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This interview shows why all Beto bits can be a little exaggerated

But because of the excitement that the former House of Texas member built after his almost missed challenge to Sed Ted Cruise in 2018, there are still many things people do not know about. More importantly, O'Rourke does not know.

So …

The reality of O'Rourke – at least at the moment – is in love with people idea on it. Young, handsome, authentic politician. Someone who does not focus on telling people what to think, but instead wants to hear what they think. Explaining his unorthodox approach, O'Rourke told Johnson: "This is a problem when you are like" It will be a wall, "or" It'll be this, "or" We can do it only with this ̵

1; said O'Rourke when asked why there were no solid positions. "The genius is that we can arbitrarily resolve our differences, even though I will not get to my version of perfection, or if I work with you, I will get something better than what we have today …" [19659003]sounds good! The Theory

The problem that appears in the story of O'Rourke is that he meets as a cure – all style and without content. The answer to every political question can not be simply: "Man, I do not know, we will have to talk to everyday Americans and then turn over our sleeves and do something for the country." This is not the way the policy works – not now and never.

Let's be clear: Presidential campaigns are usually not full of soft political debates. Much of the way people decide on who to support comes from the feeling of candidates who tend to be based on instinct or perceived perception rather than on a detailed study of their political positions. (Some people, of course, make their choice based on either a unified policy or a set of policies, just not the majority of people.)

Consider the two most recent successful presidential campaigns. Neither "hope", "change" nor "Make America Great Again" have clarified the political position. Both slogans were meant to make people feel – and they worked.

All this means that O'Rourke should not have a stand on every single issue the country faces to win. After all, outside of trade and immigration, Donald Trump did not have much knowledge about many issues. Do you remember when he, as a candidate, had no idea what the term "nuclear triad" was referring to?

But he must understand that the attack by his democratic opponents – and perhaps Trump – will take that form: one looks good and speaks a good game. But he does not really know much of anything. And do we really want to point out such a man to run against President Trump?

Now, O'Rourke is not yet a presidential candidate. Which means that he still has some time to deal with problems to the point where he is more familiar than he demonstrates in the interview with WaPo.

But do not be fooled: OUR RURK can not continue making interviews like this if he wants to fulfill his predictions that he will be the top Democratic candidate in 2020. – especially in a sphere like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and others who have spent years thinking in their political positions and can explain it to the voters in a concise and effective way.

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