Here's how many people save on average after receiving Amazon.

Prices are on the Whole Foods Market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, which reports that it has reviewed the company's internal communications, Whole Foods has raised the prices of hundreds of products to "cover rising costs. for packaging, ingredients and transport. "

The increases have hit dozens of articles this month, including the Haagen-Daz ice cream and Dr. Bonner's soaps, the newspaper said. In December prices rose by 550 additional items.

One of the papers reviewed by the paper indicates that suppliers are imposing more on the elements due to inflation.

Inflation-based increases range from $ 10 to a few dollars with soaps, detergents, oils and walnut oils that have some of the highest increases. The average jump is 66 cents, according to a list reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Amazon acquired the Whole Foods chain for $ 13.7 billion in August 2017 with a "vision of making food available in the market with full natural and organic food"

Prices were reduced on the first day of the "groceries", including fruit, dairy products and meat. Amazon buys eero: What does the price of Wi-Fi routers mean? Amazon HQ: New Yorkers support $ 3 billion for Amazon's second headquarters. Whole Foods Roses: Again the Best Online Valentine's Rates

Whole Foods has stopped selling nearly half of 700 products with expiring contracts and has opened new deals for another 100, "The Wall's spokeswoman Street Journal about 50 of 700 items.

In a statement for USA Today, Whole Foods said, like all groceries, the company "has suffered increased costs from suppliers due to materials, labor and transport, and we have absorbed much of the inflation."

tries to entice the members of the premiere into Whole Foods with exclusive offers, including a loyalty rebate of an additional 10% of the selling prices. Amazon Prime Rewards Visa members receive 5% cash for purchases of Whole Foods.

"Many prices have also fallen, and we are continuing to expand the number of promotions we offer to give our customers a better value," the statement said. "We remain committed to continuing to lower prices with Amazon as we fulfill our mission to make high-quality, natural and organic foods more affordable and affordable."

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