SportsPulse: We have Sweet 16 and is loaded. Scott Gleeson (USA TODAY) gives each team a reason to feel that they can win (or lose) everything.

I'm not sure what's worse that UC Irvine head Russell Turner thought it good to be homophobic or detract women from the irritation of an opponent, or that he thought it funny.

This was not one of these things.

Turner slowed in the Oregon "Luis King" in the afternoon handshake after the Ducks had defeated the Antheres to reach "Sweet 16".

"I was talking to the" double team queen "to try to irritate him. And I did. And I kept talking to my team about what we wanted to do, "Turner said, smiling proudly. "We called him a queen, because I knew it might upset him.

That's right. 48-year-old man showing the full maturity of an 8-year-old boy to try to get an advantage

UC Irvine must be so proud. The training of Irvine coach Russell Turner was wrong.