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Trump leans in his chaotic style

"This is the way I negotiate. I've done quite well over the years and I think it gets even better for the country," he says.

But in a deeper sense, Trump also shed light on the fundamental judgments about his governance that voters must make before the 2020 elections.

His political future could be based on whether a sufficient number of Americans decide. that the corpse rebellion of his first term expresses his dissatisfaction with the Washington establishment and delivered the wealth, peace and patriotic pride he promised in the 2016 campaign.

One big risk is that a majority of voters may to be exhausted by the cacophony of the Trump era, which was revealed over the weekend at the G7 Summit in France, and includes chaos, revolving political turns that lie, of course, ongoing cultural warfare and widening national differences .

In other words, does all Trump "all the better for the country" all the time, as the president insists? [1


Wild weekend

  Trump's rocky weekend involves the ups and downs of the trade war in China

19659005] The presidential weekend in Biarritz, France, was a classic example of his behavior abroad.

His election policies on Iran, climate, trade with China and attempts to bring Russian President Vladimir Putin back to the summit, despite opposition from US allies, left America isolated on the global stage.

Yet his militancy was also an indisputable expression of US authority, as foreign leaders who may not live with Trump but cannot live without America try not to annoy him. True to his word, the president has made the most powerful nation in the world unpredictable, leaving friends and rivals unsure of what to do next.

Trump has missed a meeting on global warming – a scientifically proven trend that he says is Chinese fraud. He made unverifiable claims that China had bowed to his strict rhetoric. He occupies staggeringly different positions with regard to the trade war. Trump bitterly accused the media of lying when he questioned his account of the summit. He indulges in a Barack Obama obsession, striking the former president of a foreign land in a way that would once have been taboo.
And he made a series of bizarre allegations and allegations that left his aides struggling to come up with plausible explanations – including whether First Lady Melania Trump had met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. (She is not, it turns out).

Above all, Trump's demeanor emphasized how his ardent personality has made the United States one of the most stable influences in the world into one of its most destructive forces.

remarkable how the summit host, French President Emmanuel Macron, played a stabilizing and convening role over the weekend, dragging his nation into the place of a mature global force once preserved for the United States.

Trump chose instead to wage the daily battle that characterizes most days when he is home in the White House and this has become the soundtrack of life in America.

The Trump base loves what it does

Trump made another remarkable comment in Biarritz. [19659002] "I'm not doing things for political reasons," he said in one of the least credible statements of the presidency, in which almost every decision seems calculated to please his most loyal voters.

After landing back in Washington on Tuesday night, Trump tweeted a highly 1945-produced "19459013" video campaign showing him side by side with world leaders telling him he's at the center of G7 unifying events, in terms of politics and temperament he was often out.

While Trump's behavior terrified the establishment of the East Coast, the introduction of his store in France is key to attracting him to Trump's base.

Upset leaders from the states that Trump believes have long used the US generosity and defense guarantees are alongside fans of "Make America Great Again" as they rally to his rallies. Trump's statement on climate change – that he will not lose the US wealth of "dreams of windmills" has been calculated to play to his supporters of blue collar in industrial swing countries in the Midwest.

The policy of President America First, in which he wins the US and other countries lose, has proved to be an effective political strategy among voters who support the president.

In the meantime, some conservative media outlets took their comments Monday morning that China had been contacted overnight for new talks – playing on its claims that it was a big deal, though objective analysis may find little support for such claims .

Trump's relentless attack on the media, including a tweet that claimed unbelievably that world leaders asked him why reporters hate metrics also play well with his base. While he recounts blatant lies – for example, the reasons why Russia was dropped from the G8 summit – his long crusade against what he calls "fake news" means that his supporters tend to believe everything, what he says.

How Trump doesn't "do better" for America

But in recent days there have been signs that Trump's wrong methods are catching up with him.

His citations to China – from anger to the soft and gentle approach of Chinese President Xi Jinping – left his strategy for the trade war tainted with confusion. Without a leap on both sides, there is no obvious way out of an escalation that could hurt the global economy, hurt consumers in the US, and hurt the hope of Trump's reelection.

Trump's unrestricted behavior also drew attention to some of the weekend's successes that he could benefit from the 2020 campaign.

He agreed with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the two sides are close to a trade deal. While there are many details that are unclear as to the scope of the pact, it would be a good data point for it to pipe in the wake of the campaign – even if, like other trade agreements since the Trump era, it fails complying with his

Trump's keen openness to French efforts to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani may become a potential sign of government and payback for his campaign of maximum pressure and cold war fears.

Yet, the story of Trump's last world trip concerned the apparent volatility of his character, the consistency of White House communications, and whether he was ready for the job.

The usual challenges of the president to the truth can also damage his foreign policy.

CNN's Alison Kosik reports that some Wall Street traders suspect there have been talks or communications between top US and Chinese officials, as Trump claims.

When the word of the Communist Chinese government is as widely believed in such an audience as that of the pro-business Republican president, it is a sign of how politically the transformation of Trump's truth has cost him.

Foreign policy rarely decides elections. And Trump's presentation at the G7 summit will be a distant memory in November 2020.

But his showing in France really helps clarify the election for those voters who have not decided on Trump, and adds to the mountain evidence of his character and fitness for office. Trump's erratic performance was the latest example of his behavior that left him open to mockery abroad. Last week there was more ammunition for his critics when he canceled a separate trip to Denmark as its prime minister would not sell Greenland to the US.

Democratic presidential candidates – especially former Vice President Joe Biden – use similar violations of international etiquette to build their case that Trump is embarrassed as America's outsider to the world and therefore not fit for a second term.

Biden behaves almost like a shadow president, trying to draw a favorable contrast to Trump. He went out of his way to announce on Saturday that he would abide by the old convention of not commenting on the president when he was on a foreign land – an almost strange step in the Trump era.

The former vice president, however, had already set the stage to argue that Trump's presentation abroad was unacceptable with Friday's declaration exploding "the president's irrational and self-destructive campaign to make America less secure and more secure." – a little respected in the world. "

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