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Trump returns to one of his most difficult audiences – the UN

However, Trump is traveling for the third time this week to the UN General Assembly with a greater intention than ever to promote his First America program in a place that is least appreciative of him.

If Trump had any specific goals he was interested in, he did not appear intent on signaling them in advance. Asked about his message to the UN on Friday in the Oval Office, Trump said only "we have a big message for UNGA" before sharply addressing the announcement that Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, is stepping down as his Democratic presidential candidate.

A day earlier, Trump told reporters aboard the Air Force 1 that he would tell the General Assembly in his speech that "the United States is the largest country in the world" and "they certainly have one of the great presidents in our history. "

But he did not extend his ideas after looking at a slice of chocolate cake on a reporter's dinner tray -" I'll get you this sucker right from your plate "- and instead offered a detailed account of his unsuccessful efforts in 2005. about updating the UN headquarters: "They didn't even know what the steam in New York was against the boiler. They didn't know anything."

These distractions aside, the UN summit this year comes with big stakes.

Like most years, the oncoming world crisis will dominate the agenda of the President of the United Nations: And and a brazen attack on Saudi oil fields US officials say was made earlier this month.
And like most of Trump's attempts to target foreign policy this week, he will be overshadowed by an unrelated dispute: his reported an attempt to persuade the Ukrainian leader to investigate a political rival during a summer phone call.

Trump has already been confronted with questions about Ukraine as it moved from meeting to meeting on Monday. He told reporters that his conversations with leaders in Ukraine were without fault and said he wanted the world to see what he said.

The subjects will converge on Wednesday when Trump meets with this leader, President Vladimir Zelensky, on the sidelines of a summit here.

But before that, the president will switch between meetings with more than a dozen foreign leaders on Monday and Tuesday, eager to apply his clearly personal brand of one-on-one diplomacy to the largest body of multilateralism in the world.

The big address

Trump's address to the UN comes Tuesday morning, when he is expected to again focus on national sovereignty and individual nations' responsibility for self-defense. At the beginning of his address last year, Trump elicited laughter among delegates as he boasted of his administration. He later put on a bold face, saying that the General Assembly was "laughing with me."

But the moment resonates because of what it illustrates about Trump's global situation.

Still, with two OSGs under his belt, Trump enters this year's gathering more confident in a pose that largely ignores the agenda set by other leaders and the UN itself. This year, Trump's colleagues have identified climate change as a major area of ​​focus, convening a Monday meeting to present plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Initially, Trump did not plan to attend; instead, he organizes his own summit on Monday morning, focusing on the fight against religious persecution around the world.

At the last moment, however, Trump gave up on the climate session sitting in the designated spot in the US, while other leaders outlined their climate programs. He left after 1

5 minutes for the Freedom of Religion event, where he announced US funding for the protection of religious sites and relics.

This is a problem that is appealing to evangelical Christians in the United States, who form a key component of Trump's political base. But Trump's isolation on climate is already clear: in August, Trump missed a session on climate change at the G7 summit in France.

Trump also made a political calculation in accepting Venezuela as a matter of signature: The American population in South Florida could determine that country's vote in 2020, and with it the national number. Trump will gather leaders from the Western Hemisphere on Wednesday to discuss the matter after attempts to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power dissipated.

There has been intense speculation fueled by Trump himself that he will meet with Iranian President Hassan Ruhani this week. But that seems less likely after the Saudi oil attacks, which US officials blame on Iran.

More evidence of Iran's alleged guilt may come this week when US officials present evidence linking Tehran to the episode. But long gaps over Iran continue to exist between the US and their allies in Europe, who are still working to save the nuclear deal Trump missed last year.

World leaders

  Trump's interest in Ukraine intensifies as Julian presses Biden's claims
Trump has agreed to help mediate the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan – an overture that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says is unwanted. It's a rare disagreement between the two holding hands at a Houston rally Sunday called "Howdy Modi!"

Trump remained intent on his proposal Monday, saying he was a well-known "arbiter" who has been successful in the past. When a member of the Pakistan media delegation offered to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts, Trump seemed to agree.

"I think I would have won a Nobel Prize for a lot of things if they were handed out fairly, which they don't," he said, noting that his predecessor, Barack Obama, received the award at the beginning of his presidency. [19659002] How Pakistan's leader Imran Khan negotiates Trump's clear affinity for rival Modi – who is accused of using a strong man tactic to suppress the Muslim minority in India – can determine the future of this conflict.

New Zealand leader Jasin and Ardern will combine incarnations at two global poles: the Trump conservative populist and Ardern a symbol of progressive values.One of the first elected national leaders to give birth, Ardern also received praise for having handled a pair of March shootings in the mosque

And Trump's session with Egypt's Abdel Fatah el-Sisi comes at a sensitive time: rare anti-government protests erupted this weekend in Cairo, calling for Sisi's resignation after an accusation th corruption.

The excitement of the individual meetings speaks of Trump's preference for personal diplomacy rather than the collective approach embodied by the UN, the President and his aides have regularly criticized the body for being ineffective in solving the world's most unsolvable problems and taking positions on Israel and other issues that are against the administration's position.

Even before he was president, Trump set out to come up with the green marble tiles that adorn the speaker's platform.

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