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Trump rejected Rudy Giuliani’s requests for help as a federal circle

IIn the weeks since federal authorities raided Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office in late April, close allies have tried to send a number of urgent demands to former President Donald Trump and his advisers.

But according to three people familiar with the matter, Trump, as well as several of his legal advisers and longtime confidants, are reluctant to invade to help the hated Giuliani, who has worked for years as Trump’s personal lawyer, political adviser and attacker. dog. Giuliani also played a key role in the Trump-Ukraine scandal and as a key driver in the former president̵

7;s efforts to invalidate Joe Biden’s clear victory in the 2020 election.

The reluctance of Trump’s team to intervene comes as federal investigators investigate whether Giuliani’s work on Ukraine during the Trump era constitutes an unregistered and illegal lobbying operation on behalf of foreign figures. No charges have been filed against the former mayor of New York as a result of this investigation, which began in 2019. Trump’s silence has led to outrage among members of Giuliani’s inner orbit, who have personally said the former president’s team is working to persuaded him to hang Giuliani to dry in an hour of need.

“The question is whether or not [the former president and his team] they want to leave Rudy to fend for himself or if they will take a stand against it, “said a person close to Giuliani last week. “We don’t know at the moment.”

Among the requests of Giuliani’s allies, according to the three sources, Trump issued a strong oral or written statement stating that Giuliani’s work during the Trump and Ukraine saga was done on behalf of then-President Trump – and therefore not part of an illegal foreign lobbying effort. In other words, Trump’s confirmation would be more than good public relations for Giuliani, it would support a key pillar of Giuliani’s legal argument that he does not lobby and is innocent of the allegations.

Other demands include including the former president in a lawful request for federal investigators to discard any seized communications that Giuliani and his lawyers claim are covered by the privilege of a client lawyer. In addition, there have been repeated requests from Trump and his team to financially support Giuliani’s legal protection and help cover the growing significant costs.

Two people close to Trump say they have called on the former president to drop the issue and refrain from making too many statements or commitments regarding Giuliani and the federal investigation. These people have told Trump that it is not clear what federal officials have and that any statement could affect both him and Giuliani. Moreover, various people in Trump’s social and political orbits have been trying for years to convince the former president that Giuliani is too much responsibility for him, and they are proposing that he release the lawyer.

Many still blame Giuliani and his Ukrainian maniacs for impeachment Trump for the first time, and the lawyer helped bring charges against Trumpworld and the GOP, claiming that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the 45th. President of the United States. Following the January 6 uprising in the US Capitol, both Trump and Giuliani were overwhelmed by a lawsuit over their roles in inciting the mob that carried out the anti-democratic attack.

In recent weeks, Trump himself has said behind closed doors that he would not want to say that Giuliani is doing all the work in Ukraine – which included a transatlantic dirt-digging expedition on the Biden family that led to Trump’s first impeachment – Trump’s name, according to one of the people close to the former president. Trump’s reasoning, the source said, was based on the former president’s insistence that he did not always know what Giuliani was doing during the efforts in Ukraine or was thinking about his Ukrainian friends, several of whom Trump personally called “idiots.”

It is also unclear when or whether Trump will eventually sign the desired legal proposal, with Giuliani’s allies expressing surprise at how the former president and his lawyers did not take the opportunity.

On Sunday, Robert Costello, Giuliani’s longtime lawyer, said, “We don’t know what, if President Trump will do at all,” when asked by The Daily Beast if Trump’s legal team would intervene in the effort to downplay the search warrant. Costello said Giuliani’s lawyers had not formally asked Trump’s legal team to do so. “They can decide for themselves,” he said.

He added that neither he nor his client had asked Trump to make a statement because federal agents had seized Giuliani’s electronic devices.

Alan Dershovitz, a prominent lawyer who served on Trump’s legal team during the first impeachment trial, is now actively advising Giuliani and his lawyers. “I told them it would be very good to find people [including Trump] whose materials may have been seized to … become part of [motion]”, Said Dershovitz in a short interview.

Sources close to the former president said Trump had repeatedly expressed sympathy for Giuliani’s ongoing problems, but had not yet pledged to openly help his personal lawyer. Another person familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast that Giuliani had said he remained convinced that Trump would not abandon him and would step up when the time came.

Over the decades and during his presidency, however, Trump has solidified his reputation for regularly turning his back on close allies and one-time loyalists, including when legal or political pressure has become too hot for him. Chief among these former allies is one of Giuliani’s fiercest rivals, Michael Cohen, another former personal lawyer and Trump fixer. Cohen turned against his former boss after feeling abandoned by Trump after a federal action in 2018 and has since become an enthusiastic witness to federal investigators looking at Trump and his business empire.

When federal agents carried out a search warrant at Cohen’s office in 2018, Trump intervened and hired lawyers who argued that they should be allowed to review confiscated materials for privileged client materials before prosecutors could . Whether Trump will intervene in a similar way in a case involving the order against Giuliani remains to be seen.

Trump did join in to help some advisers after authorities knocked, including Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, who all received presidential pardons in the last month of Trump’s term in the White House. In December, New York Times reports that the then President discussed with loved ones the prospect of apologizing in advance to Giuliani and “talked to Mr Giuliani about his pardon [late November]. “In the end, Giuliani did not receive a prior pardon, and he denied talking to Trump about the possibility.

Giuliani has repeatedly claimed that his efforts to remove Ambassador Marie Jovanovic as US envoy to Ukraine are being made solely on behalf of his client, President Trump. A statement from Trump would help support Giuliani’s public case, but would not necessarily help him in court.

“Nothing Donald Trump can say publicly to help Giuliani is unlikely to be substantiated,” said David H. Laufman, a partner at Wigin and Dana and a former head of the ministry’s Justice and Export Department. of Justice, which oversees the prosecution of the FARA Daily Beast. “Giuliani’s lawyer will be able to question government witnesses if he is charged, and Giuliani always has the opportunity to testify in his defense. But any statements in the press by Donald Trump in the sense of “Hey, he just worked for me” almost certainly do not go into evidence. “

“In the extremely incredible scenario that Trump is testifying about Giuliani, the idea of ​​Giuliani trying to use the lawyer-client privilege as a shield will come out the window. The privilege is held by Trump, not by Giuliani, “Laufman continued.

Long before the search of Giuliani’s apartment, Trump was reluctant to say outright that his lawyer’s work in Ukraine was done solely on behalf of the president. During the peak of the impeachment investigation in the fall of 2019, former Fox News presenter Bill O’Reilly asked Trump what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine.

“I knew he would go to Ukraine, and I think he canceled the trip. But you know, Rudy has other clients than me. “I’m one person he represents,” Trump said.

Asked if he had told Giuliani to travel to Ukraine, Trump said no.

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