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Tiger Woods Result: Strong closing in round 4 puts a sweet note at the sour 2019 US Open

PEBBLE BEACH, California – Dressing like a 43-year-old dad, he did not help Tiger Woods for the last round of Father's Day in 2019 US Open on Pebble Beach. Fitted with a long sleeve shirt under V-shaped neckline, Woods fired 69 to close what's a pretty disappointing week. he was not as sharp as he needed. Everything was a bit … a distance. Let's dive into the Woods debut circuit before we look at where it goes from here after the average performance in the third major in 201


Front nine (2-over 37): This may be worse, bad. Woods started with four pockets in his first six holes before finally struck a few good approaches to par-3 7 and par-4 8th. These two shots led to simple birds and nine at the front, which seemed to move to 40, were saved from the complete disaster. Woods closed with fourth to 9th to keep the slide down the leaderboard.

Back nine (4-under 32): Here things turned to Woods. Four birds in the last six holes of the championship put him in a much better place in the charts and sealed their best score of 18 holes per week and the best final round at the US Open (69) over the past 10 years. Like the first three days, the late wave of birds brought excitement but also thought about what might have happened, if not the mistakes earlier in the circle.

Shot of the Day: He was in need of some juice, Woods drained this 42-foot pound pussy at 13 to start the late mileage.

Quote of the day: "I would have turned it a little earlier than that [if I could have] I went back to another cracked start and managed to fight him at a nominal value for the week it is – something good, but this week the boys definitely take that task. "

What follows: The tiger will probably not make it again until the Open for four weeks. This will mark the end of his big championship season, which is the most successful one he played in a decade. However, there is always a concern for the body and probably will always go ahead. During this event, Woods looked solid and wore KT tape on his neck.

"When it's cold, it's all better, it's just part of the deal," said Woods. "… The forces must go somewhere, and if they are not at the bottom of the back, they are in the neck, and if not, they are in the middle of the back and if not, go to the knee. the following way: I feel every stroke I hit, I think it will be the next place. "

This was not the main reason for his struggle during the week, but it was definitely nothing, it was cold and damp throughout the week , which falls into your bones and you can not take it out. "Tiger was the best of all times when he shrugs off all sorts of riffing kidnappings, time and pain, but this week on Pebble Beach was another long-standing reminders that he would not be able to do that forever. "At the place where he was the most immortal he had ever been in 2000, Tigger looked vulnerable, outdated and weak sometimes in 2019. That's what 19 years and four surgical operations are doing with you just like the rocks in the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the 18th fairway worn over time by the splashing of a billion waves Woods is not exactly what it was before. And in this game, the gap between "not quite" and "full gas" could be 10 or 20 strokes this week between Woods and the leaders.

So we can still make Tiger Woods compete for big championships. We just will not get the version of the man who once took our breath in this stunning place. Just like the evolution of the ocean and the earth whose shape is changing, this Tiger edition may be less rigid, but it can also be much more interesting.

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