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Too familiar the feeling of football of the former ex-football


1; This familiar feeling engulfed Doak Campbell Stadium.

Lightning delays both before and during the first quarter of State of Florida the opening of the season pushed the game against Georgia Technically well into the evening, only delaying the inevitable by a few hours.

You know that feeling. Anyone who has watched this FSU program regularly in the last few years does so. Players start to tighten up, confidence starts to run out and sooner or later the collapse happens.

The beginning of the Norwegian era passed just as the end of the Jimbo era or the length of the Taggart era passed: with a self-fulfilling prophecy of impending doom that engulfed stadium fans – even the crowd reduced by attendance restrictions – and players as the game progressed.

It started in the second quarter when the FSU breach began to sink after upgrading 10-0 Georgia Tech, and hit his full leg when the sun set over Doak in the third quarter. Injuries to key players have emerged, known weaknesses have emerged and bad habits have surfaced with a 16-13 loss to the Yellow Jackets, who won just three games last season.

“It’s an emotional game,” Mike Norwell said. “And the thing we have to do during the game is to maintain that control when something good happens, when something bad happens, to keep focused on the details, on the basics … I think there were a few times we probably let our emotions benefit best, good or bad. “

This marks the fourth time in so many seasons that the FSU has dropped the opening season.

Another year, another bitter start to the season and a loss of hope before things go.

What hurts this time is that at the beginning of the game there was a much needed flash of hope. The defense responded during a shocking first drive when Asante Samuel Jr. came with his first of two interceptions during the day (Samuel Jr. had a hell of a game, fighting to the bitter end).

Taking advantage of this impulse, the FSU violation quickly moved across the field with James Blackman delivering a beautiful throw to a tight end Cameron MacDonaldwho adjusted to the ball by gracefully twisting his body in the air about 30 yards down, to catch. Seminoles marks a touchdown a few plays later and never reaches the red zone for the rest of the game.

In fact, the violation was quite scattered after his second drive in the game, which led to a goal on the field. The Seminoles averaged 6.9 (nice) yards per game in the first quarter, then 3.0 YPP the rest of the way.

The offensive line could not move Georgia Tech’s heavy reserve defensive front and began to allow too much pressure as the game continued. Unforced errors also appeared at critical moments. For a long time, the malignant unit dealt with injuries throughout the match, and the loss of talent from the starters to the reserves was significant.

The recipients released key throws at the beginning of the game. Warren Thompson probably let three hit the ground. Tamorion Terry missed a big one in the field. These were murderers.

And Blackman, who started well and seemed much more confident in his pocket at the start of the game, went back to some of his old habits when he forced a short throw on a third and a long one that was intercepted. And he seemed to feel the pressure before he arrived, putting his happy feet in his pockets … certainly a side effect of years of beating behind one of the worst lines in Power Five football. He managed to score just 198 yards on 43 assists, a good 4.6 yards per pass. Only three FBS QBs have a lower YPP average among the dozens they have played so far this season.

And the defense, full of potential NFL motives, does not dominate. The Seminoles were soft on the edge in defense and did not make a freshman QB Jeff Sims play enough under duress in the second half.

Stop me if all this sounds familiar.

It was Groundhog Day. Déjà vu. Whatever you want to call it, no one watching can shake off the feeling as if they have seen such a scenario being played over and over again.

Because we have. Too many times. This is the circle of emotional taxation in which the FSU continues to move.

FSU is already in the long game. Norrell is the future. Better to be, because this university doesn’t have the means to cut the bait again, as it did with Taggart.

But holy nonsense, did Saturday reveal how far Norwell had to go to get this team to a place to deal with adversity.

“Trouble” is the key word here. Norvel repeatedly mentioned this out of season that the FSU had to react when things went wrong.

And it just didn’t happen on Saturday.

“We are still growing. We are still in the initial phase, where we are going as a crime, “Norwell said. “… I hate that we lost tonight. I hate how we lost tonight in every aspect, because I know these guys have worked very hard to put themselves in the best position. “

Hopefully these are really the children’s stages, because there is only one way to get through here.

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