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Updates on live Trump impeachment investigations

Democrats hope Hale can shed more light on the removal of Marie Jovanovic as US ambassador to Ukraine after she became the target of false rumors calling into question her loyalty to President Trump.

Hale's appearance comes a day after the revised testimony was issued by Gordon Sundland, US ambassador to the European Union. He said he told a Ukrainian official that military assistance would likely resume only if authorities launched investigations requested by Trump that could harm former Vice President Joe Biden.


1:40 am: Lawyers back Trump's efforts aligns with violators

The legal team of anonymous people signaled Wednesday against an enhanced campaign by the president's allies to escape from the offender, warning that such efforts "would put this person and their family at serious risk. "

In a statement, attorneys Andrew Bakay and Mark Zaid also said they would neither confirm nor deny any name circulated by Trump supporters. "The disclosure of any name will undermine the integrity of the alert system and will deter any future whistleblower," they said.

Lawyers added that Trump's campaign allies "show desperation to deviate from the merits of the complaint."

House Majority Leader Sten H. Hoyer (D-Md) also condemned efforts to eliminating the offender by calling them "a clear attempt to intimidate witnesses."

"Our laws do not allow retaliation against witnesses and anonymous criminal counselors, and we should also not tolerate him in this case," Hoyer said in a statement . "I urge federal law enforcement agencies to carefully consider the statements made recently by some Republican members of Congress and our intelligence agencies to take all necessary steps to protect the anonymity of violators."

11:25 p.m.: Open Hearings They will start next week, says Schiff

The chamber will hold its first open hearings in the impeachment investigation, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (19659002) reported on Wednesday. On November 13, William B. Taylor, Jr., the acting ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state in charge of Ukraine, will testify, Schiff announced in a tweet.

On November 15, former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Jovanovic will testify, he added.

10:45 a.m. Sumer hides McConnell, Graham for comment on impeachment R-Ky.) And Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsay O. Graham on Wednesday for "jumping to conclusions" about the gravity of Trump's behavior.

Schumer's comments made to the Senate came a day after McConnell said he was "pretty sure" that the Senate trial would end with an acquittal and Graham said he did not read newly issued deposits because he considered the process " a bunch of BS. "

"Some of my colleagues seem to be drawing conclusions," Schumer said, suggesting that Senate Republicans start acting as Trump's defenders in parliament. "In the Senate, we're starting to extract this embryo, this embryo to come to conclusions

Referring to Graham's comments, Schumer said: "The president of the Senate judiciary knows better, but his blind loyalty, his disgust, to follow whatever Trump wants, he looks like k he said such things. "

Sumer also accused McConnell of having" crossed the line, in my estimation, when he said that if an impeachment vote were held today, the president would be justified. "

" Instead to speculate about the hypothetical process, to write off the whole process before it is even completed, how about all of us waiting for the facts to come out? "Sumer said.

10:35 a.m. Trump's advocates shift focus from Sondland to Volker

For weeks, congressional Republicans have cited Sondland's text to argue that military aid is not used on the Bidens probe.

"There is no quid pro quo," Sondland wrote to his State Department employee, relaying a message President Trump had given him minutes earlier.

But now that Sondland has changed his testimony to impeachment investigators – he not only admitted to being truthful, but said he was the man who conveyed Trump's demands to Ukrainian authorities – the GOP set it aside, holding another witness. to do the deed.

Trump is an ally of Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Scott Perry (R-Pa) argued Wednesday morning that the former special envoy to Ukraine is Kurt Volker's account. Volker told investigators he was not aware of the quid pro quo.

"You all want to make a big deal out of Mr. Sondland's presumption, which he added yesterday, but Mr. Volker, I think, has the final bill," Jordan said.

