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Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert mock the mysterious visit to Walter Reed Hospital in Trump

The news that Trump will go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., Has caused a storm of speculation and rumors that continue, though the White House and the president himself downplayed the impromptu visit over the weekend. Late Monday, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham tried to quell fears by issuing a note from Trump's doctor, Sean Conley, who stressed that the president had no "urgent or acute problems" and noted that the trip was "Routine, scheduled interim screening as part of regular, primary preventative care."

But a formal announcement shared shortly before 1

0pm on Monday failed to silence various health theories of the 73-year-old youth. Instead, it only feeds more comments on the bite, as many accuse the White House of trying again to obscure the president's medical information, likening the meme to the latest statements that touched Trump's physical condition and offered confusing explanations for the visit to the hospital.

"If something went wrong with Trump, the White House would just pretend everything was normal," Noah said Monday night. "Trump can come back with both arms amputated, and his press secretary will come out as:" It was just a standard check. The President's hands have always been brooms. He used them to clean up Washington, D.C. "

Noah's skepticism echoed on television late on Monday when his comic book colleagues joined him, mocking Trump's official visit story over the weekend. On Saturday, Grisham told Fox News's Jeanine Piro that Trump wanted to take advantage of the "down day" and "start ahead with some routine checks as part of his annual exam," stressing that the president is "as healthy as he is can be. . "Trump later tweeted that he " is starting phase one of my annual physical. All very good (great!). It will end next year. "

" Next year? "Jimmy Kimmel said incredulously on his ABC show. "That Physical or Kitchen Remodeling?"

Meanwhile, on CBS, Stephen Colbert was already awaiting the next installment of the check.

"Yes, the first part of his Trump will be such a hit that next year they go on to continue," Colbert joked. Colonoscopy 2: 2 Blocked 2 Scope.

Grisham's comments also did not go unnoticed by the hosts late into the night.

After releasing a video from the press secretary explaining what Trump chose on his rare free weekend, Colbert remarked, "Well, this is the saddest thing I've ever heard."

"Let's see, I have a day off "Said the host, introducing himself to Trump. "I could spend it with my kids – it's not really my thing. With my wife – no, she hates me. My friends – everyone in prison. I'll tell you what, I'll just go to the hospital. Pinch me with needles just to feel something. "

Both Colbert and Kimmel repelled Grisham's admirable assessment of Trump's health. During his statement to Fox News, Grisham crowned himself with Trump having" more energy than anyone in the White House, "prompting Piro to respond : "He is almost superhuman."

"He is a 73-year-old insomniac who eats nothing but fast food and who is afraid to go down the stairs," Colbert said.

Kimmel was equally dubious.

"Exactly, he's faster than a tweeter," says the ABC host.

Back at Comedy Central, Noah only had more questions about visiting a secret doctor.

"Did Trump have a heart problem or stroke?" Noah asked. "And if he got a stroke." , how could you say that? "

The host responded quickly to himself.

" No, because the symptoms of stroke are blurred speech, confusion and misconduct, "I said." To Trump, it's Tuesday. "[19659002] But while Noah was joking about Trump's possibility of having a stroke, David Scheiner, who was treating former President Barack Obama, told Erin Burnett the danger of this happening might be more likely than people think.

"His inability to utter words sometimes bothers me very much," Scheiner told Trump on Monday. "He has trouble finding words.

Scheiner added that the "special" symptom may point to a "neurological problem that is not resolved."

"The worry I have is that he may have a small stroke," said the doctor.

In a note Monday night, Conley, Trump's doctor, noted that the president" had not passed specialized cardiac or neurological assessments, "denying" speculation "that there was an emergency medical care.

Many remained unconvinced.

" "routine, scheduled interim screening as part of regular, primary prophylactic care" does appear to trying too much, "one person tweets .

Another describes the document as a "really weird, defensive statement."

"The first sentence itself has about four synonyms for 'routine'," wrote the Twitter user. "Then he tells us all the medical issues. which is definitely not Trump. It's a good thing the White House has built a reputation for honesty and transparency. "

At least one critic stated that this is not the first time Trump has been accused of getting a doctor who

"Ever since Trump has run into a bad case of MISC spurs during the Vietnam War, he managed to get doctors to lie, "says the man." Who knows if any of this is true. "

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