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UFO Surveillance: NASA's satellite clicks an alien spacecraft "larger than Earth" near the Sun | Strangely News

NASA's Solar and Heliosphere Observatory (SOHO) is the method of the US space agency to learn the structure of the Sun and the Sun's Atmosphere. Since it started circling around our star more than two decades ago, NASA's space telescope has made countless breakthroughs, from the understanding of the sun's strong solar storms to the observation of its powerful magnetic fields. However, UFO hunter Scott Warring believes that NASA's SOHO has already made its most incredible discovery – noticing a huge alien spacecraft flying near the star. Woring went to his ETDatabase.com UFO blog to speculate on the dubious find.

He writes: "At first I thought the anomaly was just some magma or sunburned material from the sun.

"But that does not happen. It does not look like this ̵

1; the shape of the object seems too perfect for that.

"There seem to be straight angles to it, resembling a modern head of an arrow.

"There are too many straight angles for this being a naturally occurring object. "

Consideration continues to reduce the image of NASA, made on July 24, 2019, to gain a better perspective on the solar anomaly

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Knowing that the radius of the Sun is 695,510 km, the alien theorist's life plot thinks the UFO is the most – Less than ten times the size of the Earth.

And Waring thinks of such a construction if such a huge spacecraft

He writes: "Imagine being an alien and want to build an object larger than Planet Earth."

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"Well, it's not too difficult if the planet you've developed is 13.5 billion years old."

10 billion years behind them afterwards.

"Imagine the technological advances that extraterrestrial species could achieve for ten billion years.

"They would be godlike. Here is this kind of going around our Sun.

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"All aliens have to do to order

" These robots will collect the necessary materials from other planets or my asteroids to create this spacecraft. "

And Waring, who regularly blames NASA, in hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life, said the space agency, may have done this again with this image.

He writes: "I tried to find the picture again and discovered that NASA's Helioviewer.org would not allow me to see it.

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