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Trump is criticized for not knowing what "Western style liberalism" is when he asks for Putin's comments

President Donald Trump's answer to a question about "Western style of liberalism" at a press conference made some call the president because he obviously did not know what the phrase meant. Trump's relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin have been critical of the president since he took office. The two met on Friday at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, and at a news conference Saturday, several reporters asked Trump's questions about Russia and Putin.

A question asked by Peter Baker of the New York Times citing a recent interview Putin gave to the Financial Times, in which the Russian president said "the liberal idea" "has outgrown its goal" and "outdated". Baker asked Trump if he agreed with Putin that "Western-style liberalism" is outdated and no longer matters for today's world.

Trump said he had not seen Putin's comments but noted that he "feels so" because he sees what's happening in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco run by liberal administrations. "I do not know what they think, but he sees things happening in the United States, it would probably prevent him from saying how wonderful he is," Trump said, "I'm very worried about what I see in some of our cities, where politicians are either afraid to do something about it, or think that they are voices. "

<img class =" mapping-embed lazysize lazyload imgPhoto full "id =" i1508139 "data-src =" https: // donald trum Putin Western-style Liberalism President Donald Trump spoke at a press conference with the G20 summit on Saturday in Osaka, Japan. The president was criticized for not knowing what is "Western European" style liberalism "was asked about the comments of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Trump adds that the federal government may need to intervene in cities that are run by an "extraordinary group of liberal people" because the President's Reply attracted criticism from several people on Twitter. They argued that the president seemed to confuse the "liberal", as in the beliefs of the politically left in America, with "liberalism," the prevailing ideology of Western governments

Adam Server, staff writer at The Atlantic opposes Trump's comment in an answer to Baker's question with his repeated assertions that he is the smartest person in the room.

"In connection with this, one of the President's favorite stories says his vast intelligence dwarfs are those of his critics," Server told Twitter.

Christine Pelosi, the daughter of the Democratic Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi and author of Campaign Boot Camp wrote on Twitter that Trump did not know or did not care that Putin refers to countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, not people who are liberal. "Anyway, the values ​​of San Francisco are American values ​​and we will never stop being a lighthouse for light and equality," Pelosi says in a tweed.

Lawyer George Conway, a frequent critic and Truh's husband, Counselor Kelian Conway said that the President's answer to the question has shown that Trump is a "breathless ignorant."

Putin is also criticized for having filed a claim, and Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, told the Financial Times that he "strongly disagrees" with the Russian president. According to him, "authoritarianism, the cults of the person and the power of the oligarchs" are obsolete.

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