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Warren Calls for Repeal of the 1994 Crime Bill Decriminalizing Missing Out at School

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                  Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the repeal of the 1994 crime bill, which played a controversial role in Joe Biden's Senate career. | Stephen Maturen / Getty Images [19659003] The 2020 elections </p>
<p class= Elizabeth Warren contrasts with her rivals Joe Biden, Kamala Harris in a new proposal for criminal justice reform.

In a lengthy detailed plan published in Medium, Warren called for the repeal of the 1994 crime bill – which Biden helped write as a senator – and the federal government to urge states and localities to decriminalize school dropout, unlike the harsher punishments Harris endorsed during his career in California. The story goes below , housing, and other poverty reduction programs. Warren's campaign put the plan just before the criminal justice reform roundtable Tuesday morning in Minneapolis.

While Warren does not name his rivals, the duel's positions signal potential future clashes with the former vice president and the California senator as the race. it rises over the next six months before Acua and all three candidates fight to support people of color.

"This criminal" hard-on-crime "approach was wrong, it was a mistake and should be reversed," Warren wrote of the 94-year crime bill. She added that certain sections should be maintained, such as provisions on domestic violence, but "the bulk of the law must be implemented." Warren also supports parts of the original bill that have since expired and will not be part of the repeal, such as The Violence Against Women Act and the Prohibition of Assault Weapons.

The bill is a controversial part of Biden's long career in the Senate and represents a potential political responsibility as he struggles to uphold the Democratic Party's standard at a time when many party voters reject the approach to criminal justice, once Biden advocates.

Signed by then-President Bill Clinton, the bill was part of a series of reforms in criminal justice in the 1980s and 1990s that dramatically increased the number of people in prison and affected disproportionately colored people. The legislation encourages states to impose longer prison sentences, interrupts Pell Grants for people in prison and enforces the law on three strikes. The United States currently has the highest incarceration rate in the world – over 2 million.

In recognition of how the party has changed, the Biden team emphasized the criminal justice effort of the Obama administration and introduced a plan to reduce imprisonment. He also turned his stance on some punitive measures such as the death penalty, which he opposes.

Biden's moves did not provoke criticism from rivals who are also trying to knock him out of his urn box. Senator Corey Booker (DN.J.) and Harris have already attacked Biden more explicitly over the legacy of the crime bill, with Booker calling Biden the "architect of mass incarceration." But despite the bill's impact on communities of color, Biden maintains the highest levels of support among black voters ahead of next year's primary contests.

Biden's approach is similar, albeit a little less organized, as Bill and Hillary Clinton confronted the legacy of the crime bill during primary 2016. Hillary made the criminal justice reform the subject of his first major political address, candidate. Just a few months later, Bill told the NAACP: "I signed a bill that made the problem worse … And I want to acknowledge it."

Beyond the 94-year crime bill, Warren also calls for violating what she calls the "school-to-prison" pipeline targeting police officers who apply school discipline, zero-tolerance policies and inadequate social services. "At least fourteen million students attend schools with a police officer, but without any counselor, social worker, psychologist or nurse," she writes.

As part of these efforts, Warren writes that the federal government should pressure states and local areas to decriminalize the strata and "instead increase the number of school mental health staff and provide schools with teacher training and education resources. administrators in positive behavioral interventions, trauma-informed alternative discipline practices, and implicit biases to limit arrests, expulsions and arrests with minor violations. "

The law of forfeiture applies when children are usually absent from school. Laws vary greatly in the United States and sanctions include fines or even imprisonment for parents or children.

The problem arose in the main 2020, in part because of Harris' longstanding focus on the California gaps and its support for increasing potential sanctions. "I think a child who goes without education is tantamount to a crime. So, I decided I was going to start chasing my parents for a curse, ”she explained in 2010 while running for Attorney General. The video later went viral on the left and drew criticism from activists and influential writers such as Ta-Nehisi Coates.

In May, Presidential candidate Beto O & # 39; Rourke called for the decriminalization of the curse arguing that "

An investigation by the Huffington Post earlier this year also found that parents in several counties were arrested, charged and sometimes imprisoned as a result of the reforms Harris supported. In April, Harris told Pod Save America that the prison sentences were "unintended consequences," and said he would not support such reform as president.

"I'm sorry to hear stories now that in some jurisdictions have criminalized parents," she told the hosts. "And I regret that this happened and that the thought that everything I did could lead to it, because that was certainly not the intention."

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