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Trump's rapture query: Last updated

House Democrats will begin calling public hearings next week, they said Wednesday, urging three magistrate witnesses to file a case for President Trump's impeachment in public.

They plan to begin the hearings next Wednesday, with testimonies from William B. Taylor, Jr. Chief US envoy to Ukraine, and George P. Kent State Superintendent Department, said Representative Adam B. Schiff a California Democrat and Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. On Friday, Mr. Schiff's committee will hear from Marie L. Jovanovic the former US ambassador to Ukraine.

"More to come," Mr. Schiff added on Twitter.

All three witnesses have already spoken in private with the investigators. Ms. Jovanovic testified that she had been removed because Rudolf W. Giuliani, Mr. Trump's private lawyer, and his associates wanted her to get away. Mr Kent described that career diplomats are being rejected in favor of Mr Giuliani and that Ukraine's shadow politics are running out of the White House.

And Mr Taylor, whom the Democrats consider to be perhaps his best witness, stated behind closed doors that he understood from others in the administration that the entire American relationship with Ukraine depended on its leaders, who publicly commit to conduct investigations into Democrats that would benefit Mr Trump politically.

Sessions will not look like traditional congressional hearings, where Democratic and Republican MPs take turns asking questions in five-minute blocks and witnesses can easily avoid answering unfavorable questions.

The House voted on party lines last week to approve rules for an impeachment process for which there is little precedent. These rules include allowing the best Democrats and Republicans on the committee to designate an interview of trained staff, and allow each country up to 45 minutes at a time.

Nicholas Fandos

House Democrats on Wednesday withdrew their subpoena from Charles M. Copperman, a former senior national security official of Mr. Trump, according to a court file.

n. Cooperman filed an unusual lawsuit last month, asking a federal judge to determine whether he should hear from Mr Trump – who ordered him not to cooperate with House investigators – or to comply with the Democrats' call.

The Committee – which asked the trial judge to dismiss the case – dismissed the appeal because it believed the litigation could delay the impeachment investigation.

"The controversial summons on this issue has been withdrawn and there is no current intention to re-issue it," the commission said in a court case.

n. Kopperman's trial had consequences that went beyond his own testimony. John A. Eisenberg, the highest-ranking lawyer at the Homeland Security Council, declined to appear on Monday, stating that he would wait until there was a ruling in Mr. Kupperman's case and follow what the judge decided.

n. Cooperman's lawyer, Charles J. Cooper also represents John R. Bolton, a former Trump adviser on national security. Democrats have not called on Mr Bolton to testify. If they do, Mr. Cooper is likely to file a similar lawsuit asking a federal judge to determine whether Mr. Bolton should speak with investigators.

Mr. Cooper did not return an email seeking comment.

The decision to dismiss is the latest example of how Democrats have struggled to get councilors who deal directly with Mr Trump to testify. In the first month of the impeachment inquiry, Democrats made great strides, earning the testimony of National Security Council and State Department officials who were involved in Ukraine's politics but rarely interacted with Mr Trump. Much of this testimony paints a terrifying picture of a president who assigns American foreign policy to his personal lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani, but gives little idea of ​​what the president said behind closed doors. Some Democrats and impeachment experts believe that if Senate Republicans are to involve Mr. Trump and condemn him in the impeachment process, investigators will need to develop new evidence related to Mr. Trump's involvement.
– Michael S. Schmidt and Nicholas Fundos

The House Committees leading the impeachment investigation released another transcript of their investigation on Wednesday afternoon. This time, this is the testimony of William B. Taylor, Jr., the top US diplomat in Ukraine and a central figure in the investigation. New York Times reporters are fighting through its postponement to highlight key parts and provide context and analysis.

The White House plans to hire two people to help with public announcements around the impeachment investigation.

A senior administration official confirmed that Pam Bondy, the former Attorney General of Florida, and Tony Saye, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, will be joining the staff temporarily.

An official who spoke on condition of anonymity without permission to broadcast internal discussions in the White House said the couple would help with "an active impeachment announcement" as well as other projects that may arise. They will be hired as special government employees, the official said, an indication for people to be hired for no more than four months out of the year.

– Maggie Haberman

David Hale Officer No. 3 at the State Department arrived Wednesday morning to testify in an impeachment investigation, the first administration employee this week to respond to investigators' request to appear. Democrats want to ask Mr. Hale, the deputy secretary for political affairs, for the ousting of former ambassador to Ukraine Marie L. Jovanovic and why he and others have not protected her from political attacks.

The departure of Mrs. Jovanovic was part of a shadow foreign policy effort on Ukraine, driven largely by Rudolf W. Giuliani President Trump's personal lawyer, who tried to smear her as disloyal to the president. Ms. Jovanovic told investigators that she had personally asked Mr. Hale to speak with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about issuing a statement of support. She said she had never heard it.

Mr. Hale is one of four Trump administration officials called to testify Wednesday.

The three are Russell T. White acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget; T. Ulrich Brehbhul Advisor to the State Department, who was among the staff who listened to Mr. Trump's talk of 25 July with the President of Ukraine; and Rick Perry, energy secretary. None of them were expected to appear on Wednesday. Mr White and Mr Breckbull were called for coercion after failing to make deposits last month.

Democrats are in a hurry to call the last of the witnesses they want to interrogate as they complete the fact-finding phase of their investigation and move on to public hearings as soon as next week. Mr. Schiff indicated that he would count denials of appearing as part of an impeachment article against Mr. Trump for obstruction of Congress.

Attorney for Fiona Hill Former Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to the White House, accused on Wednesday by Gordon G. Sundland US ambassador to the European Union, having forged talks with Mrs. Hill during his testimony before the impeachment investigators.

Mr. Sondland, a wealthy hotelier and political donor before his diplomatic appointment, said he had a cordial relationship with Ms Hill, according to a transcript of his testimony published Tuesday. Mr Sondland noted on several occasions that he had talked to Ms Hill over coffee, at one point describing her as angry with Mr Trump and 'something like a shake. She was pretty crazy. "

In a tweet Lee Voloski Ms. Hill's lawyer said that Mr. Sundland had" fabricated communications with Dr. Hill, none of whom were over coffee. "He added that Ms Hill, who resigned in July before Mr Trump's telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine, told Mr Sondland what she told MPs that" the lack of coordination of Ukraine "was catastrophic and that the" circumstances of the dismissal "of Ms. Jovanovic were" shameful ".

Mrs. Hill told the researchers that she viewed Mr Sondland as a national security risk because of his lack of experience.
Michael D. Shear

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