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WandaVision Episode 3 Easter Eggs and Marvel References at Disney Plus


Vision and Wanda are now in full bloom.

Disney Plus

Episode 3 of Marvel’s WandaVision erupts in color when the surrealism of the suburban sitcom reaches the 1970s. From Quicksilver to SWORD, what Easter eggs and Marvel references does the third part of the Disney Plus series reveal? Let’s immerse ourselves in the mysterious reality of the witch Wanda Maximov (Elizabeth Olsen) and the awkward android vision (Paul Bethany).

But be warned: Spoilers for all upcoming episodes!

Marvel Studios

Welcome to Westview

All the signs point to Wanda and Vision, who are locked in some constructed reality. Similar, real literal signs: The billboard welcoming visitors to Westview hints at this artificial nature with the words “Home is where you do it.”

For children

Vision wants to name the baby Billy, after William Shakespeare, and offers another reference to the artificial nature of reality (“The whole world is a stage …”). Wanda prefers the all-American name Tommy.

They are lucky because it turns out they have twins! In the comics, Wanda’s desire for children has led to several dramatic (and tragic) storylines. Her twins were revealed as fragments of the demon Mephisto, who may or may not appear on the show. Most recently, Wanda’s grown sons Billy and Tommy joined the Young Avengers team as Wiccan and Speed ​​characters.

In episode 3, the unusual nature of Wanda’s pregnancy is seen in her nervously accelerated progress, but there are also hints that the babies are somehow artificial. Throughout episode 3, Wanda unknowingly brings to life various inanimate things, including paper butterflies and a picture of a stork. It is also connected in some way to the technology and infrastructure of the Brady Bunch style setting, its contractions affecting home gadgets and blowing power.


The moment Vision actually expressed suspicions about the strange reality in which they live, the show broke down. Vision jumps back for a few seconds, but this time his suspicions are gone. It is not clear how this happened, but when the beekeeper came out of the shaft in episode 2, we clearly saw that Wanda had done the rewinding. The question remains whether someone else is responsible for reality and has blocked Vision from seeing the truth, or Wanda herself is responsible – and she will even manipulate her favorite Vision to block the harsh reality.

The ads

In episode 1 we saw a toaster from Stark Industries. In episode 2, it was a Hydra watch. And in episode 3, the evil brand Hydra returns with an ad for Hydra Soak Luxury Bath Sapun. The first two ads seem to have been taken from Wanda’s memories, while this one seems to be related to the stress of the upcoming parenthood.

The voice again hints at artificial reality (“Escape to a world you are alone …”). Meanwhile, the ad’s slogan is “Find the Goddess Inside.” This could mean two things: Wanda could unleash a goddess-like power, or it could mean that a goddess is somehow trapped in something – perhaps given the established reality in which Wanda and Wiz live.

Once again, the actors in the commercials are Victoria Blade and Itamar Enriquez. The repeated presence of the same man and woman in Wanda’s memories suggests that it may be her parents.

There is no home


Geraldine is banished from Westview in episode 3.

Disney Plus

Geraldine is described as “homeless.” We have no idea of ​​the significance of her story for lunar shovel men and her hiccup boss – the name “Haddock” doesn’t appear in the comics we can think of. However, Geraldine is the only person on the show who recalls real events. Wanda remembers her twin brother Pietro (also known as Quicksilver), but Geraldine reminds her that he was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda coldly throws Geraldine out of the reality of the series, greeting her past a force field to land in a field where she is swarmed by armed agents. It seems likely that this official-looking installation is related to SWORD, the organization that appears to be monitoring events and whose symbol Geraldine bears.

Played by Teyonah Parris, Geraldine is reported to be an adult version of Monica Rambo, last seen as a young girl in the film. Captain Marvel. If she’s already in the real world, we can get some answers in episode 4.

The songs

Each week’s pop song of the era offers some deeper meaning. Although the show seems to have jumped to the 1970s, this week it’s the 1967 hit Daydream Believer by The Monkees. Lines like “Cheer up, sleepy Jean” suggest some kind of forced sleep or that the setting is some kind of dream or imaginary reality. Although the line “Oh, what can that mean?” it may refer to viewers trying to understand what is happening.

The paint

Obviously, every time you see any object or text on the screen, it’s worth taking a closer look – that’s how eagle-eyed fans noticed the main reference to the wine bottle comics in episode 1. In this part, the paint boxes used by Wanda to decorate the children’s room is called “Simser”. Another reference to the continuity of Marvel? No, that’s the name of the show’s storyteller, Jeremy Simser. Not everything is a clue.

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