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Video games that allow you to travel to the moon

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's historic mission and the landing of the moon. Five decades ago NASA used old computers and many mathematics to send people to the moon and bring them back. In celebration of this historic event, let's take a look back at some of the best moon trips in video games.

Mass Effect – 2007

It is strange that in a game of learning extraterrestrial planets in the galaxy, my favorite memory is the first time I visited our little gray moon. There is nothing to see or do on the moon, but just getting on the surface and seeing the Earth made me feel like an astronaut, then every other time in the game.

Portal 2 – 2010

The moon does not have a lot of script in Portal 2 and you really should not or something. But shooting a Moon portal, then appearing there and winning the game is such a wonderful moment. I remember seeing this great white moon and suddenly realized what I would do and laugh when I pulled the trigger and shot my portal.

Final Fantasy IV – 1991

In F inal Fantasy IV players can explore the red surface of the Red Moon, a smaller moon that goes around the big moon, which we all know and love. This Red Moon is the home of the lunarists who are inward. There are other things on the red moon, including some lunar ruins.

Destiny – 2014

The moon is one of the most important places in the first game Destiny and released by Bungie in 2014. There are many missions and activities on the Moon. There's even an entire assault on the moon. Oddly, the moon in Destiny does not have a low gravity. So there are no super jumps. But there are wizards, they come from the moon.

Blast Corps – 1997

So often when you come to the moon in a video game you have to explore or build. In the Blast Corps for the N64, that's not the case. Instead, you are here to blow out as quickly as possible. If you ever wanted to catch a dump truck across the moon's surface and pull out some buildings in the process, it's the game for you. The easiest way to play The Blast Corps is through Rare Replay on Xbox One

New Order – 2014

Nazi murder is always fun and always worth it. But in the end, it may get a bit obsolete. Especially if you do it for several decades. Fortunately for BJ, in Wolfenstein: The New Order he will travel to the moon and continues to kill the Nazis.

Super Mario Odyessy – 2017

That Mario will always go crazy and exotic and in Odyessy he travels to the moon to stop the wedding. The wedding of the Moon sounds really great, but only if they both want to be there. Low gravity and Mario go together like peanut butter and chocolate and help create one of the most memorable worlds in Odyessy . (NES) – 1989

The level of the Moon in Ducktales is at no time empty or serene. Instead, it is full of enemies and underground bunkers, which are also full of enemies. But the real star on this level is music. "The Moon Stage Theme" has become one of the most popular pieces of chitton music. He even appears in the new cartoon Ducktales with song lyrics!

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