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Trump's asylum program will help ease the border crisis

This week the Trump administration has continued its efforts to bring order to the southern border by imposing new rules on the asylum process. This is necessary.

Monday, Justice and Home Security announced that migrants wishing to seek asylum in the United States must first do so either in their native country or in another country before coming to the United States. anyone who crosses illegally in the US to seek asylum without having already applied outside will not be eligible. find a border patrol agent and apply for asylum. The vast majority of migrants who do this violate the law when they sail a short distance to Rio Grande and come to the coast without permission. But this crime is effectively abolished at the moment when it is called "asylum". In addition, 90% of the cases, the asylum application, no matter how frivolous, entitles them to stay in the country while waiting for a court hearing, which can not be up to five years.

This is a misuse of American generosity designed to offer asylum to people abroad who are really afraid of their lives and persecuted by their governments.

We understand why these men and women from Latin America want to be in the US. Ours are the land of opportunity and many of our neighboring countries do not have the capitalist economies and the strong property rights needed to provide such an opportunity. The Asylum Act was not supposed to be an invitation for unlimited economic migration. But the law is currently in force, with Central Americans reaching here tens of thousands every month. They have learned exactly how to press the system buttons to secure a long-term permission to be inside the US, and therefore detention centers near the border are overcrowded. Democrats are opposed to any measure to stop or even reduce the flow of migrants crossing the United States, many of whom are fatally ill with the 2,000-mile heavy travel of their native countries. violates the law and will be "swiftly and successfully challenged in court". This, only last week, the California Democrat signaled that he could support "initiatives" that would more or less make what the new rule is doing.

Pelosi said, "There are some initiatives that suggest that an asylum seeker status can be reviewed in the [their] country instead of traveling here, and that's one thing I think will be attractive for the administration She even said I should not have to "change the law." This makes her new objections look puzzling

The White House has issued other rules for asylum seekers, illegal entry into the US, such as the requirement to pay them a fee and refuse them work permits while theirs some of the new directives are already in force and some are not, but it is important for the administration to take all possible action to stop the abuse of this law at least until the border flow reaches a manageable level

In the country, too many people come to seek asylum, the resources of the border patrol and immigration and customs enforcement are stretched, creating a border crisis and literally putting more lives at risk. We have long been calling on Trump to take action on this issue within the framework of the law and to include Congress as well as possible. This action is a step in the right direction.

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