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Trump's Kim's meeting ends a week of authoritarian passports.

  A printout provided by Dong-A Ilbo to North Korean leader Kim Chen Wu and US President Donald Trump in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) dividing South and North Korea on June 30, 2019 in Pangunjom, South Korea.

It is tempting to speculate that President Trump has unfolded at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan this weekend. On a question about the status of "Western Liberalism" that Russian President Vladimir Putin had just said dead in an interview for Trump spoke of liberal democrats in California, apparently believing that the term refers to, Asked about his views for a bus that was a hot topic in the Democratic candidates' debate (and was a hot topic back in the 70s when Trump was a conscious adult), he noted that buses are usually used to transport pupils to school.
Yes, our president is not very bright; he does not understand many political concepts, even those underlying the democratic traditions of his country; he knows little about the story and, worse still, sees nothing wrong with that. But all this has long been clear.
The real significance of the "presentation" of the Trump meeting – a word that too many journalists call as if they are dramatic critics – is that it has established a trend that we have been observing for some time: its relentless appearance as a member of what Daniel Snyder calls " Asia Times "
" the axis of authoritarianism. "

One thing Trump knows is the art of political images, so it's worth looking at the images he made in Osaka. As most of the 20 world leaders put their group photo, waving on the camera, Trump stood in front of the center and the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, whom Trump praised as a friend, a "great ally," and "a good buyer of American products," saying that no "finger directly" indicated the crown of the murder of the Washington Post journalist (and US resident) Jamal Hashohi, although Trump's intelligence directors and UN investigation have made exactly.
Ferming Trump on the other side is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose party recently lost mayoral elections in Istanbul to a leading figure in the democratic opposition.

And, of course, there was a merry sit-down of Trump with the Russian Vladimir Putin, during which a reporter asked whether he wanted the Russian president not to interfere with the US election. The New York Times describes what happened next:

Turning to Mr. Putin, he said, with a half-smile on his face and a mocking seriousness in his voice, "Do not Interfere in the Election, President."

As Mr Putin smiled and issued, Mr. Trump looked at another Russian official and repeated, "Do not interfere with the election."

So much for the unanimous findings of US intelligence agencies, the Müller report and (sometimes the reluctance) of almost every official of Trump and the republican politician to ask whether the Russians intervene in the 2016 presidential election rejects as a joke from the beneficiary of intervention . And so much about any idea that Putin might be afraid to pay a price should he run the same book in 2020?

Jennifer Jacobs from The Bloomberg News which covered the tet-a-tete also heard this exchange as the two leaders associated with their disregard for journalists. "Get rid of them," Trump said, adding: "Fake news is a wonderful term, is not it? You do not have this problem in Russia, but we do it. "Which Putin answered, in English:" We also have. This is the same."

Keep in mind that dozens of Russian journalists have been killed since Putin came to power, many of them were ordered by the Kremlin-and here is Trump, the supposed leader of the Western world and supporting the freedom of the press. and other Western values, all encouraging the practice and sharing a private moment of mutual cynicism ("False News" is a wonderful term, right?).

There was another sign of Trump's ever more authoritarian authoritarianism in Osaka: the presence of each high-level meeting of his daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kouchner, none of whom could qualify as a trainee in any other White House, but serves as senior advisers in this.

Watch this horrifying video of Ivanka, who is trying to join a conversation between French President Emanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Theresa May, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Pay particular attention to Lagarde's expression of contempt as if you were asking who helped in the room.

A generous soul may be willing to give a break to the First Daughter: She obviously did not know that even the highest officials – say state and defense secretaries – should not intervene in the leadership except perhaps by invitation. But her ignorance of the protocol should not be surprising, as Father Daddy clearly left her with the impression that she is part of the leadership that the Trump's White House, no less than the Trump organization, was before all family business. This is another way that this administration comes not only to align with authoritarian regimes but also to look like them.

Then came the extraordinary blow: the visit to Sunday with South Korea's President Luna Hai-in, which was a clear prelude to the real business of the last day – a meeting and welcome in the Demilitarized Zone with North Korean leader Kim Jong-yun, whom Trump made a short walk across the border, became the first US sitting president to enter the hermitage kingdom.

The prelude to this encounter was its own disturbance. Two days earlier, Trump wrote :

After some very important meetings, including my meeting with my Chinese President, I will leave Japan for South Korea (with President Luna). While there, if North Korean President Kim sees it, I would meet him at the border (DMZ) just to squeeze my hand and say "Hi (!)!"

That meant Freddy Eansensford-Hill, the pitiful stalker. in My lovely lady hanging on the street where Eliza Dolittle lived, who even fought for a look on her face ("Is the spell pouring out of every door? / No, it's just on the street where you I live! "And then he arrived!" The two who, as Trump told rally shortly after their first meeting in Singapore last year, "fell in love," shaking hands, and impressively nodding Kim asks his gallant friend to cross the border, that he will be the first president to do so.

We still do not know what Trump and the present Kim have said to one another. If they agreed to resume negotiations, it is a good thing. We know, however, that despite their correspondence, North Korea continues to enrich uranium and produce ballistic missiles; that they have not proposed an acceptable definition of "denuclearisation" and that they have even taken a step towards achieving them; and that the main strategic goal of the North in this diplomacy is to break the ties between South Korea and the United States. Trump, which everywhere in the world is doing everything possible to sink Iran's economy, even though its leaders actually destroyed their nuclear program, is not interested in it.

Trump has a bad case of dictator envy. He wants him to have their powers, control over the mass media, their communion with "yes" men. (During some of his meetings in the cabinet, he collected at least the simulation from this last measure.) But what was once a show for his own entertainment is now becoming a reality, to the suffering of all of us. Trump guides politics and projects American power as an authoritarian authoritarian or at least trying to do so, but the obstacle is that his policy is disagreeable (because, unlike other authoritarians, he has no idea what he is . are) and US power shrinks (because, sometimes for the better, he does not know how to use it).

Trump has not gathered Asian specialists at this meeting in Asia, much of which is dealing with Asian politics. This is partly due to the fact that such specialists do not occupy managerial positions in his administration, but even if there are such, I doubt they have been consulted. (There are some employees with experience in Russia, the Middle East and other regions, but he rarely consulted with them.) Everything is related to him. Again make America a great, but rather l'état, that is soft .

Trump may think that his move towards authoritarianism will also embellish US power, but it has the opposite effect. The rest of the world laughs, though in some cases nervous. It was Macro's press center, who publicly published the embarrassing video of Ivanka, trying to act as one of the leaders. Putin must thank every god he worships when Trump gave him a moment and a smile. Chinese President Shi Jinping slowly, patiently moves business talks to his advantage – and urges America's allies who are referring to Washington's security guarantees with growing skepticism instead of embracing Beijing.

So, yes, laugh or sigh in these tweaks and outbursts that illustrate once again Trumb's rudeness or futility. But watch more closely what he is doing and what effect he is doing on what our country is and, as a result, our place in the world. This is the main show.

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