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Trump must collect it to avoid another disastrous week

He must also appoint his own Republicans, on whom he will depend, to save his presidency in any Senate process after provoking self-inflicted crises over Syria and the G7 summit, which tests his party's tolerance for your unstable leader.

Yet everyone

At times, as long as his gray rage erupts in meetings or on Twitter, and with new political conflicts, it seems that the Trump presidency is unraveling. And, perhaps worse, a carved White House can't handle the oncoming fire.

Signs are not big that things will improve next week, but a new battery of State Department officials is expected to testify to three Democratic committees that deposit in an impeachment inquiry into alleged abuse of power over Ukraine.

The G7 brought back

The president neutralized a potential political nightmare over the weekend ̵
1; backed plans for next year's G7 Summit in one of his Florida resorts after his initial outrage. and allegations of screaming self-violence and corruption.

In a tweet, Trump blamed "Democratic / Unreal News anger" for his conversion. But there is little doubt that his move was made to spare GOP lawmakers the pain of protecting the president in a dispute entirely from his own making.

"People think it looks disgusting," White House acting chief Mick Mulvani told Fox News Sunday before adding to his penchant for mishap with a comment that could be interpreted as meaning the president never has distanced itself from its business empire – as it promised to do.

  Trump cancels course and says Florida resort will not be used for G7 summit

"(Trump) still considers himself in the hotel business," Mulvani said.

So far, there is no suggestion that Republican support for the impeachment president is diminishing. But his withdrawal from Syria – viewed by many Republicans as a betrayal of the Kurdish allies of America – is eager for the president in his own party, perhaps more than any other previous incident.

On Friday, for example, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote an unlimited Washington post labeling Trump's withdrawal from Syria a "serious strategic mistake". Some Republicans told CNN last week that they were worried about the president's mood and behavior. When Mulvani told "Overcome It" reporters amid allegations that Ukraine's foreign policy was motivated by hopes of political payoff, the White House's hubris went out of control.

The president's blatant disregard for the price Republicans pay to support Trump reflects his belief that the GOP base he holds firmly is an infallible insurance policy. He certainly rejected the adoration of Trump's faithful in a pair of rallies last week.

But his withdrawal at the G7 summit may indicate that the president also understands that there may be some issues on which his normally pliant party will not accommodate him. .

New danger of fresh testimony

A new parade of current and former U.S. officials is expected to reach the Capitol Hill this week, which will increase the prospect of offering testimony that could harm the president

They could include the best US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, as soon as possible on Tuesday. A foreign service career official was drawn to the public eye after the release of his text exchanges with former Ukraine's special envoy Kurt Volker and Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sundland.

In the exchanges, Taylor expressed concern about foreign policy moves tied to political motives, writing that it was "crazy to refuse security assistance for political campaign assistance."

It appears that the testimonies of former and current employees of The State Department is playing into the hands of Democrats and stifling efforts by the White House to halt the investigation.

Shocking revelations over the past week already indicate that the president has launched a foreign-policy foreign operation to deal with Ukraine. At its center was his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who was digging the former Soviet Union for dirt on a potential Democratic 2020 rival, who aides said the president was most afraid of – former Vice President Joe Biden.

The lack of leaks from Republican commissions with mitigating information to offset official testimony discharges obscure Trump's picture.

It seems increasingly that the whistle blow report and the rude transcript of Trump's July 25 call to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is just the tip

Democrats accuse Trump of abusing his power to use his prerogative dictates foreign policy to force a foreign leader to provide negative information about a political opponent.

That's exactly what happened – according to Mick Mulvaney last week.

The former South Carolina congressman on Sunday tried – and largely failed – to return brazen comments made during a pathetic White House briefing Thursday.
"That's not what I said. That's what people I said," Mute protested on Fox News on Sunday, before being shown video evidence of its importance that there really was a pure pro-quo in Ukraine.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also denied that the White House had offered any qupro pro quo to withhold military aid while seeking political assistance from Ukraine.

"I've never seen this in the decision-making process," he told ABC News. "" This week. "

But GOP reporter Francis Rooney, who did not rule out support for impeachment, told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday of Union Union that Mulvani could not return his previous comment. [19659002]" I would say play "Tuneup, coincidence on this," said Rooney.

Shutters on shaken ground, says source

Trump after spending the weekend, apparently watching Mulvaney & # 39; s outside news The look and frenetic tweeter is disappointed with the top White House official, CNN reported.

Rumors may already be on thin ice since the president's son-in-law and even White House senior adviser Jared Kushner tried to push him to push him away before the drama of impeachment broke out. While Kushner was mulling complaints about Mulvani, an administration official insisted that Kushner had not made any possible replacements for the post.

According to a source, Mulvani is increasingly shaken by Trump, but it is by no means clear that the president will get rid of him.

  Mulvani faces the threat of being ousted in the White House before the impeachment crisis takes over

The optics will probably not be great. That would mean another Chief of Staff in about three years.

Recent reports of discord in the White House heighten the growing impression that Trump's advisers are either failing the task or have lost the ability to withhold their wildest impulses.

Twice last week, gambits in the White House were reversed against the president, mocking opponents.

A photo of Pelosi raising Trump in a private meeting with congressional leaders was quickly embraced by the speaker who grabbed hold of her to offer her.
The White House then apparently leaked a letter from Trump to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. written in a minor language that the Turkish president later ignored.

If details from the impeachment committees on the breadth of evidence are confirmed, Trump's defenders may find it difficult to support his claims that his conversation with Zelensky was "perfect" or that the crimes were inappropriate by

. be forced to give up less politically satisfactory protection that the president's activities are wrong, but he does not deserve the lath for high crimes and misdeeds required for his dismissal.

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