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Trump's impeachment bombing underscores President's power

A former ambassador, Marie Jovanovich, who apparently thwarted Trump's plans to get dirt from Ukraine over former Vice President Joe Biden, was shocked when the president told his counterpart in Kiev by phone that the U.S. official was a diplomatic official in his country was "bad news".

"I was very concerned, I still am," Jovanovic said in an Oct. 11 statement to investigators, saying he felt "threatened" by the harassment words of his own president.

  Deposition of Empire: Pompeo and other state leaders ignored requests to help an ambassador against the background of the Giuliani campaign it came after he found out that the president was running an offline scheme to bypass US diplomats in the former Soviet state through his political fixer and personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. </div>
<p>  Another senior ial State Department, Michael McKinley, testified that he resigned in part because of the use of the State Department to dig up dirt on Trump's political opponents. </p>
<div class= "Over the course of 37 years, he has worked on many controversial issues in the Foreign Service and in various parts of the globe. Working 1
0 years ago in Washington, I have never seen him, "McKinley said, according to a transcript also published Monday.

McKinley also swore he asked his boss, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for a statement in support of

Pompeo told ABC News last month that McKinley had never raised the issue, and a top US diplomat emerged as more loyal to Trump's political goals than his own department's mission.


Democrats are building a malpractice case and with power

  11 wild new details revealed in impeachment records [19659012] 11 wild new details revealed in impeachment records

"With each new interview, we learn more about the president's attempt to manipulate the levers of power in personal political gain." benefit, "the chairman of House In said Monday telligence Adam Schiff, a California Democrat.

The President's repeated requests for testimony from the whistleblowers have uncovered a scandal, they begin to sound so that he encourages a leak that reveals a person's identity – in itself a dubious use of the mighty powers of his office.

Republicans have adopted various arguments when they do not violate the integrity of the democratic impeachment process. Some argue that there is no quid pro quo – despite evidence that seems to indicate that Trump made military aid conditional on Biden investigations and the 2016 elections.

Others argue that Trump has broad power to dictate foreign policy and so they deny the allegations that he abuses public trust by wielding national authority for personal purposes. But not only in Ukraine the concept of unlimited presidency over the law has become the dominant theme of the most unconventional administration in modern history.

The US Court of Appeals rejected on Monday Trump's claim that he was not required to appeal his tax filings before a major court hearing, since as president he was immune not only to criminal prosecution but also to investigation.

The act of refusing to open his tax returns to voters is in itself a sign that Trump thinks the duties of power assumed by previous presidents do not apply to him.

His attorneys went further, arguing that since he enjoys special protection, his accountants cannot comply with the subpoena to make their returns available at a large court hearing.

But in writing his opinion on the Second Court of Appeal of the United States, Chief Justice Robert Katsman used the Supreme Court precedent to dismiss Trump's claim.

Trump now plans to appeal to the Supreme Court landmark. a case that could set the parameters of presidential power for generations if it prevailed and would be an early test of the new conservative majority secured to the nation's top bench.

Concerns over the administration's use of political power for naked political purposes also linger in the last days of Attorney General William Bar overseas as a result of his investigation into the origins of the Russian election inquiry interference. CNN reports indicate that Allied intelligence services have been alarmed that Bar is seeking their assistance in criminalizing officials at US spy agencies.

Trump had previously sought repeatedly to undermine the independence of the Department of Justice and the reputation of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

A trend that has been noticeable since Trump took office

Although examples of apparent stretching of presidential power have been accumulating in recent days, he has been dealing with it since his early days in office.

In the end, fired FBI chief James Comi testified before Congress that Trump demanded an oath of loyalty when they met for dinner in early 2017. Such patronage relationships would break the invisible wall between the White House and top justice officials. in the US government.

Mueller's report shows that Trump repeatedly asked his first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to ignore his institutional response capabilities and withdraw his waiver of oversight of Russia's investigation – a clear political act.

The president's aggressive assertions of his power often seem to be an extension of a dominant character that serves him well in the shark pond of New York real estate – but they have also often made him abide by the law.

They often seem to be generated by a misunderstanding of the powers of the Presidency itself – or by a lack of appreciation of the constitutional principles that many of its predecessors share. [19659002] Trump, for example, claims – inaccurately – that a constitution written in the denial of monarchal or absolute power makes it effectively above the law.

"I have Article II in which I have the right to do whatever I want as president," he said in July.

Uncertain political consequences

  The best expert in Ukraine comes to work despite Trump's repeated attacks

While the trend of Trump's power is understood, their definitive political consequences are yet to be settled.

House Democrats seem likely to succeed But if the Republican-led Senate refuses to condemn Trump for imminent crimes, the president's past behavior suggests he will accept validation of his behavior.

there is a lot of work against constitutional borders in Washington, less sure the rest of the nation is so concerned about its deviations.

In fact, Trump's reelection campaign uses his unlimited behavior as a selling point – arguing in an advertisement that he is "Not Mr. Nice Guy" but that his bullish character

Democratic leader Joe Biden did, what he calls Trump's abuses at the center of his campaign, but other potential party challengers seem just as eager to discuss health care as the imperial presidency.

Some legal experts have warned that the present moment is disappearing with national danger.

"We see a misunderstanding among many in society that this is in some way abusing the president, it is an abuse of the process, it is harassment. , this is unfair, "former federal prosecutor Kim Wele said.

" All Americans should understand that the office of the presidency must have checks and balances. Someone else will take this job, "Well, author of the new book, How to Read the Constitution – and Why," tells CNN's Brian Keylar.

"If we allow this office to have no limits, no boundaries, ultimately however, the creators understand this: It is human nature to abuse power and ultimately use it against ordinary people. "

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