The confronted rapper Tori Lanez breaks his silence and some wish he hadn’t.

A month after rapper Megan Tee Stallion accused him of shooting her in July, the Canadian rapper shared his country in history on a new album, Daystar.

Lanez, whose real name is Deister Peterson, returned to Twitter on Thursday to annoy his public return: “To my fans … I’m sorry for my silence … but with respect … I have time today … 21 : 00 PST. “

This was Peterson’s first post on social media after the July 12 shooting.

As promised, Peterson returned to Instagram early Friday morning to promote his new 17-song album. It was a return to the platform he used to gain viral fame and millions of followers on his wildly popular Quarantine Radio show, before quickly becoming a pariah over the alleged incident.

“There’s time to be silent. And time to talk,” he wrote a photo on the album cover in front of his 10 million followers. “I said everything I could say on the subject.”

Peterson opened his album with the disc song “Money Over Fallouts”, where he addressed the allegations and said that “Megan’s people are trying to make me shoot.”

“Girl, you had the courage to write this statement in an affidavit
I know I don’t, but I’m really coming
Trying to keep this (explicitly) 200 with you, short, I can prove it. “

In the song, Peterson repeatedly hints at a relationship with Megan, whose name is Megan Pete (I love you very much. I’m still ready to renegotiate unity. My heart is kind of stupid “) and claims that Pete tried to” ruin “him with your accusations (“Look how you’re doing me, people are trying to ruin me. What’s worse is that I’m still thinking about you and me”).

“You need to see a few questions: how (explicitly) do you get a shot in your leg, not hitting bones or tendons?
How (explicitly) does your team try to pay me millions?
I just lost about $ 10 million because of this cold business
But I have about 10 million followers who will be with me. “

Peterson was met with an almost immediate reaction to an attempt to take advantage of the attack on a black woman with a “disc song” and an album. Instead of apologizing publicly, the rapper seems to have played the victim and boasted about his social status.

The weather made the edition even worse. Peterson was declared “insensitive” and “deaf” because he rejected Pete following the grand jury’s decision Wednesday not to convict three police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, of shooting Breona Taylor, another black woman.

“Tori Lanez is really here, making CDs and profits for a heinous crime,” tweeted one user.

Another user added, “Tori Lanez … thinks it’s best to release an album to take advantage of the negative press and justify her version of the events of the shooting of an unarmed black woman. All this after yesterday’s grand jury decision. not to charge (Breona) Taylor’s killers. “

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“Why should I lie?” Megan Ti Stallion claims that rapper Tori Lanez is the one who shot her

Peterson was arrested on charges of concealed weapons in the Hollywood Hills after the shooting, LAPD official Jeff Lee told the Associated Press.

The “Talk to Me” rapper is currently on bond after bailing out $ 35,000 on July 12, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff Prisoner Information Center. He is due to appear in court on a felony charge in October.

Peterson’s account of events differs from Pete’s. Earlier, she called Peterson a “lie” about what had happened.

“Yes, this (explicit) Tori shot me,” she told Instagram Live in August. “You shot me and made the publicist and your people go to these blogs to lie … stop lying. Why lie? I don’t understand.”

Megan You’re a stallion says she was shot in both legs, 50 Cent apologizes for sharing the meme

According to Pete Peterson, he shot her in both legs after an argument in a vehicle. She denied allegations that she provoked him or that the argument was about Kylie Jenner. (Jenner appeared surprisingly in Megan and Cardi B’s music video for “WAP.”)

“I didn’t tell the police what happened right there because I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want the police to shoot me because there was a (insulting) gun in the car,” Pete said, citing recent cases of police brutality that led to the re-emergence of the Black Lives Movement.

The rapper “Savage” briefly shared graphic photos on Instagram of his gunshot wounds.

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