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This is when the Earth will not be able to maintain its digital data

According to new research, the digital content is on the way equal to half the earth’s mass by 2245.

The study by Dr. Melvin Wapson, a senior lecturer at the British University of Portsmouth, highlights the physics of information creation and the requirements for storing vast amounts of digital data.

“If we assume that the continuing growth trends of digital content continue, the world will reach a point of uniqueness in terms of the maximum possible creation of digital information and the government must maintain it, called an information catastrophe,” Vopson wrote in a document published in AIP. Advance, the journal of the American Institute of Physics.

The “information catastrophe”

; will add to existing global challenges such as climate, environment, population, food, health, energy and security, according to the researcher.

The study examines the “incredible” growth of digital bits, the unit used to measure computer data. At the point of singularity, more digital bits will be created than the atoms of the planet. “At the same time, the production of digital information itself will consume most of the planet’s powerful capacity,” Wopson wrote.

At current storage densities, the number of bits produced per year and the size of bits compared to the size of an atom, at a rate of 50% annual growth, the number of bits will be equal to the number of atoms on Earth approximately 150 years, according to a press release for the study. Wapson says it will be approximately 130 years before the power needed to sustain digital information generation is equal to all the power currently produced on our planet. By 2245, according to the study, half of the earth’s mass will be digital information mass.

“As a last resort, when the growth of digital information production is maintained at 50% per year, by 2070 we will have 1 kg of digital household content on the planet, stored in all traditional and cloud storage centers and endpoints such as computers. , smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ”the author explained in the study. “Similarly, with 50% growth per year, by 2245, half of the planet’s mass will be made up of digital bits.”

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