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Want to see Uranus? Tonight will be very easy – BGR

  • Uranus is not the most easily visible planet in the night sky, and most of the time we can’t see it at all, but tonight it will be a little easier to see the distant, icy world.
  • NASA says that Uranus will be close to Mars in the night sky, and if you have something like nice binoculars or, better yet, a telescope, you should be able to see it.
  • The planet, which is pale blue and white, will look tiny at such a distance, but is actually almost 15 times more massive than Earth.

When you look at the night sky, you see many stars, but can you choose planets when you see them? Sometimes it is possible to notice similar to Jupiter and Mars without a telescope, but more often people with “middle”

; eyes can not understand much difference. Tonight, however, you can catch a glimpse of Uranus, and all you need is decent binoculars.

Uranium is huge, blue and smelly. It is also one of the most interesting planets in our system and we often have landmarks in the sky to see it. This time, Uranus will appear near Mars in the sky, making it easier to spot, especially if you have the hardware to get a little closer.

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Tonight, Uranus will appear between our own Moon and Mars in the sky. It will be tiny and very weak, but it will be there, it will shine in pale blue and just wait for someone to come to visit in search of life.

“The distant, outer planet Uranus is too weak for most of us to see with the naked eye, and it can be difficult to find in the sky without a computer-controlled telescope,” NASA explained in its weekly sky observation board. “But Uranus can now be located right between the moon and Mars.”

Uranium is strange and special for various reasons. It is very cold, which is not very unusual, but the planet rotates at an angle of 90 degrees compared to the other planets in our system. The theory is that something huge hit Uranus a long time ago, causing it to shift and eventually rotate at an angle that did not coincide with its own orbit around the Sun.

In addition, the moons of the planet have been of interest to scientists for some time, mainly because they are believed to be covered with ice, which can hide liquid water beneath it. If that were the case, these moons could shelter life in some form, but we wouldn’t know for sure until we actually went and checked it out.

In any case, Uranus will be in the sky tonight, and if you have a pair of binoculars or a telescope, you will have a great view of it. Assuming time cooperates, of course.

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