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Trump faces bilateral criticism of his departure from Syria

The development came on the same day that Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper announced the planned withdrawal of nearly all U.S. forces from northern Syria in the face of a Turkish military offensive targeting Kurdish fighters in the region.

Rep. Adam Kinsinger (R-Ill.), An Air Force veteran who piloted Iraq and Afghanistan, was among the most vocal members of the president's party to condemn the move.

In a statement to CBS News Face the Nation, Kinzinger opposed the argument ̵

1; from Trump and some of his allies, such as Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) – that the withdrawal was a step toward removing the US from "endless" wars. " [19659002] "You hear the president and people like Rand Paul talk about endless wars all the time, and it's kitschy. But in fact, we were preventing endless war, "Kinzinger said. He added that "for me – as a man who has served in the military and really got into politics because I believe in the role America plays – to see that one more time, you know, leaving an ally behind … is desperate, depressing. "

Kinsinger said that Turkish President Recep Erdogan must" absolutely not "be allowed to come to the White House, as planned next month. And he argues that Trump's decision jeopardizes US national security because "we now have another group that now believes they cannot rely on the United States."

"The Kurds have discovered on Twitter, for God's sake," he said. “We left them on the wolves. And the message we send to our allies around the world, I think, will really turn out to be bad. "

Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee until his retirement in January, also received sharp criticism of Trump's move – though he did not mention the president by name.

"The administration's recent decisions regarding Syria are a strategic mistake and further diminish the character of our great nation," Corker tweeted .

Other Republicans took a more neutral tone.

Sen. Lindsay O. Graham (RS.C.), who earlier called Trump's decision on Syria "the biggest mistake of his presidency," praised the president Sunday for offering his support for sanctions against Turkey.

"A good decision by President @ realDonaldTrump will work with Congress to impose mutilating sanctions on Turks, outrageous aggression / war crimes in Syria," Twitter Graham added that "Turkey does NOT act as a good NATO ally. "

Earlier on Sunday, Trump had tweeted that he was engaging with Graham" and many members of Congress, including Democrats, for imposing powerful sanctions on Turkey. "

" The treasury is ready to work, can more legislation is sought, ”Trump tweeted . "There is a great consensus on this. Turkey has asked not to. Keep going! "

Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis declined to directly criticize Trump during a statement on NBC News' Meet the Press, saying that America is more safe because the president's decision is a "complicated issue."

"I would say America is always safer when it builds confidence and a sense of confidence among our allies that we are reliable," said Matisse, who resigned last year after colliding with Trump.

Only two Republicans in Sunday morning's news – Paul and Senator Kevin Kramer (ND) – defended Trump's move.

In "Meet the Press," Paul voiced Esper's argument, claiming that Turkey was "coming one way or another." Referring to Trump's initial decision, he added that the president "was right in moving 50 troops out of the way of tens of thousands of Turkish troops." "[19659002]" Will I send sons and daughters to American mothers and fathers, will I send them there to die, so that I may try to understand how the Kurds and Turks can understand each other? "Paul asked." And I do not see this. in our national interest. And we have to vote for him. We have to vote for him in Congress and declare war if the people want it. "

" In fact, I would withhold the troops and weapons from the Saudis until we see more good behavior, "Paul said, adding that" this is incompatible with saying that we will not be there for endless, pointless warriors. and then taking them to Saudi Arabia. "

Cramer told CNN's" Union State "that while he wishes the situation was different," I "is not sure the president had much choice options. "

" I think the logical question is, were we willing to stay there and fight the Turks, given the fact that it seems the Turks have committed themselves to cross the border and create this militarized zone, with or without staying there? … It is clear that the Turks are not an ally type like the Kurds, but they are a NATO side, as you indicated, and it is never as simple as just a binary choice, "he said. (I-Mich.), Who left the Republican Party earlier this year and considered a presidential term, criticized Trump's defense of Trump's "endless wars", calling it "a mere disguise for facilitating disaster."

Trump has long been able to (and should) withdraw from Syria and work to prevent Turkey, "tweeted Amash on Sunday. "Instead, he withdrew several troops (without withdrawal) and green-lighted the attack on Turkey."

At a press conference in New York on Sunday afternoon, Schumer announced that MPs in both chambers would propose a joint resolution, "Urges the president to has reversed its decision to do everything it can to protect the Kurds, to do everything we need to do to prevent ISIS terrorists from escaping and to make sure that Turkey complies with existing agreements with Syria and the US. " The Islamic State is also known as ISIS /

Schumer also referred to the September 11, 2001 attacks, noting that "we New Yorkers are the number one target for terrorists in America."

"We all learned from Sept. 11 that terrorism can start in a small cell 7,000 miles away and then metastasize into a home attack, "he said. "We worked so hard and so long to prevent it from happening again. We sacrificed blood and dollars to keep it from happening. And with one step, the president is undoing much of what he has achieved. "

Several Democrats also took the morning news to condemn Trump's decision.

The Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elliot L. Engel (DN). Y.) said in Meet the Press that lawmakers will consider two bills this week that condemn Trump's Kurdish policy and punish Turkey "and all people involved in what is happening."

"I can't I think of nothing more disgusting in all the years I've been in Congress than what this president allows to happen to the Kurds, "Engel said.

Asked if Turkey should be thrown out of NATO, Engel answered that "is something

" I mean, how do you have a NATO ally who conflicts with Russians, when Russians are NATO opponents? … Erdogan is a bad guy And I'm disgusted that the US president will feel comfortable with someone like Erdogan, "he said.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) Called the Decision of Trump "a" On the face of the nation "full capitulation" to Erdogan and an "endless catastrophe" that would lead to the revival of the Islamic State.

In Fox News Sunday, Senator Chris Van Holen (D-Md) called the situation on the spot. in northern Syria, "absolutely disgusting" and said it was "shameful" that Trump "allowed Turkey to begin killing Syrian Kurds."

"That's why you have this big, two-party riot," Van Holen said. "ISIS is the biggest winner right now because the Syrian Kurds have been our most effective partner in the aftermath of ISIS.

Van Holen also accused the president of not moving faster to sanction Turkey.

"For God's sake, what are they waiting for, right?" He said. "People are killing themselves right now."

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