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Trump Seeks to Make Al Baghdad Attack Focus of Reelection Campaign

President Trump Donald Trump single of "Dreamy Joe Biden" at campaign rally Trump rally says impeachment "attack against democracy itself" GOP lawmaker says House House impeachment rules void " me "MORE makes the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a new focal point of his 2020 campaign.

Last week, Trump boasted of the October 26 attack that ended with the death of a terrorist leader.

On Friday night, the president began a rally, praising the death of al-Baghdadi, saying that the US military had "made a masterful raid that ended his miserable life and plucked his ticket to hell."

" He was a brutal and soulless monster, but the reign of terror was over, "Trump told the crowd in Tupelo, Mississippi.

He also claims that the media did not cover Baghdadi's death enough.

" This story disappeared so quickly. And that's good I didn't do it for the sake of history I told him about it because it was the right thing, "Trump said." If I were a Democrat, they would talk about it for weeks. They don't even want me ̵

1; they actually downplayed it. "

Trump's campaign even [19659010] ran a political ad during Wednesday's Game 7 of the World Series, which credited the president for "wiping out ISIS."

But experts say the payment of the voting booth is probably minimal, partly because Election Day is one year and because Al-Baghdadi has never been well known in the United States

They will confuse Baghdadi and Baghdad at the time of the election; it will be a distant memory, "said James Carafano, a defense policy expert at the Conservative Heritage Foundation. [19659004] "People who will vote for [Trump] will vote for him anyway. People who will not vote for him will not vote for him because he killed a terrorist. And people who did not decide will they decide something else, "he adds.

It is not uncommon for a president to point to a foreign policy victory while seeking re-election. But some have more success than others.

Former President Obama's 2012 campaign ran an ad before the first anniversary of the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who was killed during the

from Anderson, a fellow at the Brookings Institution, said that from a political point of view, al-Baghdadi's death is unlikely to be anywhere near as close to that of bin Laden.

"Baghdadi just didn't" I don't have the profile Osama did bin Laden, "Anderson said." Everyone knew who Osama bin Laden was; people had been looking for him for 10 years. Carafano said voters were often more focused on internal affairs, and foreign political victories rarely led to this. in the affirmative vote.

"The only exception to this is if it might be something that is a hot issue just before the election, or something super important, like an outbreak of war," Carafano said.

Carafano pointed to former President George HW Bush. The US won the first Gulf War, but Bush failed to win a second term, largely due to internal problems such as the economy.

"There was zero carry to win," Carafano said. "Rarely do voters reward presidents for their foreign policy success. It's their job to protect us so you don't get extra credit for it. "

Pointing out the death of al-Baghdadi poses another challenge for Trump and his campaign: Critics can bring the vile details behind the lead – to the attack, namely that it happened against the backdrop of Trump's volatile Syrian policy .

According to reports, Trump knew that the CIA and Special Operations were zeroing in on al-Baghdadi when it ordered the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria on October 6.

The withdrawal order apparently violates the careful planning of the Al Baghdadi mission, forcing senior defense officials to move their plans at risk of losing available troops and surveillance in the country, officials before the New York Times .

"By many accounts, the timing of the attack was adjusted by Syria's withdrawal," Anderson said. "And there were fears that they should continue their raid now because they might lose the opportunity because of the decision to withdraw. This is a much more cloudy picture than one might want. "

US Marine Corps Commandant General Kenneth McKenzie rejected the suggestion that Trump's troop movements had influenced the raid.

" Absolutely not, "Mackenzie said on Wednesday when reporters asked if the withdrawal was a draw.

"Although it may be convenient to use bases there, the United States military has the ability to go almost anywhere and support even long distances. So it was not a limiting factor," he said he. "We were struck because the time was roughly right to do this, given the totality of intelligence and the other situation and other factors that would affect the force of attack, in and out."

Anderson said he would be surprised if Al Baghdadi's death proves to be an effective talking point for Trump on the campaign trail.

"This will provide this opening and will begin to raise all these other major issues that not only Democrats but Republicans have raised on Trump's sentence for withdrawing from Syria, Anderson said.

Carafano predicts that by November 2020 the discussion of the attack will be "ancient history".

"Who knows what will happen between now and then? If ISIS launches a major terrorist attack, the last thing you want to talk about is your war on ISIS, "he said.

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