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“There are a lot of crazy incidents”: Pro-Trump’s lawyer blows up the key GOP race

Trump has already approved Makisik, who went so far as to cancel the state championship in 2020, when the president is running for re-election. But according to Wood, he is the one wearing Trump’s real cloak, struggling to undo the election results in Georgia, while McKisick has done too little to add his voice to the Stop Theft movement.

A supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, Wood claims that Trump won the election with great force and is still president. Speaking without remarks in a style that combines the skills of a preacher and an experienced lawyer in the process, Wood – who first gained fame as a lawyer for the family of John Bennett Ramsey, and Richard Jewell, who was wrongly accused of bombing the Olympics in Atlanta ̵

1; has built a candidacy around its support for Trump, whom Wood said he supported in 2016 because he believes the chaos is good for the country.

“We need chaos at the Republican Party in South Carolina. Someone has to shake it, “Wood said in the city of Aiken on Tuesday to applause and laughter. “So here I am, Mr. Shaker.”

A day earlier, Wood confronted McKisick during a speech at an event by the Hampton County Civil Service and suggested that the current president was not interested in stopping pedophiles. The two then came face to face as McKisick punched Wood for making vague allegations of “Chinese pornography.” Supporters of the president inevitably described Wood as insane, saying that the Georgia Bar was investigating his behavior and wanted Wood to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Discord was raging, especially in Greenville County, the state’s largest state-owned stronghold earlier this month. Carrying Stop Theft signs, Wood activists accused the outgoing Republican Party chairman, Nate Loop, of rigging local party elections as they picketed the local party office and the place of work of Lepp, a Christian music store called Majesty Music.

“There’s a lot of madness going on in South Carolina,” Lope said, dismissing Wood-backing activists as “bearers of villas and torches.”

“All politicians are buzzing with the same question: what’s going on in the world in South Carolina?” You just can’t think of these things, “he said. “Great personalities use the national story of Trump to their advantage.”

The GOP of Greenville County gave a split result when it held its congressional convention on April 13. The Earl’s Party selected a list of new leaders, but did not select two of the men most responsible for recruiting Wood to run for president of the state party, Jeff Davis and Presley Stutts.

Borrowing a wiretap from Trump, Stuts challenged the result, telling Greenville News that he was “not buying” the election results, which were displayed electronically in the virtual convention.

However, thanks to the efforts to organize the Stutts and Davis, a huge number of the 79 delegates elected by the GP of Greenville to send support to Wood to the State Party Congress on May 15.

A total of 870 delegates will vote at the state convention for a new president. Proponents of McKisick believe he is far ahead in the number of delegates against Wood, thanks in large part to the president’s long-standing party ties, Wood’s late start and lack of deep ties in South Carolina. McKisick also chaired great ups and downs for the party during the 2020 vote.

Concerned about the spread of Kovid and the inability to secure an adequate place in the capital of the state of Colombia, the state of On Wednesday, the GOP decided not to hold any major personal congresses to elect the next president. Instead, district parties will meet in person, vote on paper at the local level or at regional meetings, and report the results to the state assembly, where the final results will be made public.

Wood’s supporters are already questioning the integrity of the election process. Davis accused the party organization of “fraud” by falsifying the delegation process, a lawsuit challenged by party officials. He said some district party officials refused to abide by the party’s rules on the names and qualifications of delegates.

“People are moving here and they think South Carolina is a bastion of conservatism. No. We are a bastion of the elite RINO restaurant that needs to be taken out, “Davis said. “They are afraid because it will obviously have an effect on the elections in 2024. In 2016, the restaurant … did everything possible to stop Donald Trump. I don’t think the restaurant wants another Donald Trump. South Carolina is the first in South. We have a big influence on who will be the nominee. “

Davis predicted problems for former South Carolina GP governor Nicki Haley, who is running for president in 2024, but won the enmity of ordinary Conservatives who were unhappy with her after she criticized Trump.

Former McKissick supporter Chad Connelly agreed with Davis’ comments on South Carolina’s place in the skyscraper, but said Wood’s election as president would create unnecessary trouble for a party that wants to win the White House. to keep the state red.

Connelly refers to Wood and those who recruited him, “kamikazes, wells and abuses.”

“They’re not Republicans.” They are not conservative. They are anarchists, ”Connelly said, ordering Wood and an outsider. “I’ve had dry cleaning clothes longer than Lynn Wood is a South Carolina resident.”

McKisik’s supporters also blamed Wood for the clashes in Georgia and the loss of two Senate seats there on Jan. 5 – Wood and other pro-Trump activists proposed a boycott of the election because they believed Republicans made sense. Kelly Loffler and David Perdue have not done enough to question the results of the November election.

But former South Carolina Republican Gov. Mark Sanford said Republicans are shifting the blame from the root of the problem: Trump, his spread of conspiracy theories, and his destabilizing impact on CSOs in general.

Sanford wondered how Wood could get McKisick, who had recently led the election, where Republicans turned their seats in Congress, sheriff’s office, and seats in the House and Senate. Sanford, who made a brief initial challenge in 2020 against Trump, said McKisick had canceled the state championship in 2020, depriving the former governor of the opportunity to have a forum to discuss traditional conservative issues such as national debt and deficits.

“His candidacy is another manifestation of the Trump phenomenon. It’s a different degree of madness, a cult of personality, “Sanford said.

“What he is really saying is that the party is fighting its own demons of Trump. “It’s one version of Trump against another, a more furious version of Trump, but it’s all crazy,” Sanford said. “The fact that Wood can run and have an appetite for a new out-of-state person who wasn’t part of South Carolina’s CSO policy is unusual, but it fits into the Trump era.”

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