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This is the show I want Netflix to update the most right now – BGR

  • The space drama started in early September Far away quickly topped the Netflix rankings, becoming one of the most popular streams on the streaming service.
  • Far away tells the story of humanity’s upcoming journey to Mars and the human sacrifices it will make. It’s not an action adventure that some science fans would like, but it offers a fair share of stressful actions.
  • The original Netflix starring Hillary Swank and Josh Charles has not been renewed for a second season, but it’s undoubtedly a story that deserves more episodes.

I didn’t need the new coronavirus pandemic to keep up with most new versions of streaming services, especially considering I have a great excuse. I have to watch everything that has just been released “for work”

;. But the health crisis has allowed me to catch up with the TV shows I put off before and try almost everything else coming out this year.

I had the new one on Netflix Far away space drama on my list from the moment I first saw the trailer and now that I’ve finished the first season, I’ve realized that this show is what Netflix wants most to renew for the second season

I already had a few prejudices in the new TV show. On the one hand, I already knew that those who expected this to be a fast-paced science fiction series were quickly disappointed. On the other hand, I had a lot of training with this particular type of space movie. I had already seen and enjoyed similar concepts, including series like The first and movies like The Martian,, Gravity, and Ad Astra.

But I was hoping Far away to be more like these. It turns out he doesn’t just do it Far away fall into the same category; this is also very relevant. This is a prelude to things to come in the near future, humanity’s first journey to Mars and all that drama and excitement around it. And if you’re in this kind of science fiction story inspired by a familiar universe, you’ll love it. Far away from the first episode to the very end. Just wait for the first spacewalk, which turned out to be one of the most culminating scenes in a TV series I’ve watched for a while. Without spoiling what is happening, I will tell you that I did not expect to feel my heart race as two of the five astronauts performed something that seemed like a simple task.

What is he doing? Far away so addictive is the duality of history. Again, this is not something Lost in space an adventure where everything goes. For ten episodes, we watch the five-man crew of Atlas try to make the eight-month journey to Mars to be the first people to set foot on the red planet. The team must not only face the harsh reality of space and the unexpected failures and mistakes that can put everyone’s lives in danger as it tries to keep the excitement that comes from doing something that humanity has never experienced before. Here comes that second universe of history.

Each character has their own imperfect, untrained baggage, one that occupies their minds at every turn and corner. Actions and decisions on board the ship and the development of personal relationships between astronauts are affected by things that happen on Earth or have happened in the past. And that’s where the beauty of the show comes from. The creators of Far away they manage to perfectly intertwine space and the earthly sides of history, moving seamlessly through space and time to add more nuance to every line, every look and every action.

Add to that a great cast of earthly characters who have to deal with their demons and mission-related worries, and you’ll end up with a family drama you won’t leave. Without spoiling anything that happens in these ten episodes, I will say that I am ready for at least one more season, which Netflix has yet to confirm. The irony doesn’t escape me that I enjoyed a show so much where the distance between people plays a central role in the plot as I distance myself from the social sphere.

However, the story does not necessarily need another chapter. There is no big scale for showrunners to sneak into the finals to keep us on the edge of our seats until the second season. But between the different characters in this giant family there are many small rocks that can be resolved in the next episodes.

This does not mean that Netflix will necessarily make a second season and the pandemic may make it even more difficult for the studio to continue with such plans. Like Esquire explains the series costs $ 6 million per episode, which is a huge budget for a TV series. Even for Netflix. Then again, Far away was at the top of the Netflix rankings since its premiere a few weeks ago, so Netflix would have a pretty good idea if such an investment was needed.

Whether Netflix is ​​for a second season or not, there is potential for at least one more season. Creator Andrew Hinderaker recently explained that there is no news for a second season, but they have always planned a multi-season show:

There is no news to understand as to whether we know there will be future seasons, but the plan has always been for a multi-season rainbow. The intention was always to start the first season and finish the first season exactly as we did. But part of the reason the show is called “Far Away” is that we’ve always been interested in this trip and what happens when they get home. There is this phenomenon among astronauts, it is so fascinating when the home turns into space and they feel far at home. And, of course, this intensifies on a mission to Mars, where you’ve been for three years. You are literally different people when you come back.

If you’re into space movies about Mars, there’s one way to make things interesting. Hulu’s The first focuses mainly on preparing astronauts for the trip. Far away manages the trip and The Martian it handles one of the worst possible things that can happen to an astronaut preparing to return to Earth. Far 2 will certainly complement this storyline with a heavy dose of life on Mars.

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