Asked if Volker could just be coming out of the chain, Perry tried not to say, "Sundland is not even sure why he has the opinion [about a quid pro quo happening] and Volker was fully read – in everything everyone, especially Sundland, did. "

Republicans seem to be narrowing down on the missing link in Sondland's testimony: Sondland told MPs that he had simply accepted that military aid to Ukraine depended on the president's request for an investigation, something he handed over to Ukrainian authorities. Republicans argue that his assumption is incorrect and that he is confused because he cannot determine where he learned this information.

"It is not surprising that most of his direct information from President Trump does not suggest a link to military assistance, Rep. Mark Meadows (RN.C.), dr Trump's ally, he said Wednesday morning, "In fact, all his conversations with the president do not directly offer a connection."

10:30 am: Russia's Top Advisor Tim Morrison Appears in Capitol

Tim Morrison, Chief Advisor on Russia and Europe at Trump's National Security Council, appears in the Capitol.

Morrison testified in an impeachment investigation late last month. It is common for witnesses to review a transcript of their deposits.

In his testimony, Morrison confirmed key impeachment statements from a top US diplomat, who said he was concerned about efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Trump's political rivals in exchange for nearly $ 400 million in military assistance.

9am: Conway says Mulwani won't show up for deposit on Friday

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Wednesday that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulwani won't appeared before House investigators on Friday for a requested deposit.

"I was told no," Conway told reporters at the White House when asked if Mulvaney was planning to appear.

"Why would we try to be complicit in an impeachment investigation that we're not even sure what it is," Conway said. "What is it about? If I literally gave you a blank piece of paper, what would you write on it? What are we talking about to the American people, right here right now, why are we imprisoning the president?"

In a letter Tuesday, House investigators said, that they are interested in Mulvani's involvement in the efforts of Trump, his personal lawyer Rudolf W. Giuliani, and others to refuse a meeting in the White House with the Ukrainian president and nearly US $ 400 million in US military assistance as Trump presses for investigations, that might be of use to him

Conway also told reporters Wednesday that Sondland's testimony did not change the White House's stance that the "quid pro quo" did not take place.

"This is the White House's position and I don't think his latest revisions change that, "Conway said." As far as I can see, Ambassador Sondland said he "supposed" – and last week we had a witness who said "my interpretation is." Ladies and gentlemen, be careful. because you cannot impeach a president and remove him from office in constitutional democracy … new that someone has said that suggest and someone else says interpret. "

8:45 am: Hill's lawyer accuses Sundland of misrepresenting a conversation

Lee Voloski, a lawyer for Fiona Hill, a key former member of the National Security Council, spoke at testimony posted on Tuesday by Sondland in which he described meeting with Hill over coffee in which she was upset about "everything to do with the Trump administration."

"Sondland has established communications with Dr. Hill, none of whom was over coffee, "Voloski said in a tweet." Dr Hill told Sundland what she told MPs – the lack of coordination on the tionship of Ukraine was disgusting and the circumstances of the dismissal of Amb Jovanovic – shameful. "

Marie Jovanovic was dismissed as US ambassador to Ukraine after being targeted by false rumors, questioning her loyalty to Trump.

In the testimony of Sondland, he said that Hill was "something like a shake" and "upset by the president, she was upset by (then National Security Advisor John) Bolton, she was upset

in a subsequent tweet by Voloski deals with his worries.

"When Sundland and others falsely describe Dr. Hill as" emotional "or say he is" shaky "or" upset ", let's admit it, they try to undermine the trust of a respected, non-partisan national security professional by deploying tired and offensive gender stereotypes, "he said.

8:35 PM Hale arrived at Capitol Hill [19659002] Hale arrived at the Capitol Hill for his planned postponement of the closed doors with House investigators. 19659002] 8:20 am: Trump calls investigation "Witch Hunt" ! "

Trump teases the impeachment investigation in a series of tweets on Wednesday, calling it" Witch Hunting! "And" fake fraud from "Do Nothing!"

In a tweet, Trump quoted a guest on Fox News Robert Uray, whom Trump described as a "respected former prosecutor," saying "Democrats have no case or weak case at best."

