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Updates on live Trump impeachment investigations

House Democrats are confronted with a refurbished stone wall from the White House as they try to delve deeper into the ranks of officials with knowledge of Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. at a time when the US military

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) told reporters that the open hearings would begin "soon", though he did not set a timetable.

● Allies active in White


2:30 pm: Transcripts of Volker's testimony, Sundland will be released on Tuesday

Schiff reports that two more will be released on Tuesday transcript of the deposit: those of Kurt Volker, former US Special Envoy to Ukraine, and Gordon Sundland, US Ambassador to the European Union.

Sondland and Vo Inker were among officials who worked to reorient US relations with Ukraine over Trump's political interests.

12:25 pm: Schiff says the announcements are further proof of Congressional obstruction

Schiff calls on four officials who refused to appear Monday, "witnessing serious violations since the first and said their absence was further evidence that Trump was trying to thwart Congress.

"These witnesses are significant, and the White House understands that they are significant," Schiff told reporters. "We can conclude from the White House's impediment here that their testimony will be even more incriminating for the president."

He noted that Congressional obstruction is one of the impeachment articles facing President Richard Nixon.

11:50 h Home investigators release 2 closed-door deposit transcripts

Home investigators release two closed-door deposit transcripts taken as part of an impeachment investigation.

The two transcripts are the first in a series that Democrats say will be put on the market as the investigation becomes more public.

Last week, a divided chamber voted on approved guidelines for the public phase of the investigation, clearing the way for national television hearings in mid-November and guaranteeing Trump's right to participate in the final stage of the proceedings, unless he tries to block witnesses. to testify.

"As we move into this new public phase of the impeachment investigation, the American public will begin to look for evidence that the committees have been assembled," the three Democratic House Speakers leading the investigation said in a joint statement. "With each new interview." we learn more about the President's attempt to manipulate the levers of power for personal political gain. "

Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam B. Schiff (California), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Elliott L. Engel (New York) and acting Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reforms Carolyn B. Maloney (New York) said in a statement that the Jovanovic and McKinley transcripts "clearly show that President Trump approves the removal of a highly respected and effective diplomat based on public lies and smears against Ambassador Jovanovic's character and her work in support of long-term US anti-corruption goals. "

" Jovanovic and McKinley's messages also show the contamination of US foreign policy through an irregular back channel that seeks to accelerate the personal and political interests of the President and the grave concerns that this activity has raised in our government,

11:45 a.m. Democrats accuse Trump of hypocrisy

Democrats on Monday objected to Trump's assertion that the whistle should testify publicly and not answer written questions,

" It's a height of hypocrisy for the president to ask the whistleblower to testify and then not allow his own administration employees who were actually involved in the illegal behavior, "Roh Hanna (D-California) reporter told MSNBC's Halley Jackson.

In a Twitter reporter, Eric Swolwell (D-California) indicated that Trump himself declined to testify in the investigation into special counsel Robert S. Mueller III for tampering with the Russian election, instead of providing written answers.

"Does Bob Muller accept your 'written answers?'" Asked Swolwell, referring to the early morning tweet in which Trump insisted that the written answers were "unacceptable!"

11:05 am: A Court of Appeals rejects Trump's attempt to deny tax filings by local prosecutors, setting the scene for a Supreme Court trial

The Federal Court of Appeals dismissed Monday's efforts by Trump's efforts of New York to have access to his tax records and Trump's extensive claims for president

The decision is the second time in recent weeks a federal court of appeals has ruled against the president in an effort to stop investigators from examining his private financial records. The case is one of several legal clashes that test the limits of the president's power, which is expected to reach the Supreme Court immediately after that term.

The Manhattan District Attorney is investigating predatory cash payments made through the 2016 presidential election. The decision does not mean that Trump's tax records will be transferred immediately. Local prosecutors have agreed to delay the forced call on Trump's longtime accounting firm if the president's attorneys move swiftly to ask the Supreme Court to intervene.

– Ann E. Marimov and Diana Paul

11 am: Schiff introduces himself briefly, says he will comment later

Home Intelligence Adam B. Schiff (D-California) appeared briefly outside the secure deposit area and declined to take questions from the media, saying he would have a comment later Monday morning.

