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Turning “Peaceful” into “Frenzied” with the Animal Crossing fast running scene – a feature

Crossing animals new leaf© Nintendo

There are a whole generation of players who keep dear fond memories of dipping their hard fingers in the rough sand of Crossing animals: New leafbeaches. There was a calm warmth that came with the villagers calling your slow-built town house. The game was a beacon of creativity, where you can let the noisy sound of ocean waves and crickets and the chirping of wildlife flood you. It was and still is a title, perfect for relaxing after a long day and this calmness carried over into the iteration of Switch, New horizons.

And yet there are people who decide to put aside this blissful and melodic world in favor of the adrenaline and sweat caused by running fast. Understandably, for most games, there is a set of players who try to guide each other ̵

1; each other shaves seconds in a festive mood boom – but there is usually a clear and definite end goal to pursue; I think Mario Kartracetracks that require perfect pixel jumps from the map to reach the right place. There is often something less demanding that any player who does not work at speed can also shave. Something for both parties.

Animal Crossing is gone. The game is an open sandbox dedicated to doing what you want, at your own pace, steadily or otherwise, enjoying the little world you hatch and nurture. Therefore, the New Leaf speed racers had to set their own parameters; “First debt clearing”, for example, when they try to raise enough money as quickly as possible to repay a home loan.

“When the game came out in 2013, I got into it carelessly,” says Canadian streamer Nick. “I love playing the game the way it is. Animal Crossing is by far one of my favorite series and New Leaf is probably my favorite game ever. “However, his game carelessly did not last too long, as three years later Nick entered the speed running community after (since the beginning of this year) he took first place in the first debt clearing.

No time to sit around
No time to sit around (Image: Nintendo)

Nick managed to pay this first home debt in just seven minutes and 36 seconds, shaving six seconds from the then world record. The pain of devotion and the thrill of hitting this record is all over his face in the last moments of his experience, until everything slips away and no real joy is seen when he shoots his hands in the air and starts screaming with joy …

But let’s go back. The end is explosive dizziness, but to get there, you do not need a little luck. Still, you need to know what you are doing to avoid wasting valuable time.

In a game that is so fueled by RNG, the best way to reduce your time is just to have more luck

“The category is completely seamless,” says Nick, explaining how Animal Crossing actually works: New Leaf’s first overdue debt. “No need [to use glitches] because it is so clear. In a game that is so fueled by RNG [Random Number Generation], the best way to reduce my time was just to be more lucky. “

“The mileage is this: get off the train, talk to Isabel or Nook to set up your house, plant a city tree, buy a shovel and then find the money scale. Saving time comes primarily from first getting the money scale try or get a card where the tree and the town square are closer together.Another remarkable technique, as silly as it sounds, is to hold down the “R” button as you scroll through text.This speeds it up considerably and no runner really used it until golderzoa , former WR owner and pioneer. “

Watch the video of its record mileage (check it out below, although be warned that it has a strong tongue), you may notice another little oddity in terms of text. Nick, an English speaker, plays Korean and with so many speeds having little tricks, bugs and exploits to shave for a split second, we assumed this was one of them. As it turns out, the text scrolls faster in Korean and that time is added – but playing a Korean copy of the game is one of the few reliable tactics to speed things up.

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