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"Toy Story 4" Mini Review

Some plot points in Toy Story 4 are discussed below, but nothing that really can not collect from trailers.

Toy Story 4 raises a strange metaphysical question: Are we what we are only for naming another person?

Consider the strange, twisted tale of Forky (Tony Hale). A Sparch, saved from the garbage and combined with some filthy eyes, a pipe cleaner, a stick with enamel tea and clay, Forky, besides being wrongly called (should not it be Sporky?) From his creator, he gets the feeling that he has " Bonnie. " drawn on their deformed legs.

For Forty, this is a terrible fact. But for the rest of us, it must be a bit worrying. After all, if this is all, so that these inanimate objects can acquire consciousness, is there not a totally rejected class of objects that gain self-consciousness after brief suicide as toys? Any stick that rises and uses as a blast of the Stormtrooper spends the rest of its existence, questioning its terrible existence as a piece of rotting wood for the machine? If a small child takes a piece of poop and treats it as a toy, does it become shit and longs for the compost pile?

Nevertheless, it seems that Phoebe has some memory of his life: He wants you to live in rubbish where he is warm and safe. He is garbage. That's his role. Use once and discard.

And that's what Toy Story 4 is more or less: knowing the role in the world, the place and what to do with our responsibilities, and to which one owes them responsibilities. For Forky, this abomination in the eyes of God, it means to learn that he has responsibilities as a toy, to provide comfort and care for the little girl that has led him to life. For Woody (Tom Hanks), that means something different: knowing when the time has passed and when you have to relax.

All that means Toy Story 4 is really for the parents, Woody sang poetically after watching one of his "kids" grow up ̵

1; Andy, the owner of the first three movies – – a little useful for the second time with Bonnie. She takes care of other toys. Woody is tired. There is nothing left to do; besides convincing Forky for his purpose and making sure he did not run into the garbage, leaving Bonnie in a dead end, Woody is sunk. One child grew up;

Is he still a toy of Bonnie, really, if it makes no sense for him – if his name has changed?

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