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Utah Jazz cools cold, misses 20 consecutive shots, after the first quarter traces Clippers 25-18

The good news is that the Utah Jazz got almost every shot they wanted in the first quarter of Tuesday’s First Game against the LA Clippers.

The bad news? Almost everyone missed it.

After starting 3 out of 5 from the field, jazz missed its next 20 in a row – including 14 straight from the rainbow. And yet, despite this incomprehensibly cold series, jazz is only 25-18 behind after the first 12 minutes.

After two fruitless streaks of about four minutes per piece, they filled the gap a bit thanks to a pair of Jordan Clarkson 3s in the last minute.


Quinn Snyder breaks the keys to the series against the Clippers

During Tuesday̵

7;s shot at the Utah Jazz, guard Jordan Clarkson was asked what coach Quinn Snyder was preaching to the team before their second-round run against the Clippers.

“The biggest thing he really benefits from is just being us and sticking to what we do,” Clarkson said.

So Snyder was asked in his pre-game availability which of the principles he preached would be most important in the series.

He gave a fairly extensive breakdown.

“To attack offensively – obviously, it always depends on how you protect yourself and you have to recognize these things. “To push the ball up the court, to play with the pass, to make shots, to attack the rim, to make quick decisions,” he said. “And then at the defensive end, Rudy is pretty unique, and we tried to find ways to best allow him to influence the game; Clippers make this really hard. “

This, of course, led to a dissertation on the difficulties inherent in trying to slow down people like Kauhi Leonard and Paul George.

“You have Kawhi, who is probably the best mid-range player, whether on the post or off the dribble, and then you see him face up and isolated, shooting for 3 seconds. “You have a person who can create his own shot, he has a range, he can shoot a 3 dribble ball, he can play a pick and roll that can come off the screens,” Snyder said. “So, there are some guys in these two who are elite and you watch them and sometimes you wonder about some things they do. But I think the most important thing is that they’re both really selfless players, and that’s what makes them so difficult to defend because of the shooting they put in. So there is little to take your poison, trying to influence these two boys and make them difficult, and at the same time not giving them a clean appearance of 3 is something that is difficult to do. “

That sounds daunting. Especially with All-Star bodyguard Mike Conley for Game 1 at least with hamstring tension.

Nevertheless, Snyder said it was imperative that jazz keep things simple and, as Clarkson hinted, stay on the course they had set for the season.

“Even without Mike, I think we have to be aggressive and attack and not be afraid to fail, not be afraid to miss, but be able to get to the next game when we don’t have a good offense, and then to defend, “he said.


Snyder isn’t worried about Clippers’ defense schemes, saying they’ve seen it all before

Utah Jazz scorer Mike Conley was ruled out of Game 1 in the team’s Western Conference semifinal match Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Conley had a tight right bone in the first quarter of Jazz’s 5-game win over the Memphis Grizzlies last Wednesday and was ruled out of the game at half-time. MRI revealed a “light strain of the right bone” the next morning.

As the Clippers needed until Sunday’s game 7 to beat the Mavericks in their first round series, the hope was that the extra days off would allow Conley to be good.

After training on Monday, however, the team announced that Conley was only a partial participant and was officially included as a suspicious player. Then, after the shot before the game on Tuesday morning, jazz officially shut down Conley.

“There’s always a process you go through, especially with an injury like this, where it’s something that’s constantly being treated and monitored, and [you’re] trying to find the right balance when he is able to come back and come back effectively, “said coach Quinn Snyder in a press conference after the shot. “… Mike’s absence – we hope we can bring him back soon; he was great all year at both ends of the floor. … I hope we get it back as soon as possible. But these things are difficult to predict. “

Snyder said that with Conley’s absence, more responsibility for ball handling and crime would fall on Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles and Jordan Clarkson, as in Conley’s previous absences.

Clarkson, who has been criticized at times during the season and against the Grizzlies for his selection and decision-making, said he accepted the need to become a more playmaker.

“When Mike is in this game, I now feel like I’m drawn to playing more for my teammates,” said Clarkson, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant №8 sports shirt. “Make sure you stay aggressive, but still keep moving the ball and playing for my teammates, knowing that this is the boy we have who starts our blender for us. So I, I really have to get into this role to get into the paint, do plays for others, and get other guys to open pictures. “

He then added that Snyder’s main message to the team at the beginning of this series of the second round was that nothing was changing much.

“We really focused on being ourselves, bro, to be honest with you,” Clarkson said. “You know, we made a few adjustments here and there in defense. But the biggest thing he really benefits from is just being us and sticking to what we do. “

In fact, after offering some unconventional news about Conley, Snyder spent most of the media session turning to the idea that the composition of the small ball and the switching of the defensive scheme used by LA for such a big effect against Dallas would now be proves to be an impassable obstacle for jazz.

After casting a shadow over Los Angeles for the first time, they dropped their last two regular-season games against a pair of lottery-bound opponents and slipped from third-placed to fourth, finishing off Utah in the playoffs (“Obviously we are a match that the Clippers thought was a good match for them ”), then he threw a little water on the idea that jazz will see everything in this series that they are no longer very familiar with.

“It’s no mystery,” Snyder said. “Throughout the season we have had teams that switch from 1 to 5 against us. Throughout the season we have had teams that miss their big ones. Donovan was enlightened throughout the season. People have been hedging against us all season. People have put Rudy in the corner all season. So all these things – for me it’s a matter of how we will perform. “

Clarkson, informed of Snyder’s comment about a “profitable match”, warned that if the Clippers really focused on a match with Jazz, they may soon regret it.

“I mean, if they did, they did. “If they lost games trying to come and play for us, that was the fate they chose,” he said. “We will go out there and tie them up [focus on] winning the series – first one to four. So, if they did it, trying to manipulate it, that’s what it is. And we’re going to stick to what we’re doing and put our forces on it. “

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