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Trump is trapped and Pelosi refuses to help

The House spokesman, reinforced by a brutal study of Donald Trump, refuses to give the President an easy way out of his own political box as the government's closure triggered by his request for a border wall rises to the 34th day.

In his latest fight with Pelosi, Trump acknowledged defeat late Wednesday and admitted that he would not be able to give his address to the state of the Union until the end of the closure. Earlier in the day he publicly threw his gauntlet and tried to force the speaker to give up his refusal to leave a speech next Tuesday in the Chamber of the Chamber.

Pelosi's victory came before two Senate votes should be held on Thursday on Dueling Republican and Democratic Plans designed to end the suspension. Neither of them could pass through the dead-end street and could just point out that Trump's hopes of victory remain weak.

The President is trying to restructure the political battlefield that is stacked against him, as the sources point out that he is increasingly mistaken for his tactics not turning the tables of the Democrats. Throughout his life, business and politics, Trump has used his dominating personality, a sense of demonstration, and unshakable self-confidence, which often opposes the facts to reach it.

But he finds in the new political context of divided Washington against an experienced adversary that his power of will and talent for engineering television glasses does not move the political needle.

  Pelosi denies the use of the House of the Court for the state of the Union

After Pelosi accepted his bold Wednesday and canceled his address for membership in the Union, Trump invaded but failed to come up with effective response.

"She is afraid of the truth, and the super-leftist Democrats, radical Democrats, said the White House president while annoying an alternative address plan."

But the president later announced in Twitter that he had deferred an idea. 19659002] "I do not look for an alternative place for the SOTU address because there is no place that can compete with the history, traditions and meaning of the House of Homes. I look forward in the near future to giving "the great message about the state of the Union," Trump said.

Trump did not exclude a specific political event next Tuesday.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins said the White House was caught unprepared with a quick and resolute response to Pelosi, and her move left the president, who looked great and had no answer when the rebellion was returned with interest.

It seems more and more that the president wrongly judged the closure policy, or perhaps is so trapped in his West Wing and media bubble that he does not get a precise fixation of the worsening political stance.

A little that he does – address the oval office, a trip to the border, a weekend bid that was quickly rejected. of Democrats – seems to improve their position.

Polls show that the majority of the public still firmly accuses Trump of stopping and resisting its border wall – 71% in a new CBS study say it is not worth it

An unsuccessful bid to reverse the tide

  Hypothetically, Americans want a compromise. But not in real life.

The performance of the president and the speaker who struggled for a speech aimed at highlighting national unity was hardly in line with the dignity of any of them. Pelosi's claim that exclusion means that the Capitol can not be secured is also controversial.

It might take a couple of days to see if Pelosi's move would make it look "petty," as Trump's adviser Kelin Conway had predicted.

Economic Councilor Stephen Moore told CNN that Pelosi's move was seventh and motivated by the desire to prevent the repetition of what was widely seen last year as a strong message of the state of the Union by the president .

But Pelosi's rigid tactic is a literal example of how it uses the constitutional mechanism of the government to contain and thwart Trump and remind about the importance of the Democratic Party's mid-term election victory.

She has deprived Trump of the chance to do his best for the Americans in the exclusion in the light of the spotlights he loves. The Union's disgrace gives the President a symbolic advantage and filters free access to tens of millions of viewers. Trump could use the most premier stage to produce a narrative for his presidency in general to highlight the strength of the economy and what he regards as a success of his nuclear diplomacy with North Korea.

The risk to Pelosi is that its strategy will exclude voters who are wary of the overwhelming understanding of the new democratic majority, or that it may seem as guilty as Trump for Washington folly.

So far, however, it has a firm political foundation. CBS News study Tuesday showed that Trump's position is getting worse. In conclusion, which must be particularly unpleasant to the art craftsman, 47% of respondents think the spokesman is doing better with the exclusion talks, compared with 35% for the president.
CNN's poll shows that President's approval for work is 37%, down 41% in November and December, after a month in which the news of the closure has silenced most other political activities. But the president, faithful to the mantra of his life, shows no signs of retreating and believes that the Americans will eventually reach his argument that the border wall is crucial to national security.

"Ultimately, the American people will have their way because they want to see no crime, and they want to see what we're doing," he said.

The people who were with Trump on Wednesday see no sign that he is ready to "cave" in the closure, but Pennel Brown of CNN cites an official White House official who says the president is still asking his assistants, "Why blame us all?"

The official said Trump believed accepts all hits, but is the only one on the negotiating concessions.

  Exclusion talks consist of 3 meetings, 4 letters and this one

A source from the PP said to CNN's Dana Bash that Trump is once again considering executive action without declaring a national accident, touring Congress and building a wall that is crucial to his political base

While the president would could use the pulling power of his cabinet to draw attention to any substitute speech, he did not, as he said, lack an impact on an official address on the state of the Union. An alternative event could also raise questions about television networks that covered the address of Trump's Oval Office a few weeks ago, and did not get much news in exchange for talk time. , as is often the case in his presidency, he spoke only about his political supporters, not the whole nation.

And the fact that the president would have to find somewhere else to give his annual address just underlined that the state of the union is such that he can not even take his place in Parliament to deliver his speech.

There is nothing to say that speech should take place in January, or even at all, the Constitution states that "the President periodically gives Congress information on the state of the Union, and recommends to their measure such measures as he judges necessary and expedient. "

Donna Hoffman, a professor of political science at the University of Northern Iowa, co-author of a book on the evolution of the Union, proposed before the end of Trump's night tweets the president to be better off waiting. "If anyone advises President Trump I, I can actually wait for the government to reopen because the speaker at that point really will have no reason not to invite him," Hoffman said, "he would be the center again and again." that … whatever the result of the failure of stopping, he could shape what he wants, "she said.

Pamela Brown of CNN, Jim Acosta, Kevin Lippack, Keytan Collins and Dana Bash contributed to this story

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