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Trump makes a player on social media in impeachment

Social media is fast becoming a powerful force in impeachment hearings for President Trump Donald John TrumpGOP split over impeachment testing strategy Official testimony that Bolton had one meeting Trump with the help of Ukraine Louisiana's governor wins reelection MORE .

The first impeachment in the online era saw Trump criticize Democrats and a key witness, as experts and lawmakers take into account the latest developments ̵

1; all in real time. [19659004] The impact of social media was highlighted most dramatically on Friday when Trump sent a tweet that sharply criticized former US ambassador to Ukraine. Marie Jovanovic . about Jovanovich's assault during Trump's impeachment hearing opens a new line of impeachment attack against Democrats New witness firsthand accounts of Trump's impetus for Ukraine probes MORE as he testifies in a public hearing before the Horse Resa.

"Everywhere Marie Jovanovic went, went wrong," tweeted . "It started in Somalia, how did it go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian president spoke unfavorably about her in my second telephone conversation with him. The absolute right of the US President is to appoint ambassadors. "

Trump's tweets immediately became part of the hearing.

"As we sit here, we testify, your president attacks on Twitter," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Adam Bennett SchiffGOP splits on trial strategy for impeachment READ: Top Collaboration Tim Morrison Closed-door Impeachment Check Top NSC Assistant puts Sondland at the front of the campaign in Ukraine, talking about Trump MORE (D-Calif). ) said as he read them to Jovanovic.

Jovanovic rebelled against the president, saying that he did not think he had "such powers," adding that she said "she did things better, as she did for the United States. as far as the countries in which I have served. "

When Schiff asked Jovanovic what Trump intended, she replied that" the effect is threatening. "Schiff's Democratic colleagues have tweeted, accusing the president of" intimidating witnesses "and citing this as evidence of a greater breach.

And the tweet became the talk of social media and cable news. Fox News host Brett Bayer He called it a "turning point" in the hearing and wondered if Trump "added an impeachment article" in "real time."

Trump later defended his tweet, insisting that he had the right to speak at the hearing. " like other people. "

Both parties to

Rev. Jim Langevin James (Jim) R. LangevinBill Introduces Special Kurdish Immigration Visas to the US Helping Syria in the Hilicon Valley: Amazon is Ready for Esagara with "cloud warfare" | FCC addresses early praise of Huawei | Facebook sues Israeli company over alleged hacking of WhatsApp | Blue Dog Dems pushes funding for Amazon security election ready to escalate Pentagon with "cloudfight" MORE (DR.I.), Former Chairman of the Qib Subcommittee rsigurnost of the Committee on Homeland Security Committee on Homeland Security and a leading voice on technology, told The Hill that live tweets Trump during the impeachment procedure could affect how Americans are watching them.

"There are both positives and negatives, his followers are heard by the president with every tweet, so this is part of free speech," Langevin said. "I suppose this is something that all people should consider as they listen to the process."

Trump has long regarded Twitter as a valuable tool to counteract the media and convey his message directly to his followers.

In both days of public hearings, Trump took to Twitter early. On Wednesday, Trump dismissed first witnesses as "Never Trumpet!" And called on the public to "read the transcript!" On his call.

The White House said Trump would not monitor the events, but during the first public hearing, the president retweeted messages from Republican lawmakers.

Before Friday's hearing, Trump blasted speaker Nancy Pelosi Governor of Nancy Pelosi Louisiana wins re-election Dynamic appraisal: Forecasting budgetary practices for the growth of our economy as an amateur "MORE (D-Calif.) On Twitter, describing her city, San Francisco, as" disgustingly "poor" and accusing her of "witch hunting."

Paul Barrett, Assistant Professor in Law from New York University of Law (NYU) and to The Hill that nothing was "comparable" to Trump's "influence" on social media.

Barrett suggested that this would be intensified during the impeachment hearings and highlighted how social media platforms helped polarize

"He will gather and excite his base while infuriating the liberals and moderators who are against him," Barrett said, "This is very representative of the impact that social media has, in general, on exacerbating polarization in the elector. "

The differences between the impeachment procedures of Presidents Nixon and Clinton were readily apparent. While they were broadcast on television, allowing Americans to watch current events, social media allows immediate communication with the public, not just the media or political

And memorable events are immediately shared and dismembered. Within moments of the end of the hearing, applause videos of Jovanovic at the end of her testimony were shared in social media.

"During the 1970s, when the Nixon impeachment process was underway, it was mostly limited to only a few sources," Langevin said. "You used to have the nightly news newspaper or watch the job on television directly through special reports.

" Now people can get it minute by minute or by watching the procedures, or get updates and comments from social media, and sure it will be a factor in how people think, "he added.

The speed at which information can be shared and sought out on social media also means that the public will be much faster to form opinions, according to experts who spoke with The Hill.

"That accelerated the analysis," says Darrell West, founder of the Brookings Institution's Technology Innovation Center, "said you had to have weeks of testimony, then a public opinion poll, and then people would draw conclusions about the impact of the testimony … Social media allows people to draw conclusions based on very limited information. "

This acceleration will change the way both sides. As far as impeachment is concerned, West adds.

" I think it affects both parties' strategies … they better come up with their best arguments. they wait ten days for their best witness, which may be too late. "

Joshua Tucker, co-director of the NYU Center for Social Media and Policy, also said that social media has changed the nature of political communication. [19659004] During the Clinton impeachment, a military room of strategists made statements during the the impeachment investigation to be shared in cable news or in print publications.

Now Tucker said that Trump could "completely end the strategy" with a tweet.

"It was some kind of plea for what happened today." Tucker said, "That he would open himself to charges of intimidating witnesses during the impeachment hearing … that would never be the advice an adviser gives the president, and yet he managed to come out and do it.

"It was technologically activated," Tucker added. "We have no way he can do this regardless of social media."

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