When the House of Rest and witnesses did not appear, the usual noise in this part of the Capitol was largely stopped. Schiff was the only lawmaker to enter or leave the protected area with the view of dozens of journalists and photographers on stage over the past hour.

10:10 am: Trump points to growing stock exchanges, beats the media

"Increasingly high on the stock market and all the fake news wants to be talked about is the Impeachment Hoax!" Twitter .

10:05 am: Fiona Hill returns to the Capitol

Fiona Hill, a former White House adviser, has arrived in the Capitol Conservation Area where witnesses have been left behind.

it is customary for witnesses who have previously testified to return to view a transcript of their testimony.

Hill told impeachment investigators last month that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, pursued a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine that circumvented US officials and career diplomats to take personal advantage of Trump, according to people with her testimony.

10am: No witnesses appeared to testify

Two White House officials scheduled to testify Monday morning – Eisenberg and Robert Blair, senior advisor to the acting chief of staff. White House staff Mick Mulvey – did not show up.

Two other officials are due to appear Monday afternoon – Brian McCormack, office Not expected to appear are the management and budget officer, and Michael Ellis, another White House lawyer, according to two people involved in the investigation into Congress. They asked for anonymity to discuss closed-door production.

9:50 am: "Read the transcript!" Trump's Tweets

Trump returned to Twitter to send three words tweet : "Read the transcript!"

He has previously claimed that a rough transcript of his July call with Zelensky clears him of any wrongdoing, since he does not explicitly condition the resumption of US military assistance to Ukraine, which is conducting investigations that could benefit him politically.

Democrats find the transcript very harmful to Trump, but they gather supporting evidence through deposits.

9:30 am: Eisenberg's lawyer cites time, the Trump directive as reasons not to testify [19659002] Eisenberg's lawyer says in a letter to the committee chairmen that Eisenberg does not appear on Monday, so not being given reasonable time to prepare and because Trump instructed him not to cooperate. [19659002] Attorney William A. Burke said the summons was emailed to Eisenberg on Friday night.

"This is insufficient and unfounded notice and imposes an undue burden on Mr. Eisenberg, especially in light of his legal and national security responsibilities in the White House," Burke writes. "Even if Mr. Eisenberg has been given a reasonable amount of time to prepare, the President instructs Mr. Eisenberg not to appear at the place of deposit."

Burke also refers to a pending court case concerning another witness's testimony, who refused to appear, citing conflicting instructions from Congress and the White House.

“Mr. Eisenberg, as a lawyer and court clerk, will adhere to whatever final decision the federal judiciary makes on the dispute between the executive and congressional, "Burke writes.

– Rosalind S. Helderman [19659002] 9:15 am: White House lawyer opposes House impeachment investigators

White House lawyer central to Ukraine controversy plans to dismiss summons from House House investigators Trump's instruction, according to people familiar with his plans.

Democrats from K The Marathas wanted to question Eisenberg, the deputy adviser to the National Security Council, about what happened after Trump's July 25 conversation with Zelensky, which triggered an internal debate over Trump's actions.

People familiar with Eisenberg's plans are on condition of anonymity to discuss internal issues.

Eisenberg suggested moving a call transcript to a high-end server and limiting access to it, ac

Three witnesses called for scheduled deposits on Monday , are also unlikely to appear.

8:55 p.m .: McCarthy complains about a planned closed-door deposit

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (California) went to Twitter Monday morning to complain. that Democrats continue to plan a closed-door deposition after passing a resolution last week defining the parameters for public hearings.

"Democrats have voted in an impeachment investigation, which they say will provide transparency and due process," McCarthy tweeted . "They are right there with him – behind closed doors in the Capitol's basement – with four more planned deposits hidden from the public."

Democratic leaders signal that open hearings may begin as early as next week.

8am: Trump Claims More GOP Permit than Public Studies

Against the backdrop of tweets about the impeachment investigation, Trump claims ] that his approval rating for Republicans is 95 percent – a figure significantly higher than recent public polls.

