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These are the violent threats that caused Amazon to drop Parler

In a statement Tuesday, Amazon responded to Parler’s allegations that it acted unfairly in downloading the social network – and in the process gave outsiders a new perspective on content that provoked Amazon to suspend Parler’s web services account.

Amazon Web Services shut down the Parler service on Jan. 9, effectively shutting down the social network. He failed to provide a replacement web host, and he told the court that Amazon exercised unfair monopoly power in downloading the site.

Amazon’s decision to suspend Parler’s service has sparked an ongoing debate over the power of AWS as a hosting provider and whether such suspensions pose a threat to free speech. But while many saw the halt as a knee-jerk response to a mafia attack on the U.S. Capitol, Amazon̵

7;s response made it clear that the service had filed complaints with Parler long before the attack.

“AWS has been reporting to Parler for many weeks dozens of examples of content that promotes violence,” the company said in a statement, “including calls for the hanging of government officials, the killing of blacks and Jews and the shooting of police officers in the head.”

To move this far, the complaint includes 15 examples of such publications, which include graphic calls for violence against technology executives, school teachers and professional athletes. In some cases, the comments also refer to specific dates and targets for violence, encouraging consumers to form police groups and “acquire targets”.

Amazon says it sent more than 100 such comments to Parler in the weeks before the shutdown.

Content warning: these threats are visual, violent and racist; use discretion.

The statement provides more information on Amazon’s previous claims that the suspension was in response to escalating calls for violence against Parler.

“It is clear that Parler has significant content that encourages and incites violence against others, and that Parler is unable or unwilling to identify and remove such content in a timely manner, which is a violation of our terms of service,” the company said. in a statement on January 9. “We reported our concerns to Parler for several weeks, during which time we saw a significant increase in this type of dangerous content, not a decrease that led to the suspension of their services on Sunday night.”

In a statement, Amazon stressed that it had suspended the service instead of terminating it altogether and was open to restoring the service to Parler if the company began moderating content in accordance with the terms of the AWS service.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a similar statement Wednesday in a statement to CBS, explaining that Apple removed Parler from the iOS App Store because of its inability to moderate its content under Apple’s terms. “All we want is for him to meet the Terms and Conditions,” Cook said. “We hope they do and return to the store.”

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