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Trump's impeachment protection spills new revelations

In testimony released by impeachment investigators, the US ambassador to the European Union also testified that he believed it would be "illegal" for Trump's corrector and personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani to urge Ukraine to investigate the president's political opponents.

the corrected testimony did much to break the President's core and repeated defense: that he did not withhold help from Kiev to force him to open a probe in Joe Biden, and that any suggestion to the contrary was simply the "crazy" delusion of Never Trumpers. "

But his postponement is still changed by admissions that he cannot remember what happened or did not know the motivations of key players ̵

1; signs of a potential attempt to protect the president.

congressional political partisanship. In Congress, there were also indications that no disclosure, however harmful to the president, would likely turn the party into a trawl to his loyal political base against him and lead

Still, Sundland was not the only top diplomatic figure which it contradicts the president's version of the events of the second day of the liberation, which threaten to turn into slow-moving political agony for the White House. [19659002] Former US envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker threatened another pillar in the defense of Trump – that July 25's conversation with the Ukrainian president, whom Trump said was "perfect," is actually "a surprise" and "extremely pathetic." [19659002] Tuesday's developments were a critical reversal in the investigation, which is on top of new and public phase that can further damage the the president and his plans for the 2020 election.

The announcements seem to significantly weaken the White House's case that there is no quid pro quo with Ukraine, and therefore no abuse of presidential power worthy of impeachment.

"A very rough day"

Democrats immediately took advantage of Tuesday's events to argue that a devastating hole had erupted in Trump's defense.

"This is a very difficult development for both Ambassador Sundland and frankly for President Trump and his Republican defenders," said Virginia Rep. Gary Connolly to CNN's WolfN Blitzer.

"All the protection of President Trump and his Republican associates in Congress that there was no pure pro-quo has now collapsed."

A growing list of witnesses, including Ukraine's top diplomat William Taylor and National Security Council aide Tim Morrison, testify that Ukraine's opening of political studies is linked to $ 400 million in aid and a potential meeting between Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Further damaging revelations are possible in the coming days as Democrats direct the release of closed-door testimony as they prepare for public impeachment hearings.

Evidence from Sondland and Volker is by far not the only adverse development in the last few days for Trump and his faithful troops on the Capitol Hill.

Hundreds of transcript pages show that GOP lawmakers and a lawyer spend hours cross-examining witnesses on hearing days, despite claims that they were excluded from the process – another pillar of the GOP's objections to impeachment.
Increasing evidence in the meantime of a shadow foreign policy scheme, mastered by Giuliani and continuing for months, undermines Trump's focus on two events – the call with Zelensky and the rapporteur on reporting – as the only important data in

. deepened the political situation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who seemed to be aware of Giuliani's scheme but did nothing to stop him: "Pompeo rolled his eyes and said, 'Yes, this is something we have to deal with. ""

The White House responded to Tuesday's events in a typical way, with press secretary Stephanie Grisham ignoring the existence of newly discovered facts.

"There is no amount of fancy media-mediated headlines that are clearly intended to influence the story, change the fact that the president did nothing wrong," she said.

But Grisham also took advantage of Volker's statement that he was unaware of the existence of the quid pro quo and the belief that the new Kiev government did not know the aid was detained. She also pointed out that Sondland did not directly bind Trump personally to the quid pro quo request.

"Both transcripts published today show that there is even less evidence of this illegitimate impeachment fraud than previously thought," she said in a statement. .

Grisham's comment was undermined by Sondland's new testimony, as he now says he told an aide to Zelensky that the security co-operation announces a public inquiry is actually related.

McConnell stands firm

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