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Tucker Carlson published an “update” after a section of his Fox News program about allegations of voter fraud provoked a backlash.

On Thursday night, Carlson delivered a monologue discussing President Donald Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell and her allegations that fake voting software switched millions of votes from Trump to Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

According to Carlson Powell, she refused to send him evidence to support her allegations, despite numerous requests from Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“When we kept pushing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her,” Carlson said Thursday. “When we checked with other people around Trump’s campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us that Powell never gave them any evidence, nor did he provide any evidence at the press conference today.”

Earlier this month, a national coalition announced that there was no evidence that any voting software had deleted or altered the votes in the election, according to the United States TODAY. The Security Group – which includes the National Security Agency’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the National Association of State Election Directors – described the election as “the safest in American history.”

“There is no evidence that any voting system has deleted or lost votes, changed votes or been compromised in any way,” the coalition concluded.

Carlson’s comments provoked a backlash from Trump supporters online, who claimed that Powell was saving his evidence for a trial instead of revealing it to the media first.

The Fox News presenter later updated his statement about Powell in a video shared on his Twitter account on Friday.

“Update our reports on the Sydney Powell election investigation,” he wrote. “I’m watching.”

In the video, Carlson said that Powell’s refusal to provide evidence did not mean that her allegations were untrue.

“That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” he said. “It may have happened. It means they haven’t seen any evidence that it happened. And like ‘them,’ we include other members of Donald Trump’s legal team.”

Carlson also pointed out that Powell “suggests we may not have to wait much longer” for evidence.

A Fox News spokesman confirmed to USA TODAY on Friday that Powell and Rudy Giuliani, another of Trump’s lawyers, had canceled their participation in the Justice with Judge Janine program hosted by Janine Pirot, scheduled for Saturday.

On Thursday, Carlson devoted much of his opening monologue to discussing Powell and her allegations of a “bomb,” which, if proven, “would be the greatest crime in American history,” he said.

Carlson added that he did not reject Powell’s allegations and “always respected her work”.

“We just wanted to see the details,” he said. “How could you not want to see them? So we invited Sidney Powell to the show. We were going to give her the whole hour. In fact, we were going to give her the whole week and listen quietly all the time with riveted attention. That’s a big story.”

But Powell declined to provide evidence, Carlson said. Although the host said he agreed with the lawyer that e-voting was “dangerous, Powell never demonstrated that one actual vote was illegally moved from software by one candidate to another,” he added.

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“We tell you this because it’s true, and in the end that’s all that matters, the truth,” Carlson continued. “This is our only hope. This is our best defense. And in how we differ from them: We are interested in what is true and we know that you are also interested.”

Both Carlson’s Thursday monologue and Friday’s follow-up sparked conservative criticism on Twitter.

“So @TuckerCarlson wants @ SidneyPowell1 to go to his show to discuss extremely sensitive evidence BEFORE he goes to court,” @RealBasedMAGA writes. “I’m old enough to remember when he and his staff send extremely sensitive evidence via UPS … just to be” lost. “Good times.”

“I don’t know a single lawyer who would pass his evidence to a news store,” @ Edward22J wrote.

“Sydney’s reputation is impeccable,” wrote @PamBlizzard. “Tucker: Betrayal of the audience and his profession. Done with him.”

“TAKER CARLSON JUST SWALLOWED HIS GOOSE, GOING AFTER @ SidneyPowell1,” @JohnMappin writes. “We’re the Sydney People’s Advocate now.”

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