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Trump's campaign to fund "Mistaken" campaign destroys its new defense

Donald Trump, the man who once caught on national TV in 2015 about his remarkable knowledge of campaign donations, saying "I know more about the contribution than anybody else," now has a brand new defense of the alleged federal electoral crimes: suddenly he claims he knows nothing about how donations from campaigns work. The problem with this protection, however, is what we call "Google," which explains Trump's long history of investigation and even a fine for violating campaign laws.

We heard this new defense on Thursday in response to Trump's long-time lawyer, Michael Cohen, who told prosecutors that Trump had made him violate federal campaign laws. Trump said through Twitter: "I have never ordered Michael Cohen to break the law, he was a lawyer, and he had to know the law." It's like the end of the episode of the law and the order when both suspects claim that the other is the real ring leader.)

This may be a surprise for some, but "counsel for a lawyer" is a real remedy that people have used effectively to protect themselves from criminal responsibility, although this is long-term. But if Trump had some sort of opportunity with this defense in the courtroom, he had to show he had consciously referred to his lawyer's advice and had no idea that the behavior might have been criminal. The reality is that Trump can not claim in good faith that he has not noticed the rigors of the campaign law because he was personally investigated from 201

1 to 2013 for possible FEC violations of the campaign by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC). , in 2000, Trump paid the fine for violating lobbying laws in New York because he did not report that he was a secretly funded campaign. Obviously, this experience would give Trump information that any effort to undermine transparency in terms of campaigns is not only wrong, but can also lead to civil or criminal sanctions.

Let's start in 2011 when Trump "tested the waters" to seek the President's nomination for the PP in 2012. [PDF attached marked as 2011 FEC investigation] Cohen, yes, that Michael Cohen was then the executive vice president of Trump and Trump's special adviser when he jointly created the Trump Run.com website that "was originally used to explore readers we measure their support for Trump as a presidential candidate." In March 2011, Cohen even flew to Iowa to meet representatives of the GOP and the media there for a possible presidential mandate " Trump ". After Cohen's visit to Iowa, Trump praised publicly: "My representative was flooded by supporters when we went to Iowa."

These actions led to a complaint filed in 2011 with the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) only Trump, but against Trump and Cohen separately for alleged violations of federal campaign laws. In particular, the claim is that Trump accepts "excessive or ineligible contributions" from his corporation, Trump, in connection with Cohen's campaign and travel website

This triggered a formal investigation by the FEC, which led to a 20- This initial FEC investigation of January 25, 2013 found "a reason to believe … that Donald T. Trum had violated 11 CFR § 100.72 a)" (making and accepting payments with ineligible funds) and that Cohen and the Trump organization also violated federal electoral laws

Howe on 1 September 8, 2013 The Federal Council of the United Kingdom issued a 11-page decision in favor of Trump, essentially technical, as Trump has never officially declared itself a candidate for 2012. The Federal Council's rules are not applicable. [PDF TRUMP FEC ruling attached] Interestingly, one of the two FEC commissioners who ruled the then Trump was Don McGan, who until recently was Trump's White House attorney.

Before that, there was a Trump investigation by the New York Lobster Commission in 2000. This time, Trump went on to torpedo the Indians' efforts to find casinos in New York, which he thought would have been casualties in Atlantic City, New Jersey. To accomplish this scheme, Trump contacted Roger Stone, a long-time friend of his own (yes, Roger Stone), who created a company called the New York Law and Society Institute. Trump then secretly funded this company with $ 150,000 to run ads that not only resisted casinos but also hired the Bigoty Tromp, claiming that local Americans would literally bring drugs and crimes ( sounds familiar ?!). A Trump funded ad contained a picture of cocaine lines and drug pins and shook suspected abuses by the casino-seeking tribe with the text, "Are these new neighbors we want?"

The New York Lobby The Commission's study included a postponement to Stone, who, on oath, admitted that everything he did with this campaign was approved by Trump. For example, a copy of the ad, accusing the Indians of having taken drugs in New York, wrote that "Roger did it, Donald." Stone also testified that the "only cause"

the Commission found that Trump and Stone had not revealed to the State Lobbyist that Trump had secretly funded newspaper ads. The Commission could recommend Tramp for criminal prosecution. However, Trump, along with Stone, agreed to pay a harvest estimated by the Commission of $ 250,000 without committing a violation. After the deal was reached, Trump told the press: "It's settled, we're glad it's over."

Hmmm, is there a company of shells and secretly invading money is the full picture of what Trump has in connection with the campaign that sounds familiar? "Obviously the same tactic Trump used when paying Karen McDugal and Storm Daniels, where he used two different companies created by Cohen, to pay these women hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep them silent before the 2016 elections

laws and FEC laws have the same political objective of ensuring transparency so that the public has all the relevant facts about financing a candidate or problem. "So every Trump's argument now that in good faith he had no idea that trying to hide the payments made in connection with his campaign is wrong, he just does not fly – at least not for those who have some little meaning

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