In another tweet, Trump cited testimony that was included in the transcript , published Tuesday on the deposit of Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine.

At one point in his deposition, Volcker was asked what conversations he had with other officials about the "quid pro quo" in which Trump advised Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that foreign aid and a visit to the White House would depend on Zelensky's commitment to investigates the requests.

"You asked what conversations I had about this quid pro quo, et cetera," Volker replied. "No, because I didn't know there was a quid pro quo."

In a tweet, Trump emphasized Volker's response and wrote, "Thanks to Kurt Volker."

8:15 am: Conway calls the investigation " fraud, criticizes media

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway called the impeachment investigation a "fraud" and stressed during a televised interview Wednesday that Ukraine eventually received nearly $ 400 million in military assistance, which was denied during a period when Trump insisted on investigations that would help him with politics.

"Ukraine has received its assistance. Using her help while talking, "she said during a statement to Fox News on Fox & Friends.

She also criticized the media for not emphasizing that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he felt no pressure from Trump and complained about the release of deposition records by House investigators.

"You do not pursue presidents based on cherry-picked bites that come out 10 minutes at a time from a 10-hour testimony," says Conway. [19659002]

8am: Diplomatic testimonies underline price Giuliani's Traumatic Role in the Governance of Ukraine's Politics

Three ominous words uttered in the Oval Office led two US diplomats on a voyage that ended in a capitol cellar as key witnesses. "

Trump's instruction in May to the newly returned US delegation made it clear that his personal lawyer, Rudolf W. Giuliani, was playing a leading role in shaping the president's view of the country – and that senior officials serve did they have to take care of him, according to transcripts of testimony published this week.

"Rudy had some bad problems with Ukraine and while Rudy was pleased, the president would not change his mind," Sundland said in his testimony to House investigators.

Following the Oval Office meeting on May 23, Kurt Volker, then Special Envoy to Ukraine, reached out to Giuliani in an attempt to judge his support for US foreign policy and also placed him in connection with a senior Ukrainian official. . At one point, he and Sundland even talked to Julian about the language of a public statement that the new Ukrainian president is considering making, text messages show.

As a sign of his disproportionate influence, Giuliani was cited by name over 200 times during the Sundland and Volker deposits – more than any White House official or Trump cabinet – and described as inexplicably powerful and difficult to control.

7:30 am: Trump heads to Louisiana for campaign rally [19659002] As House investigators continue their work in Washington, Trump heads to another rally of the "Keep America Great" campaign on Wednesday, the one in Louisiana.

Trump's rallies serve as a place for him to hear complaints about the impeachment investigation.

He traveled to Monroe, Lorient, in an attempt to strengthen Republican nominee for Governor, Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone. He is seeking to overthrow Democratic incumbent John Bell Edwards in the November 16 election.

Last week, Trump also traveled to Kentucky and Mississippi before the governorship election in those two states.

On Tuesday night, Democrat Andy Bechere, the attorney general of Kentucky, claimed victory over incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin (R), an ally of Trump who said he was not ready to recognize the election.

Mississippi voters chose Republican Lt. Tite Reeves. The next governor of the state to defeat Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood.

Before heading to Louisiana on Wednesday, Trump must hold an event related to his judicial appointments.

7 am: Senate Republicans consider including candidates in Trump impeachment process son Hunter, as some Trump allies insist on calling them witty esses, while others dismiss the proposal as a risky political inference.

Ongoing discussions are a revealing look at the lines of the GOP divide before a possible Trump process in the upper house, where there is varying appetite among Senate Republicans for the type of political fight the president and his staunchest advocates like.

Among a group of Trump allies inside and outside Congress, there is an intense and growing interest in opposing an investigation into the Democratic impulse of the House by controlling Hunter Biden's Overseas Business Transactions in Ukraine and China. Since his father was vice president at the time, these allies believe this may be a way to explain why Trump pressured Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in a July 25 phone call to "look" at Bidens, who denied anything violation.

