related to the construction and creation of even more comfortable homes for the Vikings.

Iron Gate is trying to save Walheim players progress to the best of their ability, preventing permanent deletions in the world or data loss.

“This is something we will study further, how exactly this will be implemented, because we do not want to destroy anyone’s world,” said Thornquist. “For regular fixes and updates, breaking worlds is not something that is likely to happen to them.”

The big hurdle will be the new biomes, as Törnqvist notes that updates such as the upcoming Mistlands will be complex. “Obviously we are currently investigating what we can do,” he said.

For fans like MissBeazus, the thought of starting over isn’t quite pleasant, but the building is fun enough to keep them going despite the risk.

“I think part of me would only be heartbroken if I lost a hundred hours of work,” she said. “But I would start over if I had to, especially since I now know what I didn’t know a hundred hours ago. I’m already broken down and rebuilt as much as it is. “

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