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Trump must resign or be removed by Amendment 25: Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger

“I think the best thing for the country to recover from would be for him to resign, the next best thing is the 25th Amendment,” Kinzinger told ABC News chief George Stefanopoulos.

“That’s why I call on Vice President Pence to do it,” he added. “It’s something that just takes us out of the debate in Congress, it doesn̵

7;t sacrifice Donald Trump, it makes him look as bad as he has been here.”

Kinzinger also said he did not consider impeachment to be the “smart move” at the moment.

“I think it’s a victim of Donald Trump again, and I think there’s a moment where we’re right now, where Donald Trump looks really bad,” Kinzinger said. “I will vote in the right way if you know that if it is presented to me, I just think it is probably not the smartest move at the moment, but I think it will get out of my hands.”

Kinzinger added that he believes impeachment would be the right move if “we have more than 10 days of administration.”

“Yes, he will be impeachment a second time, but he will also be released in theory a second time, depending on how the process goes, if they can do it when he’s out of the office,” Kinzinger said. I think there are a lot of reprehensible ideas – to prevent him from running away again. You know the reality is that we just don’t have much time left in this administration, which is a good thing right now. “

Ocasio-Cortez said he supported impeachment.

“We are also talking about a complete ban on the president – or rather Donald Trump – running again,” she added. “And in addition to that, the potential ability to prevent the forgiveness of the charges for which he was implicated.”

Stefanopoulos pressed Ocasio-Cortes, producing a letter from Republicans in the House saying it would further divide the country.

“What happened on Wednesday was an uprising against the United States. That’s what Donald J. Trump did, and that’s what those who stormed the Capitol were doing,” she said. “So when we talk about healing, the healing process is separate and actually requires accountability. So if we allow an uprising against the United States with impunity, without any accountability, we invite it to be repeated.”

She then criticized her colleagues for downplaying what happened at the Capitol.

“Maybe my colleagues weren’t fully present for Wednesday’s events, but half of – we almost approached half of the House to die on Wednesday,” she said.

Kinzinger said he agreed that the lives of members of Congress were in danger on Wednesday.

“I think we were very close to killing members of Congress,” he said. “On the one hand, we were blessed not to lose a single member of Congress, but we lost five people, and that’s disgusting.”

Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked members to be ready to return to Washington this week in a letter signaling that the House could take action and hand over the article on the impeachment of the Senate once it is officially presented on Monday. A draft article on impeachment circulating among Democrats in the House of Representatives on Friday will accuse Trump of “inciting an uprising.”

On Sunday, Stefanopoulos pressed Ocasio-Cortes for the time of the impeachment, expressing fears that he might keep the legislation and confirmations at the beginning of the administration of newly elected President Joe Biden. She said consideration of the incident took precedence over the Senate, acting on Biden’s nominations.

“I think we need to reconsider what actually happened on Wednesday,” Ocasio-Cortes said. “The National Guard was requested by the DC Council and was rejected. We are talking and hearing about a complete and utter lack of preparation. The DC Capitol Police Chief lied to House Chief of Staff Zoe Lofgren about preparing what happened.”

“If we do not take corrective action right now, we are talking about these same potentially compromised elements responsible for the president’s security during the inauguration,” she added. “I have deep respect for the safety of the president and the safety of the United States Congress and the security of our country.”

“This has a precedent over the timing of the nominations and the timing of potential confirmations,” she said. “It’s an immediate danger right now.”

Ocasio-Cortez also said he did not believe impeachment was the only remedy.

“We are looking at many roads. And I am not – I do not believe that these roads are mutually exclusive,” she said, referring to the 25th and 14th amendments.

“I do not believe that any of these paths are competitive with each other. All of them – all frankly provide their own form of relief and their own forms of accountability, and therefore I do not believe that it is a matter of deciding or discussing which of these we have to follow the paths. I believe we have to take the above approach in full, “she added.

On Sunday, Stefanopoulos pressed Kinzinger for why so few Republicans have spoken out against the president.

“I think a lot of that is fear,” he said. “You know that fear is currently infecting so many sides of the debate.”

“We have Vice President Pence, one of Donald Trump’s most loyal boys, now the number one public enemy in Trump’s world,” he added. “I think it comes down to that, but if you’re going to be scared – just my humble opinion – if you’re going to be scared in this job. It may not be the right job for you at this point in time.”

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey told Fox News on Saturday that he believed the president had “committed impeachment crimes.”

And later in the week, Trump’s ally and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he believed the president had committed impeachment.

“If incitement to revolt is not, then I really don’t know what is,” an ABC News spokesman said.

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