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United Kingdom: Boris Johnson again fails to call early elections | UK News

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson again failed in his bid to call early elections as he sought to overcome political stalemate over Britain's departure from the European Union.

A total of 299 lawmakers on Monday night endorsed Johnson's latest bid – his third – but with abstentions and 70 MPs voting against, the prime minister failed to secure the support of two-thirds of the 650 lawmakers required by law to pass the bill. the proposal.


An angry Johnson in response stated that the electorate would find the situation "utterly puzzling" and promised to end the "paralysis" over the UK's departure from the European Union.

"One way or another, we have to proceed with elections," he told MPs.

Johnson said the government would try again on Tuesday with a different piece of legislation that would require only a simple majority to call early elections ̵

1; I hope that winning such a poll can change t he did parliamentary arithmetic and allowed him to push his Brexit deal through law.

"It was no surprise that he lost at his third attempt; Labor is refusing to give him the election he wants on his terms, "said Jonah Hull of Al Jazeera, reporting by Westminster.

Three days that can change everything

Earlier in the day, Jeremy Corbin, leader of the main opposition Labor Party has vowed to "carefully consider" any legislation that "locks" the date of the general election.

Corbin seems to have offered a warmer response to a December 9 poll subordinated by the Liberal Democrats and the Scots than the Nomination nominee. of the government to show on the ballot on December 12. The SNP will not support Johnson's application for polls on his desired date.

The three-day difference will mean that there will be no parliamentary time for Johnson to force his Brexit deal through the legislative process in the coming days Johnson said he would not return the bill to retaliation for debate, as he lost the last election bid – but confidence is very low in the UK's isolationist leg and many of the prime minister's parliamentary opponents fear to hand him over. AT such a key victory days before the election a step.

It may not look like much, but it's "pretty decisive," said Hull of Westminster.

"The election of the 12th allows the government to try again in the next week to push through Johnson's Brexit deal and enter the election amid a major political victory. The ninth does not allow him to do so. Tomorrow's legislation can be crucial and can be canceled by the next attempt to get an election through Parliament.

"What no one can be sure of is whether these elections, whenever they happen, can lead to something like a majority, which may push Brexit forward. "

Labor is now in a difficult position divided as to whether to hold December 9 elections to push for a second referendum to be added to the next Johnson bill, or

"What happened here is that the Liberal Democrats and the SNP have understood that they cannot wait for Labor and cannot trust them," John Worth, a policy professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, told Al Jazeera.

"Both Lib Dems and the SNP would prefer a second referendum. But Labor has never fully committed to it. So this plan has been put into action – a way for a general election without really needing Labor to support it.

"Yes, all this can go wrong for the remaining parties. But a roller coaster of a general election is better than agreeing to the Johnson Withdrawal Bill and committing to Brexit."


Corbin insists Labor wants" Brexit without a deal "to be" categorically and definitively "removed from the table, adding any electoral plan must guarantee the voting rights of" all our citizens are protected "- referring to students who can be registered to vote at university addresses ending with mestarite around the time in question.

Speaking to the House of Commons, Corbin said the prime minister "could not be trusted" and had "abandoned" his Queen's speech, budget and Brexit deal.

The Labor leader added: "He said he would never ask for an extension and said he would rather die in the ditch – another broken promise."

Back If the extension was approved by the European Council on Monday morning, a Downing Street spokesman told Al Jazeera that Johnson was not considering resigning.

"The prime minister has worked tirelessly to strike a deal on Brexit – which he did, although he was told it was impossible," Al Jazeera told him.

"He tabled legislation in Parliament last week, where it was blocked."

While lawmakers voted last week to continue considering the EU divorce agreement, the Johnson administration had scheduled only three days to debate more than 100 pages of legislative text and another 400 pages of legal documentation – given the magnitude of the constitutional implications, it was not a timetable for parliamentarians to adopt and the prime minister to discontinue any progress on the proposed legislation, withdrawing it from discussion.

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