Neither the White House nor the Trump campaign immediately answered questions about what the poll indicated.

In a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Friday, 74 percent of Republicans expressed approval of Trump's work, a record low in polls after ABC. Its previous low was in April, when 78 percent expressed approval.

In another of his tweets on Monday, Trump quoted Fox News commentator Dan Bongino as calling the impeachment investigation a "farce" and added that "no Republican should forget this."

7:50 am: Trump says written responses from signaling "unacceptable"

Trump renewed his call Monday for whistleblowers whose complaint prompted an impeachment investigation to give public testimony and rejected his lawyers' offer of answering written oaths directly from Republicans by the House Intelligence Committee.

"It must be brought out to give evidence. Written answers are not acceptable! Trump tweeted about the anonymous US intelligence officer.

During the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Muller III about Russian election interference, Trump refused to be interviewed and answered questions.

The attorneys of the whistleblowers had previously informed both the House Intelligence Committees and and the Senate that their client is ready to answer questions in writing and on oath "bilaterally."

By offering a direct channel to Republicans, the signaling team tried to quell dissatisfaction with the GOP leadership – and Trump – that the impeachment process was confidential and unfair.

In his tweet Monday, Trump also renewed the goal of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam B. Schiff (D-California), calling him a "corrupt politician."

7:15 am Trump says there is "no reason" to call witnesses in connection with his call

Trump said on Monday that there was "no reason" House investigators to call witnesses to testify about his July 25 conversation with Zelensky.

"What I said over the phone with the Ukrainian president is 'perfectly' stated," Trump says in a morning tweet . "There is no reason to call on witnesses to analyze my words and meaning. This is just another Democrat Hoax I had to live with the day I was elected (and before!). Shameful! "

Earlier, he mentioned Sunday's broadcast of Fox News's Mark Levin Show.

"Mark Levin, a great lawyer and scientist, said last night in his @marklevinshow that all you have to do is read the transcript of the call, you never need cosmeticians or other witnesses to say what means or says, "Trump tweets . "This is clear and very well stated for everyone. Hunting Witches "

Trump, without evidence, identified several of the witnesses who testified as" Never Trumpeter, "a term used to describe Republicans who opposed his presidency from the beginning. In a tweet last month, he described them as "human trash."

7 a.m. Morning: Four White House witnesses unlikely to appear for deposition

It seems unlikely any of the four White House officials summoned by House investigators will appear Monday for planned closed-door deposits on Capitol Hill.

Democrats seek testimony from:

● Robert Blair, assistant president and senior adviser to Mick Mulvey, acting chief of staff. He listened to the conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

● Brian McCormack, Associate Director for Natural Resources at the Office of Management and Budget. Until recently, McCormack was acting Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, who said he called on Trump to talk to Zelensky about energy issues.

● Michael Ellis, another White House lawyer who advises the HCC.

6:30 am: Trump heads to Kentucky for campaign rally

As House investigators resume their work Monday, Trump must meet Washington Nationals at the White House to honored them for their World Series victory before leaving town to stage another "Keeping America Great for Rally", this in Lexington, Cyril

Trump's campaign rallies have become a place for the president to test complaints about the impeachment investigation.

He traveled to Kentucky, hoping to give Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of that state, before the ballot box for the gubernatorial election. Bevin is in a close race with Democrat Andy Bechere, the state's attorney general and the son of a former governor. Trump carried the state 30 percent to Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Nationals won the World Series last week.

6 ч.: Тръмп подчертава оценките на консервативните разузнавачи

В края -нощни туитове и ретуити, които продължиха до ранния понеделник сутрин, Тръмп сподели оценките на разследването на импийчмънта от няколко консервативни казусари, включително Жанина Пиро от Fox News

„Демократите разкъсват тази страна“, Пиро, домакин на „Справедливост със съдия Жанин “, се казва в туит ретуиран от Тръмп. „Те са мъже, кирки и невестулки. Те нямат глупост да се изправят срещу Доналд Тръмп през ноември, не ги обвинявам. Защото той ще издуха тези бръмчици, китки и невестулки направо от блатистата вода, която наричат ​​вкъщи. ”

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