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Trump's Bold Impression Protection – CNNPolitics

The narrative effectively shrinks Trump's apparent breach of the extension of the effective campaign step in 2016 that breaking the rules alone can crush the power of the swamp in Washington. This is a risky message from a president who relies on his political instincts to tell him that swinging voters are not convinced of the impeachment of Democrats – and one whose presidency has lapsed into allegations of corruption, self-violence and border violations of presidential power.

Strangely, although the majority in the House signaled that there were presidential impeachment numbers, Thursday was one of his best days in the dramatic monthly impeachment show.

This reflects how bad things have been going so far. But at last there seemed to be some coherence and logic behind Trump's defense ̵

1; perhaps partly because he was largely out of sight and unable to get through his own message.

And for once, a key witness gave testimony that was not generally prejudicial to the President. Two hearings have shown that disputes over some key witnesses could confuse democratic efforts to be recorded shortly. There are no Republicans defective in the House impeachment vote. And the GOP already has new goals – a group of Democratic House members who won the Trump districts last year but voted to start a process designed to oust him.

Trump Faithful to Aggressive Instincts in the Fight for Impeachment impeachment protection in weeks of devastating revelations pressured Ukraine for political payback.

In part, this is because the evidence in the case itself is so appalling.

Already, numerous witnesses testify that Trump is withholding military assistance to a former Soviet state at war with Russia in an attempt to force her to open an investigation against former Vice President Joe Biden.

This move demonstrates a clear abuse of power – a president who uses his powers to determine foreign policy not to advance national interest but his own political prospects.

One possible defense would be for Trump to show sorrow – a move that would allow Republicans in the Senate process to disprove the behavior, but claim it does not meet the impeachment test.

But admitting any wrongdoing runs counter to everything Trump believes in. Thus, he and his White House have come to terms with denying the clear fact of witness testimony and evidence of a rude transcript of his conversation with the President of Ukraine.

"Everyone who reads the transcript understands that this is a perfect phone call with the Ukrainian president," Trump told British Radio LBC on Thursday in an interview.

"Democrats are desperate, desperate to have nothing. They have nothing, "Trump said.

" Not Mr. Nice Man "

  The Trump campaign makes a seven-figure purchase advertisement during the World Series final game

The Trump campaign campaign aired for the first time during Wednesday's World Series takes the idea of ​​its unchanged rule for breach of conduct in the head – assuming potential liability in the impeachment case

The ad blames Democrats for focusing on impeachment and "false" investigations, not on issues that Americans are interested in.

"He's not Mr. Hui Guy, but sometimes it takes Donald Trump to change Washington, "the storyteller says in a stentorian tone.

The impudent effort to present the president not as a rule-breaker and a disruptor of democratic norms, but as a victim of lies and unjustified attacks, was made exclusively by his daughter Ivanka.

She tweets a touch from a letter to his daughter from third president Thomas Jefferson, in which he incites a life "surrounded by enemies and spies who catch and pervert every word that falls from my lips or flows from my pen and invent where the facts fail them. "

Ivanka Trump added:" Some things never change, Dad! "

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy adopted the topic in his remarks before the House vote Thursday, confirming that Trump's impeachment defense has now been effectively transformed into

" Today is more than just the impeachment process of justice "It's about the integrity of our electoral process," McCarthy said.

"Democrats are trying to impeach the president because they fear they cannot beat him in the ballot box. This impeachment is not only an attempt to overturn the last election – it is an attempt to influence the next one." [19659002] By tying impeachment so closely to the election, Trump is releasing any hesitant Senate Republicans who might not approve of his behavior in a very difficult place. Failure to support him wholeheartedly means that senators will have to explain to their constituents why they condemn the Republican president in his re-election effort.

The tactic is so bold because it practically begs Republicans to buy into an alternative reality, unencumbered by a fact carried out by the president and his friends in conservative media. In this approach, the merits of the case do not matter – since Trump just invented a new one.

While potentially effective in the short-term political sense, the tactic begins a search, historical questions about the fabric of the US political system and the form of the presidency. Accepting Trump's argument means the lawmaker continues to record that he says it is a good idea for the president to train taxpayer-funded US assistance in returning political services.

And this raises the prospect of the President's unprecedented view of his own power to be justified by the impeachment process and leaves him essentially free to do exactly what he wants next year, and for four years after re-election.

Republicans are afraid of the truth

  The very simple reason why Democrats have switched to the impeachment strategy