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Trump's Border Wall: Why Some Say Mexico Has Already Built It – And Paid for It

"No one will come here to tread our laws," he continues. "No one will come here to trample our country on our land."

Mexico, they claim, actually built the border wall of US President Donald Trump after all – not with concrete or bricks or steel, and with thousands of federal forces like this camouflage-clad commander and troops carrying out his orders.

And Mexico, they claim, pays for it.

  Members of the National Guard of Mexico block a large group of migrants near Tusantan, Mexico, on October 1[ads1]2th.

Trump: "Mexico shows us great respect" [19659008] Yes, US taxpayers support the bill for efforts to build new physical barriers on the US-Mexico border.

But experts note that the massive deployment of National Guard troops over the past few months has played an important role in the blockade. migrants from reaching the American border. This is a question Trump himself has made at several recent events – a dramatic change in the tone from his sharp criticism of Mexico earlier this year.
"I would like to thank the President of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, for the great cooperation we are receiving and for now placing 27,000 troops on our southern border," Trump told the UN General Assembly last month. "Mexico shows us great respect and I respect them in return."

A few days later, Trump told reporters that he was "using Mexico to protect our border," because Democrats were not doing enough to fix the immigration system.

And last week, Acting Chief of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan praised Mexico on Twitter sharing news of the October 12 operation to return the last caravan.

"Mexico's Enhanced Border Security efforts along their southern border continue to have a dramatic impact on this regional crisis," he writes. "I just came back from Mexico where we had discussions to work together to stop the flow of illegal migration throughout the region.

  Migrants from Africa, Cuba, Haiti and other Central American countries departed from Tapachula, Mexico on October 12, hoping to eventually reach the US-Mexico border.

Not everyone praises enhanced cooperation.

A recent video of the response of the National Guard to the caravan of migrants from Central America and Africa has sparked a backlash on social media.

"We criticize Trump for his anti-immigrant stance, and our National Guard does exactly the same," tweets Mexican colonist Denise Dreser who has criticized the response of troops to migrants in the past. [1965900] Times – labeled "Mexico is the wall" – Univision anchor Jorge Ramos noted that Trump's comments that he "uses Mexico" have eluded many Mexicans.

"True: President Trump uses Mexico. And against all logic, Mexico is letting him get away with it, "he writes." That has to change. "

Thousands of servicemen are deployed

asked to respond to claims that Mexico is effectively paying for the wall Trump wants, Foreign Ministry spokesman Roberto Velasco told CNN that migration flows have declined significantly in recent months and that efforts are continuing for a regional development plan to address the root causes of migration in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

"B. the migrant population represented by Mexican authorities has declined by 70% from June to September, "he said.

The reduction, he wrote in a recent letter to the editor, published in the Mexican newspaper El Universal, was the result of Mexican legislative efforts and a push to strengthen the rule of law in southern Mexico.
As the Trump administration threatened to impose tariffs, Mexican officials in June agreed to step up immigration enforcement in their country.
  Another photo showing what's happening now at the border

Lopez Obrador said there was no other choice but to negotiate.

"We represent our country with dignity and there is nothing to be ashamed of," he said in September. "Mexico's sovereignty is being defended. At the same time, we do not want confrontation. We have an open, open hand to all governments around the world, and we embrace all peoples of the world, and we are particularly interested in good relations with the United States."

Nearly 15,000 troops have been deployed to Mexico's northern border, where they have set up 20 checkpoints, Mexican Defense Minister Luis Cresenzo Sandoval said at a news conference last week on the country's security strategy. , 12,000 troops are stationed on the southern border and have installed 21 checkpoints.

Military helicopters regularly conduct air reconnaissance in the two border areas, he said. So far, Cresenzio said, more than 60,000 migrants have been captured as part of the effort.

  A migrant is inclined toward a child while surrounded by members of the National Guard near Tusantan, Mexico, on October 12th.

At the same press conference, staff noted that the number Asylum seekers in Mexico have increased dramatically, with about 80,000 asylum applications expected by the end of this year.

Last week, officials visited the first transatlantic flight to Mexico . A charter flight with more than 300 Indian nationals on board took off from Toluca, Mexico, to New Delhi, the Mexican National Institute of Migration, said on Wednesday.

The Earth Message

Analysts told CNN a video of efforts by the Mexican authorities to block a recent caravan is a revealing window on how changes in Mexico's policies unfold.

"The message is that Mexico is not interested in protecting people in need," says Gretchen Kuhner, director of the Institute for Women in Migration, a Mexican advocacy organization. "The message given by this general is not the official message of the government, but it explains very well what the message is on the ground."

Ana Maria Salazar, a former US deputy deputy secretary of defense who is now based in a security analyst in Mexico, says the images of the operation illustrate the concerns of critics when the Mexican National Guard was formed and deployed this year. .

"This is someone who is trained to defend national sovereignty, not someone who deals with migrants. And that is the concern of forming a National Guard so quickly, "she said." You cannot expect that from one day to the next, a soldier trained to defend the territory from enemies of the state will now be responsible for people who are trying. to cross illegally in the country. These are very different missions and this affects the images and what the commander says. "

  Mexico: US-related migration reduced by 30%

way, Salazar says, Lopez Obrador is bidding on Trump when it comes to processing his government's migrants, such a rigorous implementation of immigration along Mexico's southern border has not been observed so far, she adds.

But Salazar says that Lopez Obrador, unlike his predecessors, has "so much credibility in Mexico that it can assume political is the cost of that decision. "

In the past, in her opinion, presidents would have been attacked for taking such steps and international pressure would increase.

"This pressure that was exerted on former Mexican governments, she says," is extremely tacit about this government's decisions. "

In fact, public opinion about migrants in Mexico also seems to be changing.

A survey conducted by the Washington Post and Mexican Reforma in the summer showed a significant proportion of Mexicans who believe that increased migration through Central American countries is a burden on Mexico's economy and services. Just over half prefer to deport more migrants.

Natalie Gallón of CNN reported from Mexico City. CNN's Catherine E. Schoichet reported from Washington. CNN en Español's Ray Rodriguez contributed to this report.

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