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Trump Democrats' Impeachment Investigation Comes Out

Polls showing a moderate jump in the number of Americans favoring the impeachment and elimination of Trump are another argument for the speedy public tire process of all work. Speed ​​may help Democrats find a brief but direct argument that Trump is abusing his power by using his power to determine foreign policy to demand the political favors of a vulnerable government in Ukraine.
  Democrats & # 39; new moves show House may end impeachment by Christmas
Anything to explain why, when former National Security Advisor John Bolton refused to testify to impeachment investigators on Thursday, they refused to issue a summons, though considers internal witness with colorful history
The ensuing legal battle would spread at least in the first months of next year – to steal a democratic impulse – when, CNN reports, party officials seek to conclude business and impeachment in this year.

Pelosi's team also has an electoral imperative to move quickly, suggesting that it seems almost certain that they plan to put a legacy mark on Trump that he is only the third impeyant president.

Hearings before and after Thanksgiving will give time to prepare articles for impeachment and a full vote in the House before lawmakers go home for the holidays. Then the political heat will shift to the Republican-led Senate early this new year.

The Senate process could be completed by the end of January, when Democrats' time will focus the nation on their core race to find a candidate to take over the president next November. This implies, of course, that there is no sudden collapse in Trump's support among GOP senators expected to vote to justify him for imminent crimes and keep him in office.

New impulse

  House does not call John Bolton after his lawyer threatened to go to court

"I do not believe that the US should ask other countries to participate in politically related investigations and prosecutions," Kent said, according to a transcript of his deposition.

Such evidence is the reason Democrats believe they already have a serious case against the President.

"The Dirt Dollar Protection Scheme focused more on focus and we did not see an arrow go in any other direction than this one was shaken, led by the President of the United States," California Democrat Eric Swolwell said Thursday.

Waiting longer for testimony from Bolton's likes may intensify their wider dispute and lead to new substantial details – but it can also drain more political speed than is worth it.

Trump's Democratic indictment will be based on three pillars of evidence. First, a rough transcript of a conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on July 25, in which the US leader asked for a "favor" and mentioned Biden's name. Then there is the flow of texts between top officials, apparently discussing whether Trump is offering a clean pro-quo for Ukraine.

This is already supported by testimony from a group of diplomatic and military personnel and former officials who appear to confirm the case. that Giuliani was acting for Trump under a scheme designed to promote Trump's political prospects rather than the national interest in Ukraine.

"I think this is a very strong case. A case in which I would be absolutely confident as a prosecutor or investigator, "CNN legal analyst Eli Honig told CNN International.

A chance for Republicans to steal the initiative

  State Department official describes Julian Julian & # 39; in Ukraine

The democratic approach comes with risks.

next week's televised hearings are set to put Americans ahead the succinct and persuasive case that Trump abuses power in Ukraine.

But it also gives the president's Republican allies a chance to cause havoc in the hearings, attack and seek to discredit witnesses, as well as set the stage for procedural debates. that may give Americans the impression that Congress is only down to their normal partisan tricks.

Still, the GOP has not yet put in place a solid Trump defense that can keep up with the flow of evidence uncovered by investigative impeachment.

The GOP argues that Democrats have been conducting a secret process, losing some echo since the census began, and may look even less powerful amid open hearings.

The president complains that he is treated unfairly, for example. tweeted on Thursday.

"It has just been explained to me that in the coming weeks the false hearing (interrogation) in the House while they are interviewing 'Never a Tramp and Others', I will get NO LAW and NO LONG PROCESS. This is Pelosi, Schiff, a fraud against the Republican Party and myself. This witch hunt should not be allowed to continue! "Trump writes.

However, Trump's complaint ignores that the House impeachment process is like a milestone in criminal proceedings. He will have his chance to build full protection in the Senate trial.

Republicans will also have the right to cross-examine witnesses in open court – just as they did in the closed-door deposition process – but they will still be hampered by the disadvantage of being in a ruling minority.

Given the apparent power of the impeachment case, GOP at

Trump calls Zelensky's call "perfect," although it seems to clearly include evidence of pressure on Ukraine and at least a tacit quid pro quo.

Taking a similar line, Vice President Mike Pence said in Thursday: "The American people have a transcript of the president's call and can see that there was no quid pro quo. The president did nothing wrong."

Pence also made the somewhat improbable claim that Trump was primarily interested in revealing "corruption" in Ukraine – theme, k which he has little interest in pursuing elsewhere.

Other Republicans have also turned and turned to their presidential defense. South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham said this week that he would refuse to read the transcripts since the probe is a bunch of BS.

Another Republican, Senator John Kennedy, resorted to personal abuse by blasting Pelosi as a "dumb" rally in his home state of Louisiana on Wednesday night.

The fact that Republicans prefer not to deal with the substance of the Trump case must be an encouragement to Democrats.

One viable counterargument would be for the GOP to acknowledge that Trump's parallel foreign policy in Ukraine is unreasonable and perhaps unethical, but does not reach the level of impeachment.

Such overconfidence – which some Democrats ats hired during the impeachment of Bill Clinton – is unlikely to sit well with Trump. who demands complete loyalty and rarely acknowledges any wrongdoing.

Creating pressure for such Republican cleavages is another reason Democrats seek to hand over the Senate seat by the end of 2019. The process in the other chamber, given political reality, is unlikely to cause Trump to become the first president removed from the Senate post. But it can lead to some very embarrassing months for the Republican Party.

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