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These two dead stars are closing every seven minutes

The rare discovery is the second fastest pair ever to be discovered and crashes at each other at speeds of up to hundreds of kilometers per second. The two white dwarf stars end one orbit around each other every seven minutes. It is also known as an eclipse binary system because one of the stars repeatedly crosses the other. These two are very dense, similar in size to the Earth. Combined, they contain a mass similar to that of our sun.

The two stars are so close that they can both enter Saturn. The distance between them is 47,780 miles, or one fifth of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Their close orbit is due to the fact that stars have started as a couple. They have gone through various stages together, from ballooning to red giants to dead white dwarfs. Their particular behavior allowed astronomers to determine their size, mass, and short orbital period. Details were published in Nature magazine.

  The stars rotate quickly in each other in a darkening pattern.

"When the dimmer star passes in front of the brighter, it blocks most of the light, resulting in the semi-minute flashing pattern we see in the ZTF data," study author Kevin Burge, a Caltech student, said. "Matter is preparing to spill out of the bigger and lighter white dwarf on the less and the heavier, which will ultimately go completely to its lighter companion than its companion, but we seldom grasp these systems , as they are still merging like this. "

Double stars are also a known source of gravitational waves, otherwise known as waves in space and time, for the first time discovered by the Earth Science Interferometer Observatory for Gravitational Waves of the National Science Foundation. waves in 2015, created by s

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After launching in 2034, the Antenna will be able to to detect those waves at lower frequencies. "These two white dwarfs merge because they emit gravitational waves. Within a week of LISA's inclusion, she has to take the gravitational waves from this system, "said study co-author Tom Prince, professor of physics at the California Institute of Technology, IRA S. Bowen, and senior investigator at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "LISA will find tens of thousands of binary systems in our galaxy like this, but so far we know only a few. And this binary star is one of the best-characterized yet because of its darkening nature. "

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The pair is intriguing for astronomers for other reasons, including the evolution of the stars, it is known that other couples merge into one star and the other is broken into pieces

One of the stars is hotter than the other, which is 50,000 degrees Celsius , nine times higher than our sun, the researchers believe this star pulls the material from the other that heats it, but this process usually creates X-rays and nobody is seen in that system

Meanwhile, the duo will continue to run a show for the next hundred thousand years

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