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Trump-Kim News – LIVE: President arrives in Vietnam to negotiate with North Korea as "washed for mines" soldiers at Hanoi Hotel

Donald Trump and Kim Chen Yun arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam, for a second summit full of spectacle – despite the lack of specific details of what is ahead.

The US president is expected to force North Korea's leader to abandon his nuclear ambitions, while giving the nation the chance to become one of the world's biggest economic powers if it abandons its weapons.

The North rejects such demands unless the United States wants to eliminate its military forces. from South Korea. The disagreement led to continued severe sanctions against the Kim regime and – sometimes – in tense confrontations between the two leaders.

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A barber in Hanoi, Vietnam, offers customers Donald Trump and Kim Cheng-unabated hairstyles before the summit is held between the US president and leader of North Korea this week

Haircuts are being offered at the Tuan Duong Beauty Academy in the Vietnamese capital, Associated Press Announces – And They Are Free

To meet President Trump's eyes, through hair bleaching to imitate the yellow-orange blonde seen by the American lord p.

Those who have opted for Kim Jong-un have short sides of their hair, with a hair on the top, held long and shaped in square shape.







       CNN reports security activities outside the Metropol Hotel, where Donald Trump and Kim Chen Un are expected to meet on Thursday.

Officials wobble up the mining area, the newspaper reported, scrutinizing the hotel yard for unexploded shells.

Reporters shot two soldiers standing on a grassy elevation and watching an instrument used to open mines.

2019-02-26T17: 27: 12.000Z

After long trips to Vietnam, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Yun are in place of their second summit to cope with the most- the greatest security challenge in the world: pursuing a nuclear program that is on the verge of realistic threatening targets around the planet.

Although many experts are skeptical, Kim will give up nuclear weapons, which he probably thinks is the best guarantee for the continuation of the rule, there was a tangled carnival – like excitement among many in Hanoi, as recent preparations were made for the meeting. There were also huge traffic jams on already overburdened streets.

The two leaders will meet for two days, first for dinner on Wednesday, followed by Thursday meetings. The New York Times report argues that former lawyer of President Michael Cohen will describe the extent of his " lies, racism and deception, "as well as his criminal behavior while in the White House during his public testimony on Wednesday. The Times reports that Cohen is ready to describe Mr Trump as racist statements, as well as lying or cheating on business. Earlier, he told a journal that the president said "black people are too stupid to vote for me" during the 2016 elections. The newspaper, who spoke with an anonymous source who was informed of Cohen's upcoming public testimony, also revealed that he would "describe the president who inflated or devalued his net worth."

Donald Trump will veto two arms reform laws that seek to step up national checks if they cross the US Senate, the White House said, citing "heavy Requirements for

The president previously stated his support for stepping up federal arms sales checks while discussing the bipartisan measure with Sen. John Cornney at his Florida golf club last year, a week after a killer killed 17 people in Marjorie. Stoneham Douglas High School, which is just 40 miles from Mr. Trump's exclusive property.

His administration turned this position in a statement on Monday, however, as it appeared HR 8 and HP. 1112 – the two Background Checks that pass through Congress – may pass the US Senate with several Republicans, probably supportive or legislation.







       Democrats from home voted to summon Trump administration officials to separate families at the southern border.

The Supervisory Committee voted on Tuesday to approve the summons of the heads of justice, internal security and health and humanitarian services. With Democrats as a majority, the permission is expected, but it is still unclear whether the summons will actually be handed over.

If they were, they would be one of the first to be issued at the new Congress. The Democrats of the House promised to hold the administration aggressively at the expense of this. Commission chairman Democratic Republic of Ireland Elijah Kumings of Maryland promised to push the administration for documents and witness testimony on a wide range of issues, but family division was among his top priorities. As the House of Representatives launches a proposal to reject the national emergency statement of Donald Trump, the House Chancellor Nancy Pelosi (19659013)


2019-02-26T16: 25: has published the following message: The president himself said, "I do not have to do that."

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Only one quick update that Michael Cohen's public testimony was moved to 10 Wednesday. Make sure you keep up with Transmit live from Independent tomorrow as we present you the latest.

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Democrats in the US Senate have just introduced legislation that requires a public report on the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Hashogi.

The White House refused to lead the Saudi authorities on the issue, which led to sharp criticism from legislators on both sides of the political corridor:

2019-02-26T15: 25: 17.000Z

just sent message from his hotel in Hanoi:

"He just arrived in Vietnam," the president writes. "I thank all men for the wonderful reception in Hanoi. Huge crowds and so much love! "As Michael Cohen testifies before Congress, Senate investigators persecute David Giovannis, a US businessman who has held a Russian passport since 2014 and was last seen by his family in the US in 2017 to talk about his relationship with Donald Trump, according to a new report.

At least two witnesses who spoke with the US Senate Intelligence Committee provided details of the President's past interactions with Mr Geovanis, who previously worked for Oleg Deripaska, the same Russian oligarch, whose meetings with the former President of the Tramp Paul Mannapore campaign are also the subject of investigators, CNN reported on Thursday.

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