– Rasheel Bade and Robert Costa

6:45 pm State Department official expected to testify

Hale, one of the highest diplomats The State Department, who was alarmed at attempts to defraud the US ambassador to Ukraine, is expected to testify Wednesday to impeachment investigators in the House, according to two people familiar with the investigation.

Hale is the third highest-ranked official diplomat, just below Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Deputy Secretary John Sullivan.

Hale may be able to shed more light on Pompeo's involvement by deciding not to issue a strong statement of support for Jovanovic, as many diplomats were ur.

The ambassador to Ukraine earlier this year was Jovanovich being targeted by false rumors calling into question her loyalty to Trump. Според показанията на предишни свидетели, Йованович е бил откровен срещу корупцията в Украйна и съюзниците на Тръмп са я искали да се измъкнат на фона на кампания за набиране на украински служители за разследване на дейността на Джо и Хънтър Байдън.

Филип Рийкър, помощник-държавен секретар по европейските и евразийските въпроси, каза на разследващите, че е научил за кампанията за намазване срещу Йованович веднага след като той пое работата през март. Според човек, запознат с неговите показания, Рийкър е разговарял директно с Хейл, като е помолил на Държавния департамент да издаде категорично изявление в подкрепа на Йованович. По-късно той чува от служители, работещи за Хейл, че няма да се издава изявление.

Хейл е кариерен посланик, най-високото почетно признание, предоставено само на шепа дипломати с най-висока ефективност. Бил е посланик в Пакистан, Ливан и Йордания и е служил в множество мисии в САЩ около Близкия изток и в ООН.

– Карол Морело и Карун Демириджан

6:30 ч.: Републиканците възобновяват атаките срещу Шиф

Републиканците възобновяват атаките си в сряда срещу председателя на Комитета за разузнаване на дома Адам Б. Шиф (D-Калифорния), който ръководи разследването за импийчмънт.

Републиканският Националният комитет сподели клип в Twitter от интервю за Fox News във вторник вечерта, в което председателят на сената на съдебната власт Линдзи О. Греъм (RS.C.) обвини Шиф в несправедливост към Тръмп.

„Не вярвам, че Адам Б. Шиф ще бъде справедлив към президента “, каза Греъм. „Не вярвам, че Адам Б. Шиф търси истината. Това е първият път в историята на страната, че импийчмънтът се ръководи от партизански политик, а не от някакъв външен субект като специален съвет. Процесът смърди и същността – президентът не направи нищо лошо. А що се отнася до Адам Б. Шиф, това никога не е достатъчно по отношение на Тръмп. ”

6 ч.: Тръмп прави фалшивите централни за защитата на импийчмънта като инкриминиращи доказателства

Заставайки пред тълпа привърженици това седмица в Лексингтън, щата Кипър, Тръмп повтори невярно твърдение, че е отправил повече от 100 пъти през последните шест седмици: че лицата, подаващи сигнали от разузнавателната общност, представиха погрешно президентски телефонен разговор в центъра на разследването за импийчмънт, което заплашва неговото председателство. [19659002] „Сигналистът каза много неща, които не бяха толкова добри, хора. Ще разберете “, каза Тръмп в понеделник на митинг на кампанията. „Това са много нечестни хора.“

Зад него бяха мъже и жени в тениските „Прочетете преписа“ – ехо от опита на Тръмп да преработи инкриминиращо резюме на разговора му на 25 юли с президента на Украйна като част от оневиняващи доказателства.

Това е форма на осветление, която се превърна в централната стратегия за отбрана на президента, тъй като той е изправен пред най-голямата си политическа заплаха досега. Но подходът е подложен на все по-голямо напрежение, когато демократите в Конгреса освобождават преписи и се подготвят за провеждане на публични изслушвания, представящи доказателства, които пряко подкопават твърденията на Тръмп.

– Толуза Олорунипа и Филип Ръкър

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