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Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth on "BH90210" Finale "Soapedy" Cliffhanger, Their "Juicy" Plans for Season 2

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for the finale of "BH90210")

Fox's "BH90210" ended Wednesday, revealing that the reboot of the "Beverly Hills 90210" show has been taken to series – which means fans of the Donna (Tori Spelling), David (Brian Austin Green) universe, Kelly (Jenny Garth), Brenda (Shannon Doherty), Brandon (Jason Priestley), Steve (Ian Ziring) and Andrea (Gabriel Cartis) will understand what the characters are by the time the drama ended almost 20 years ago. (Well, six of them, because Christine Eliza told the actor just before the network's premiere that the show had to cut one of the cast for budget reasons.)

But in real life, fans of the meta itself -the revival will have to wait to see if Fox orders a second season of "BH9021

0" so they can figure out what to do next with the "upgraded" versions of Spelling, Green, Garth, Doherty, Priestley, Ziering and Carteris and their "90210" characters who will live by restarting the show.

While we don't yet have an answer for you on renewal, we can tell you that Spelling and Garth – who created "BH90210" with Chris Albertini and Mike Schassler – have plans for Season 2, even though the show is marketed as "Sequence of events" from the beginning.

"From our perspective, it was definitely not a limited edition," Spelling told TheWrap. "It was a great opportunity to go back home to Fox again, and because of the time we went in to switch to Fox, they liked it and wanted to track it fast this summer, and they thought it would be a fun summer treat. So their time was available. And also what they think would be great for the fans. So these were six episodes, but that was never the intention. The intention is to continue. "

Garth said season two would be" juicy "due to the fact that a fictional restart had already been recruited and so revisiting" 90210 "characters would be a big part of another batch of episodes.

" It will be juicy. because it will be more about the show, the filming of the reality show and more of these people who have come into each other's lives the whole time, "she said." You spend more time with your working family than you sometimes do with your real family. So it's about these people being together in such an environment and being coerced and be there and how it all happens for everyone. "

Spelling added:" And fans will definitely see, obviously , more than the show within the show, which is a straightforward reboot. So they will see us as our "90210" characters. When we finished it, we just did a scene with David and Donna. "

Garth says that would also like to invite the actors who worked on the original show to be guest stars on 'BH90210. "

The second season will address the many rock blocks for screen versions of the cast that were stuffed up in the finale, including rock marriages, the eventual disclosure of paternity, and the fact that one of them obviously needs to be cut off from the restart.

"The original, although it was a drama, was at times considered a bit of a soap at night, especially in later seasons," Spelling said. "So we kind of wanted to go into that. So while we have comedy and emotions, we also have a soapy aspect of it. And Jenny has a great word for it … ”

"I put it on soap because we – we go into soap on it because it's so much of a fun thing, because it's not real … we have people, playing versions of themselves, jumping straight into storylines that would only happen on soap on television, "adds Garth.

Spelling and Garth can't speak for everyone when it comes to actors wanting a second season, but they're optimistic.

"It's not yet worked out," Garth said. "I would think yes, but in I don't know for sure at that moment. "

" We all had a great time together, I think everyone really enjoyed the process, "said Spelling." Everyone loved to do comedy together, especially. Each of the cast members was very aware: "Aunt, this is a special bond we all have." And you can't recreate it, it's something special and doing it together is great. There is definitely magic and I think we would all do it again. "

See below for TheWrap's interview with Spelling and Garth.

TheWrap: How did you decide which shouts to the original series – and its backstage drama – to include, like bits of a red dress?

Jenny Garth: We like to make those inside .. to take something that is perceived by society as out of proportion or completely false – or maybe there is little truth to it – we we love to take these moments and create something juicy from them.

Tori Spelling: I think the whole cast will come back together for a script, a dramatic performance and we can have fun with ourselves and each other and push the envelope with those things that value shock , i think its really cool.

TheWrap: The show has also picked up industry stakes and other Fox shows like "Empire" and "OK" Did you release them from the network?

Garth: We've never actually seen them as jabs, it's more than just playing around with the world we live in and know so well. And Fox is part of our family, so it feels incomplete not to include them.

] Spelling: We only mention shows that are also part of their family, and you don't take them at all.

Garth: But I think the tone of the show comes from this eye of telling the story differently and doing it sometimes with tongue-in-cheek or looking at things from a comedic angle. All the crazy things that have happened in this industry and that have happened to each of us individually and use those as storytelling platforms, it's just fun, we have so many things to talk about, so many stories to tell pop up. [19659003] TheWrap: Have you ever thought about dealing with Dylan's absence when you restarted the universe due to Luke Perry's passing?

Garth: No, we don't No because we barely managed to get into the show's photos for the rest of the six episodes, but we'll definitely watch this as we move forward if we moving forward with certainty.

TheWrap: What can you tell us about your upcoming two-woman show, "Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling Live: A Night to Remember"?

Spelling: part of the reason we came up with this concept was because we definitely knew fans would want something "90210." We didn't want to do a direct restart. And the second biggest thing is people, in real life they love our friendship, they love that we have had this 30 year friendship and the playing we have with each other and that we are leveling up. We have a great relationship, a nursing relationship. And so many people commented on it, and we were like, "That's why we wanted to create Tori and Jenny on the show and everyone else to play alone." So we decided to continue this process and all the things we couldn't record the script we could let's get on with the stories in real life and turn it into a real friendly night. And people can join me and my BFF on stage and bring out the BFF, and we'll have cocktails, games and stories, and that's a very interactive thing. It's fun.

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