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Trump mocked Seth Myers and Trevor Noah for proposing to delay the election

But Trump, as Noah puts it, has now come up with a “brilliant new election strategy.”

“You just don’t have one,” said the host.

On Thursday morning, Trump floated with the idea of ​​delaying the November election as he made unsubstantiated allegations that a broad mail vote would lead to false results, Twitter said: “It will be a big mess for the United States. Delay the elections until people can vote correctly, safely and securely ??? “

The president̵

7;s proposal – which the Constitution does not give him the right to do – has brought unprecedented concessions from senior Republicans and prominent conservatives, as well as Democrats, historians and legal experts, The Washington Post reported. The resistance continued well into the night when television comics, frequent critics of Trump, rushed to mock the president, likening his behavior to that of a totalitarian leader.

“It’s the principle of a dictator’s move, but Trump just carelessly throws it out there on Twitter with a bunch of questions, as if it’s in a group text, trying to save himself in a happy hour,” Noah groaned before slipping into his presentation. of the President. “Hello, November 3 is not very good for me. Maybe we have postponed to 2021? Thoughts? What do you think, huh?

In their NBC broadcasts, Seth Myers and Jimmy Fallon also took advantage of the way Trump announced his proposal to raise his eyebrows.

“Oh, great, so not only is he carelessly proposing to burn American democracy, he’s doing it by offering party predictions,” Myers said.

Fallon called on Trump to “stop questioning.”

“The last thing our country needs right now is rock,” he joked.

While experts stress that Trump cannot change the date of the general election, a power held by Congress, the hosts noted late last night that not being allowed to do anything has not stopped the president in the past.

“We will still have the election on November 3, but he will probably just add a hundred days until August,” Noah said. “And certainly, the court may overturn it, but that could not happen until August 73.”

Myers was just as skeptical.

“It is not enough just to consult your pocket constitution, fold the president’s tweet and move on, pleased that we have outwitted him by verifying the facts,” he said. “Otherwise, we’re just like AV club spies explaining to a school bully why it’s illegal to steal our lunch money while he’s repeatedly burying his head in the toilet.”

The chances are slim that he will make Trump familiar with the Constitution, Myers added.

“If you lock him in a room and tell him to read the Constitution, you’ll come back five minutes later to find him tucked into his shirt like a ball while he drags on a pile of uncooked Goya products,” the host said.

Trump did not say Thursday whether he would seriously insist on a delay, nor did he hint that he thought he could take action without congressional approval. Later in the day, the president told reporters at a news conference that he did not want to postpone the election, but said the alternative was “crooked elections”, and again he seemed ready to challenge the results if he lost.

Although Trump has escalated his election rhetoric in recent weeks, Twitter tweeted Fallon on Thursday – leaving the host with more questions.

“Americans are like, ‘How late are we talking here?’ “” He asked. “” Months, like your answer to covid? [Russian President Vladimir] Putin? Or decades, as a hug for Don Jr.? Just give us a hint. “

On the other hand, Noah said he predicted the trajectory of Trump’s time in office a few years ago when he compared the president to an “African dictator.”

“People acted like crazy, but that’s how it starts,” Noah said. First, they just suggest that you can postpone the election, then they assume that some of the votes are not valid, and they soon say, “Do you know what is really unfair? That there are two political parties. Why are there two political parties? Let’s have only one. Then you will no longer have to worry about making all these decisions. “”

Still, Noah reminded viewers that delaying the US election was an “absurd proposal.”

“For a start, both candidates are 200 years old,” he said. “I mean, we need to keep moving.”

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