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Walmart Returns With Weapons, Content Marketers Remain Loyal to Text, Forever 21 Takes A Lookalike Ariana Grande Case – PR Daily

Good pleasure for PR:

Finally, this may be the end of the road for Sears.

Reports run out for more store closures and irregular corporate headquarters in Chicago. The outcome is the resolution of a steady decline, accelerated by recent filings and bankruptcy proposals.

Sears was once a retail king in America, with a catalog that could sell you a house and everything that goes inside it. Partly because of poor digital strategy – and other management solutions – the company's history may soon close all the doors.

Forbes writes:

A list of 77 stores that will be closed, distributed over the weekend and was obtained by someone believed to be a former employee who said of course includes Kmart-branded stores in the "majority". The list includes ten stores in Pennsylvania, seven stores in Michigan and five stores in California, as well as four Puerto Rico locations. Other reports say the number could be up to 100 stores with some closures, which start immediately and start by the end of the year.

The person who provided the list who wanted to remain anonymous said a friend who worked at one of the Ohio locations confirmed they had been notified of the closure.

When it comes time to close the store, it's important for communicators to share the news and be transparent, but first, take care of the stakeholders as employees.

Be prepared for news to leak to media outlets and have a ready answer, including a plan for what you will confirm to journalists.

Here are the most important stories today:

Walmart moves away from gun sales

The grocery chain whose stores include the location of last month's shooting in El Paso, Texas, has announced it will take action against violence with a gun. The company says it will stop selling ammunition or assault rifles, prevent customers from carrying open firearms in its stores, and lobby Congress for new laws on the origin and prohibition of assault rifle weapons.

The move is a major departure for the chain, which refused to indulge in sales and written communications in the month after the El Paso tragedy that took 22 lives.

CEO Doug McMillan wrote in a statement:

In Southaven and El Paso, our associates responded to anger and hatred with courage and sacrifice. Our immediate priorities were the support of our associates and the families involved and the cooperation with law enforcement. In parallel, we focused on the safety and security of the store. In addition, we have listened to many people inside and outside our company as we think about the role we can play to make the country safer. It is clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable.

What you need to know: Walmart is just the latest company to take a position on the political third line of gun laws. Dick's sporting goods made the news in March, announcing that he would stop selling firearms. Companies and their leaders are expected to weigh the issues that affect their users, and brand managers will not disagree with avoiding relevant topics. After a month of backlash, Walmart was ready to take a new position.

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For content marketers in 2019, the written word is still the king.

In a report by HubSpot, content creators say they will primarily focus on written content. The video is still important, but less valuable than other channels, including email marketing.

However, almost half of many marketing budgets are spent on content, so make sure your creations are ready to stand out from the competition. – of which there will be plenty.

To learn more, read the full report.

Ariana Grande sues 21 forever for the lookalike model

The pop star says that the clothing company has turned to a model that looks a lot. after the partnership agreement collapsed, which she claimed was a violation of her mark.

Buzzfeed reported:

Instead of paying Grande what he owed to use his likeness, lawyers told her that he was forever 21 " he just stole it from a launching misleading campaign through her website and social media platforms, mostly in January and February 2019, "taking advantage of the success of Grande's then-released album.

Grande sues the company for $ 10 million in total.

n an email statement to BuzzFeed News on Tuesday afternoon, a company spokesman said, "Forever 21 do not comment on pending litigation according to company policy."

Why it matters: bad news for a struggling retailer who revealed he was considering bankruptcy. However, financial problems are not an excuse for a bad campaign. For marketers who do not want to dispute, it is best to avoid creating visualizations that take up too much of the iconic pop culture figures, especially since these young stars are wizards on social media who control their personal brand very closely .

It may be forever 21 to think that every press is good publicity and ready to take the risk, but stars like Ariana have dedicated sequences that will not be kind to companies that lend themselves to their idols. Remember, the whole point of influence is that they influence – and can turn consumers against you.

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Ben and Jerry released a scent to highlight the inequality in the American justice system. The new fragrance, called Justice ReMix, is an effort to raise awareness and enhance support for new laws and initiatives around structural racism and bias in the courts.

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