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Trump's big start for 2020 is overshadowed by interrogation

Sources told CNN that the president was angry about days of internal investigations that ran in the media last week, showing that he was losing to Democrats, including Joe Biden, in countries like Michigan and Wisconsin. against data that is said to be a week and does not reflect the current situation, especially after the conclusion of the Müller investigation.

But privately, a person familiar with the situation told CNN that the redundancies are less related to

Trump usually encounters surveys that show that he does poorly while the cherry picking others, though and doubtful, seems to show it in a more favorable political position.

Yes, that's wrong, "the president said in an interview with Fox & Friends on Friday.
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after Biden

The latest campaign can offer a window for some of the uncertainties and the potential weaknesses surrounding the Trump's re-election campaign at the time he plans to increase it.

Any mitigation of President's popularity in the heart of the Greater West will he made warning warnings at his camp – given his relatively short way to reelect.

Whoever walks out of the 20 democracies to face the president will have to be prepared for a man who can attacked rivals, as demonstrated during the campaign in 2016 and throughout his presidency.

Trump accused Biden of being flipped – most recently for abortion – under pressure from more radical Democrats in a video interview published at the weekend .

has calibrated everything, "Trump told George Stephanopoulos ABC News." Everything he said was taken back two weeks later, as he was shaken on the left. "

The President even attacking Biden during a recent trip to Japan – using attacks on the mental capacity of the former North Korean media's former vice president to support his case

could have a dual electoral effect as it appears to support the main argument Biden for the campaign that he is the Democrat most likely to send Trump in 2020

But more fundamentally, a candidate who can not bear the truth about his own campaign is not a man who can be considered strong on the eve of his official launch , or who can easily make tactical adjustments, require all successful re-election proposals.

The Campaign That Never

The early state survey is not always predictable how the race ends. Other presidents of the first term often seemed more vulnerable than it did months later.

Current presidents – especially those who run a strong economy like Trump – have had a clear advantage in the past when seeking a second term in

And little politicians are so good at defining and evicting a campaign as Trump's. So in many ways the race by 2020 will not begin until a candidate from the Democratic Party is appointed.

However, the president can not offer as a justification for alarming figures the usual argument of the traditional operator that he was so shaken by the government that he did not have

In fact, his starting rally in Orlando on Tuesday evening is expected to be crowded crowd and including Vice President Mike Pens and first lady Melanie Trump may be the most unnecessary launch of the campaign in American political history.

Not only has Trump never stopped working after his victory in the 2016 election, he almost always devoted himself to protecting the legitimacy of his presidency and his re-election positioning. In the thousands of tweets, dozens of rallies, numerous speeches, and friendly television interviews, Trump celebrated his triumph in 2016 and obsessively cultivated his political base. or his re-election, the demolition of Democrats, the Russian investigation, the media, the advertising of his border wall and the warning of a national catastrophe if he lost.

In a tweet, the president boasted that the economy sets the record "and has a long way to go …" usually increases the reality by using his best re-election argument.

"If someone, apart from me, takes over the management in 2020 (I know the competition very well), there will be a market crash, like it has not been seen before!" [196590025] Trump is usually looking for a shelter in friendly interviews in a conservative media machine in recent months, and the interview with ABC seems to be an attempt to engage a wider audience. "" Provided days of unfavorable presidential titles after separate excerpts were released. "

Trump's Tuts offer introduction to his strategy h a re-election that is likely to be deployed on Tuesday, lines of social breakdowns that helped him gain power, and anger against those who define him as political enemies, promises of the campaign and proved to be a big deal maker – despite controversial evidence

He will highlight the lowest level of unemployment for half a century, eviscerated government The travel bans that his aides say keep Americans safe, the removal of Obamacare's key mandate and the increased p defense efforts by NATO members.

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The crowd attracted by Trump's loyal political base – especially in Florida, where he gained tremendous voter turnout in 2016, especially in the Northwest.

But the decision to start there, not in the middle of his bastion, is a reminder that the Sunshine State will be vital if 2020 is even closer than 2016 if some of his heart battles back to democratic control.

All of Trump's president has so far been a pledge that furious loyal voters helped him win in 2016 will do that again against a Democrat not named Hillary Clinton. He is motivated and angry enough to return to a huge number of polling stations. than in the previous decades.

Or he may reveal that Trump's stormy presidency has not simply succeeded in electrifying his base, but has also provoked a democratic response that could eventually end. send him to New York.

That's why the leaked data from the trips of the Trump campaign – whether it reflects the current state of the race on the ground or not – could be an early sign of danger for Trump in 2020

Keithan Collins of CNN, Jeff Green, Jeremy Diamond and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.

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