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Walter Mercado: A Burning TV Astrologer Adored by Millions of Dies

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Walter Mercado was a gay icon for many in the Hispanic-speaking world, though he did not discuss his sexuality

"When I was younger, I thought he was a superhero.

"I remember sitting too close to the TV and straining my ears to listen …"

"An angel who decorated this planet in our lives with such a divine spirit has left us. It would be an honor to meet you, but I am so grateful for the memories I have that I watched you with my grandmother Mima. ¡Con mucho mucho mucho amor! "

These tribunes, the last of Blue City actress Rosario Dawson's, are among the thousands of warm words shared online in honor of Walter Mercado, a blazing Puerto Rican astrologer whose television horoscope readings have captivated millions of millions of decades007. one of the Latin Americans' most loved pastime, but came across his career by accident. He was reportedly 87 or 88 when he died on Saturday, but when asked about it once, he simply replied: " Soy without age … "[I̵

7;m ageless…”]

I never heard of him, but he started to wish you? Read on …

"As a kid I wonder" he or she? "But I literally always loved him. "

Walter Mercado was known in Latin America and the US for his melodramatic projections and colorful appearance, which often included a nose and huge gemstone rings.

Although he had never publicly stated his sexuality, he was

Comedian Gabe Gonzalez describes the showman as "weird and beautiful and eccentric and dressed in extravagant drops that I would try to imitate using my grandma's sheets" , 'He opined verges everything I've learned about how to "behave like a Puerto Rican man."

"He never described himself as weird, but he felt he refused to be restricted by gender norms and antique ideas about masculinity. "

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Mercado posed for a portrait in 2001 in Los Angeles, CA.

On Twitter, a user with the Scam handle Probably put it this way:

"[Mercado was] My first real exposure and normalization of gender mismatch. A long time ago as a child I wondered" he or she "but I literally always did I loved it, it never mattered. "

There was a sense in which the star made its own rules, disregarding both television standards and traditional Latin American machinism.

Writer Glenn Weldon recalls: "I got married in a Cuban family 20 years ago and quickly – insanely fast – learned about the Walter Mercado Championship.

"He received a pass from their reflexive homophobia on the grounds because he was Walter MERCADO. Live out loud in a kaftan. "

Alex Fumero, a Los Angeles producer who spent two years working on a documentary about Mercado, told the AP that refusing to comment on his sexuality allowed the celebrity psychic to retain respect for conservatives, who may be

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Mercado's covers are set to open in 2019 at Mucho, Mucho Amor: 50 Years by Walter Mercado ”at the HistoryMiami Museum

While there is some debate over his year of birth, Mercado is believed to have entered the world in 1932 on a ship traveling from Spain to Puerto Rico.

He grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico, having at least three children, and began his career as an actor and dancer.

His big break in astrology came by chance in 1969, when he was asked to join a guest who did not appear on El Show del Medio Día, a daytime television show he appeared on to promote the play .

Mercado ad separated a segment of horoscopes and secured its own hour-long show within three months.

By the 1980s, he was a major part of Latin American television, reading all 12 zodiac signs with dramatically curled, and signing his catch phrase, "Pero sobre todo, mucho, mucho, mucho amor." [“Above all, lots and lots of love.”]

Spanish speakers in the United States came to adore it in the 1990s through a primer in Spanish Primer Impacto.

The Museum of HistoryMiami says that Mercado reaches 120 million viewers a day for more than 30 years, Some happy viewers will be promised romance, others were urged to stop worrying.

Some of his most memorable predictions include that Bill Clinton will be elected President of the United States and that Madonna will take the lead role of Eva Peron in the movie "Evita",

from the 2016 US election. he said: "I totally, completely and absolutely support Hillary and astrologically she is a better prospect."

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He was known for his predictable predictions, including that Madonna would participate in Evita

Many of those who pay their respects to Mercado note the great role he played in their childhood years and how his readings have garnered generations.

"If you grew up in a Hispanic household, you know that when he came in, you had to be silent," journalist Jennifer Martinez observed on Twitter.

"I felt it in my gut. It's such a huge part of my childhood," writes Carla Monteroso.

"It was something rare for Latinos in the United States," says reporter Adrian Caraskillo, sharing a video of Mercado brought to the GoldMan's HistoryMiami Museum. "Icons of Families Observed for decades."

One of the great things about Mercado was that whatever are the stars (supposedly) held up for you, he made the time to wish you well.

As Cuban-American actress Chrissy Fit said: "Every day #WalterMercado would ask us to look at the stars, dream, find peace and above all … LOVE!"

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